Many props are available in yoga to help you express a yoga position. A yoga block is one of the most commonly used objects in yoga class.

The block, which is made of foam or wood, can be used in endless ways to support different body parts as the body settles into a posture.

One of the many advantages of a yoga block is that it can help you build length and bring the ground closer to you if you can’t reach the floor in certain poses. You’ll be able to get the most out of the posture without stressing your body or jeopardizing your alignment if you do it this way.

Choosing what’s best for you is of utmost importance. The following wholesalers make sure they supply the best yoga blocks to you.

List of wholesale yoga blocks vendors & suppliers:

  • The Yoga Warehouse
  • Yoga Direct
  • Relaxus Wholesale
  • Dusky Leaf
  • Ekotex Yoga
  • Yoga Bliss
  • Yoga United
  • Manduka
  • B Yoga

1.       The Yoga Warehouse

The Yoga Warehouse is a family-owned business with over two decades of experience in providing high-quality yoga supplies to the general public, yoga studios, and intuitions. Wholesale and quantity discount pricing is always available on their items.

Every yoga item they sell comes with a one-year warranty. The yoga blocks that they offer are suitable for any studio, fitness center, or home practice.

Their yoga blocks are the ideal size for yogis who need a little assistance getting to the ground. For better alignment and balance, these solid yoga blocks are used to extend the ground up to your hand.

Their yoga blocks will help you enhance your range of motion, flexibility, and stability over time. Furthermore, they are scratch-resistant, durable, and have a contoured grip.

Contact info:

Tel: (866) 955-9642



Address: 2405 US HWY 72 Paint Rock Al, 35764, United States.

2. was founded in 2009 to provide superior items at wholesale prices. They’re based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

They’re committed to creating and delivering high-quality yoga blocks. They cut away the middlemen to provide inexpensive costs to their consumers.

They know that yoga blocks are used by everyone from beginners to teachers to modify poses, provide extra support during workouts, enhance overall body alignment throughout a range of positions, and hence strive to offer yoga blocks in a variety of sizes to fulfill your specific fitness requirements.

These yoga blocks are ideal for pregnant yogis and beginners. They offer high-quality yoga blocks to help you get the most out of your yoga practice.

Contact info:

Tel: 1-800-633-7384



Address: 4824 Starcrest Drive, Monroe, NC 28110, United States.

3.       Yoga Direct

Sure, you can find yoga supplies elsewhere. But is it possible to find yoga props in a variety of colors? Is the product up to par? Unlike many other suppliers, Yoga Direct has a huge inventory and provides yoga blocks in many colors and designs.

They strive to supply high-quality products at reasonable costs to their clients. They stand out in the market because of their supply links, warehousing of items for swift shipping, and devoted customer care personnel.

Their yoga blocks are popular among yoga studios and gyms. These blocks are comprised of high-quality foam.

Moreover, these blocks are made to not only last but also cushion you during different kinds of yoga exercises. They also offer custom-printed yoga blocks that are lightweight. They’re also individually packaged, so you may buy them in bulk and resale them in a yoga studio.

Contact info:

Tel: 1.800.331.8233



Address: 2915 W Leigh Street Suite A Richmond, VA 23230, United States.

4.       Relaxus Wholesale

At Relaxux Wholesale, their product lines have expanded dramatically in size and scope over the years, but they’ve never lost sight of their mission to improve people’s lives.

Their extensive inventory includes many yoga props like yoga blocks. These blocks help with posture and body alignment by providing support and balance.

Additionally, they are lightweight easy to lean on, allowing positions to be adjusted to any level of flexibility.

Contact info:

Tel: 1-800-668-9876


Address: 6934 Salashan Pkwy, Ferndale, WA 98248, United States.

5.       Dusky Leaf

Dusky Leaf is a yoga supply manufacturer and wholesaler that sells high-quality, long-lasting accessories that are also environmentally friendly.

They offer durable yoga blocks to yoga practitioners, yoga teachers, and many yoga studios.

They encourage people to take care of their bodies and the environment by switching to their environmentally friendly yoga props.

Their yoga blocks are designed to tackle difficult positions, provide support and safety. They strive to bring you affordable, eco-friendly products because they believe that taking care of the environment is as important as taking care of oneself.

Contact info:

Tel: 1-888-846-6021


6.       Ekotex Yoga

At Ekotex Yoga, yoga blocks and bricks are made of cork, are heavier and firmer than foam, and look great at home or in a studio. To protect you and the environment, they use biodegradable and eco-friendly materials.

They will support you at every level as a top wholesale provider of yoga props and equipment in the UK. Whether you’re looking for supplies for your yoga studio, yoga teaching, or training, they’ve got you covered.

Their yoga blocks provide adequate flexibility and support that a beginner yogi needs. Moreover, these blocks and bricks bring the floor to you, making your practice more enjoyable.

Contact info:

Tel: 0131 659 9949



Address: 18a Tennant St, Edinburgh EH6 5ND, UK.

7.       Yoga Bliss

Yoga Bliss puts their heart and energy into all they do, sourcing only the highest-quality, ethically made yoga props.

They work hard to provide detailed, high-quality photographs and information that accurately depict each product, as well as tenderly and meticulously wrapping and packaging each purchase while keeping their customers informed.

They are a small, independent, family-run business, which means that each and every order is as important to them as it is to their clients, and because they’re small and properly shaped, they can provide personal and friendly customer service that other suppliers may not be able to.

They offer yoga blocks that are light and easy to carry and provide excellent support regardless of your shape or weight.

Contact info:

Tel: 0208 0500 108



Address: Buntingford, Hertfordshire, SG9 9WY

8.       Yoga United

The Yoga United is a secure place to purchase all your yoga props and supplies in bulk. They manufacture hand-crafted products that are ethically sourced, durable, and affordably priced.

Their yoga blocks are scratch-resistant, long-lasting, light, and comfortable. All of the edges of their high-quality blocks are designed for maximum comfort and grip. They are dense enough to support any yoga stance while remaining soft enough to be pleasant.

Yoga blocks assist you in finding proper alignment in a variety of positions, such as sitting and standing. Therefore, finding the perfect supplier to fulfill all your needs is very important.

Contact info:

Tel: 0044 (0) 2083611882



Address: 60 Pymmes Green Road, London, N11 1BY, UK.

9.       Manduka

Manduka offers top-quality yoga products and accessories that are designed by yoga enthusiasts. They are committed to creating responsibly sourced products while minimizing environmental waste.

They supply high-quality recycled foam yoga blocks and cork yoga blocks that are available in a variety of colors and sizes from which you can choose as per your likings.

These yoga blocks are made from premium materials making them durable and good for yoga practices.

Contact info:

Tel: +31 638 286 010



10.   B Yoga

B Yoga supplies high-quality yoga and fitness essentials that are made for all types of workouts. From morning meditation to bedtime stretch, they have got all covered.

These blocks are made from high-tech materials making them durable, sustainable, and suitable for high-performance yoga and workout.

They offer great yoga blocks that are lightweight and portable, yet solid enough to stay put. These blocks are comfortable and dense enough to bear all your weight.

Contact info:



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