Distribution is an important extension of manufacturing products, as it fills the gap and delivers the in-demand product to the customer who needs it.

This can be in terms of retailers, resellers, shop owners, and wholesale customers. 

Toy distributors are a significant necessity in the toy manufacturing industry.

Without a skillful and knowledgeable distributor, the production of a toy is idle and has no purpose. In the end, every manufacturer wants their products to be sold and gain the highest profitability.

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The process of finding the right distributor for your business is a tricky ordeal, as it requires a lot of investment and the selection of the perfect distributor.

The ideal toy distributor has to be fast, have an efficient shipment system, and come from a reliable background. 

If you are wondering how will you ever find the right one for your business, then look through the list below and find your perfect partner!

Top 10 Wholesale Toy Distributors In The USA:

  • EE Distribution
  • Nex Deal Distribution Inc.
  • Wholesale Fortune Company
  •  License 2 Play Toys
  • HDI Wholesale
  • HKDTC Sourcing
  • Artoy Trading LLC
  • MG Collectibles and Toys LLC
  • Empires Discount
  • Shepher

1. EE Distribution

EE Distribution is a subsidiary of Entertainment Earth and a reputable wholesale distributor that allows interested buyers and suppliers to connect, and find all sorts of products online.

They specialize in stocking an abundance of toys such as action figures, soft toys, robot toys, gifts, and collectibles made from hundreds of different manufacturers. The company aims to provide an outlet for businesses to expand and find suitable extensions to their production of toys, or retail sellers. 

The company also is a premier Hasbro Distributor in the United States, with clients from all around the world.

Their website offers discounts, and a minimum order of $250 for the first time and then has no restrictions again. Their website also features an exclusive collection of toy merchandise, and an experience of more than 15 years to validate their expertise. 

Contact Info:

Phone: 1-818-255-0095

Email: sales@eedistribution.com 

Website: https://www.eedistribution.com/

2. Nex Deal Distribution Inc.

Nex Deal Distribution is an ideal example of a quality distribution service that offers the best possible solutions and value-addition in the market.

The company adheres to the toy market the most, along with merchandise, electronics, video games, and consoles.

They have daily deals on their website enabling customers an extensive range of offers with discounts and sales.

They also have a learning center that shows the customer’s insight regarding the company and the guides to their Amazon FBA shipping processes. 

So don’t wait anymore: just go to their website and check out all the options they offer to customers.

Contact Info:

Phone: (888) 777-9230

Email: info@nexdeal.com

Website: https://nexdeal.com

Address: 6862 Hayvenhurst Ave, Van Nuys, CA 91406.

3. Wholesale Fortune Company

Wholesale Fortune Company is a well-known distributor of product manufacturers and retailers. The company is a hub for finding the most trending products with high discounts and loads of bundle deals. 

They deal in multiple kinds of markets such as cosmetics, beauty products, toys, electronic toys, and video games.

A few of the brands’ Fortune company works with are Disney, Sony, Loreal, Nintendo, Clarins, Hasbro, Almay, Maybelline, and Estee Lauders. 

If you are an online retailer, wholesale supplier, or shop owner, this company provides separate offers specific to your business and budgets.

Contact Info:

Phone: 209-681-3422

Website: https://fortuneinternationalco.com/

Address: 190 Whitman Ave Edison, New Jersey 08817, United States.

4. License 2 Play Toys

License 2 Play Toys was initiated in 2004 as a pioneer of distribution of wholesale toys, gifts, novelty commodities, sweets, and merchandise.

Their specialty is in the toy industry as the majority of their customers are gift shop owners and retailers that require toys and gifts to keep in stock. 

The website only displays a highly selective stock of wholesale toys and gifts that are completely licensed. The products are also available at wholesale rates and can be accessed if you register with them as a wholesale supplier or retailer. 

Contact Info:

Phone: 516-496-3479

Email: sales@license-2-play.com

Website: https://www.license-2-play.com/wholesale-toys/

5. HDI Wholesale

HDI Wholesale is a prominent name as a distributor of toys in the United States. Their specialty ranges from toys, arts and crafts, baby products, fashion accessories, outdoor games, books, novelty items, and electronics.

They have multiple filters on their website making it easier to skim through exactly what you want. They have products categorized with seasonal demands, age groups, and gender.

The company website also guides you to the new arrivals in the market and the products on clearance sales. The website is convenient, easy, and details product stocks efficiently. All you need to do is make an account and log in to get a hold of the special deals and offers.

Contact Info:

Phone: (262) 334-1095


Website: https://shop.hdiforu.com

Address: 2375 Stonebridge CIR #5 PO BOX 855, West Bend, WI, 53095.

6. HKDTC Sourcing

HKDTC is a sourcing company that originates from Hong Kong, but now is administrating global ties with countries regarding trade and distribution of companies. They have partnerships in 36 countries and 11,000 individual fellows in the region alone. The company caters to 6 bilateral economic and corporation representatives in Japan, Korea, France, Taiwan, and the United States.

Their product range of toys includes collectibles, fidget toys, beach toys, baby toys, bubble guns, water guns, dolls, and electrical toys.

Contact Info:

Website: https://sourcing.hktdc.com/

7. Artoy Trading LLC

For 15 years, Artoy Trading is solving complex solutions of the toy industry with its offers of delivery of items from manufacturers. The company provides the largest supply of wholesale toy products and appealing deals of discounts.

Their main head office is in Los Angeles, and all imports reach there before being distributed to retailers and wholesale customers in the USA. They have offices in China and Hong Kong to ensure that the products meet safety standards and are of top-notch quality. 

Contact Info:

Phone: (323) 266-8881

Email: info@artoytrading.com

Website: http://www.artoytrading.com

Address: 3528 Garfield Ave. Commerce, CA 90040.

8. MG Collectibles and Toys LLC 

MG Collectables and Toys was founded in 2019 as a retail enterprise that delivers affordable products to its customers. However, in 2021 the company decided to venture out and officially partner with Warner Brothers to release their original stock of toys. 

The company has manufactured licensed Scooby-Doo and Looney tunes collectibles that are being sold around the world and valued. They have a brilliant team of designers and 3D modelers that are bringing customers new collectible toys that are licensed and of high quality. 

Contact Info:

Website: https://www.mgcollectiblesandtoys.com/

9. Empires Discount

Empires Discount as the name refers is the empire of discounts and reasonable bulk offers for customers. If you are looking for a company that provides affordable top-quality toy products, then this is the best option. 

They have many special offers on their website and bring original products from brands such as Disney, Hasbro, Mattel, Crayola, MGA, Alex toys, and Playdoh

Contact Info:

Phone: 914-684-1455 

Website: https://www.empirediscount.net/

Address: 455 Tarrytown Rd White Plains, NY 10607

10. Shepher

Shepher was established in 1945 as a family-owned business and now is regarded as the most reliable, admirable, and respected company in the toy market.

The company is in its 4th generation of ownership, yet its products are the trendiest and latest in the toy industry. They make it a point to stock the best range of toys and offer affordable rates and offers to customers according to their choice of purchase. 

Contact Info:

Phone: 718-649-2525

Email: sales@shepher.com


Address: 100 Andrews Rd., Suite 3, Hicksville, NY 11801.