If you want to take your yoga session to a more serious level, you might need to add some important gear into your routines and that includes these straps or belts. The yoga straps can make a big difference in every yoga session.

Stretching becomes more enjoyable and effective if the straps are involved. Just like the mats and blocks, the yoga straps can benefit both experienced and beginner yoga enthusiasts.

By having the essential yoga gear and accessories, you will surely be engaged in a more enjoyable and effective yoga experience and practices.

Below we have enlisted wholesale vendors and suppliers that offer high-quality durable yoga straps for you.

List of wholesale yoga straps vendors & suppliers:

  • Dusky Leaf
  • Everyday Yoga
  • Wholesale Yoga Mats
  • Sunshine Yoga
  • Eastern Trading Agencies

1.      Dusky Leaf

Dusky Leaf strives to bring their customers high-quality eco-friendly products that are affordable. They work with their combined heart and soul to provide yoga products of the highest quality.

They offer a great variety of yoga straps. The softness and strength come together in these yoga straps which are made from a blend of a rugged and durable hemp and natural cotton. These natural fibers are showcased in undyed yoga straps.

Other than yoga straps, they also offer yoga mats, yoga bolsters, yoga blocks, yoga bags, and yoga towels.

Contact info:

Tel: 1-888-846-6021

Website: https://duskyleaf.com/en_us/

2.      Everyday Yoga

Everyday Yoga offers a broad selection of yoga-inspired products. They are committed to providing high-quality and durable yoga straps to yoga enthusiasts for a great practice and workout.

They offer amazing yoga straps to deepen your practice and improve your flexibility and these straps are the cheapest and easiest travel option.

These straps come in three different lengths that include 6 foot, 8 foot, and 10 foot to best fit your needs. You can also pick from a variety of colors.

Their yoga straps are made from thick cotton or hemp. Some straps are even made out of nylon. Their traditional yoga straps don’t have stretch and come in a variety of buckles, such as metal D-Ring, plastic cinch, or a snap buckle.

Contact info:

Tel: 1-800-903-7859

Email: studios@everydayyoga.com  

Website: https://www.everydayyoga.com/  

Address: 2105 S. Bascom Ave, Ste 160, Campbell, CA 95008, United States.

3.      Wholesale Yoga Mats

Wholesale Yoga Mats supplies high-quality yoga items at affordable prices. Their products help customers of all ages, sizes, and ability levels to enjoy a safer, more comfortable, and effective yoga workout.

They offer excellent yoga straps and bands that help you increase flexibility and core strength during your yoga sessions.

They offer a variety of straps and bands, including D-ring straps and cinch cotton straps, at different lengths and sizes to meet your individual workout needs.

Contact info:

Tel: 1-800-633-7384

Email: orders@wholesaleyogamats.com

Website: https://www.wholesaleyogamats.com/

4.      Sunshine Yoga

Sunshine yoga offers the highest quality yoga straps and other yoga equipment at the most competitive prices. Their prices are low but the quality and durability of their products are exceptional.

Their yoga straps and bands are excellent to enhance your range of motion and increase your level of flexibility in your yoga practice.

Their straps and bands can be used in sitting and upright positions, so no matter how difficult the pose is, you can improve your balance and muscle firmness, along with your flexibility.

Apart from their yoga straps, they also offer an extensive range of accessories such as yoga mats, yoga mat rolls, eye pillows, yoga blocks, yoga bolsters, yoga kits, and yoga towels.

Contact info:

Tel: 1-800-316-0806

Email: orders@sunshineyoga.com

Website: https://www.sunshineyoga.com/

5.      Eastern Trading Agencies

Eastern Trading Agencies offer premium quality yoga accessories and supplies such as straps, mats, belts, blocks, and much more. You will get their products at very reasonable prices.

If you are looking for quality, durability, and reliability for wholesale yoga straps, Eastern Trading Agencies is the best place to be.

Their yoga straps are usually nylon straps with a metal or plastic buckle. These straps are lightweight and are available in many different styles and colors. Their straps can help with challenging poses to make your workout easier.

Contact info:

Tel: 0031-(0)10-4518186

Email: customercare@eastern-trading.com

Website: https://www.eastern-trading.com/

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