What’s the difference between Tour-level golf balls and some of the less expensive options? Is it really essential to spend $45 or more to use major league baseball balls?

There’s a reason why only the best golf balls are used.

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Top-tier golf balls are made to spin less off the tee, maximize distance on longer shots, keep control on shorter shots, and spin more around the greens for better control. Urethane coverings, high-compression cores, and multi-layer structures are all present.

List of Wholesale Golf Balls Vendors and Suppliers:

  • One Under Golf
  • Golf Discount
  • Golf Ball Planet
  • Found Golf Balls
  • Golf Balls Direct
  • ACE Used Golf Balls
  • Custom Made Golf Events


SwingJuice began as a beverage company that specialized on creating an energy drink for golfers. Jon Mason, the founder of SwingJuice, switched the company’s focus from beverages to golf-inspired clothing in 2014.

The company was created on the conviction that it was time to break the mold and disprove the stereotype that golfers are stuffy and conservative.

Contact Info:



Website: https://swingjuice.com/


It’s all about discovering the appropriate product for you when you shop on Curated. Experts provide thorough advice and only propose products that are the best fit for your needs.

Because of the passion that specialists bring to clients, their model works. Experts sell things that allow clients to explore and expand their interests.

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Website: https://www.curated.com/

3. One Under Golf

Assist them by reviving the sport of golf in all communities. ONE UNDER GOLF is dedicated to making golf more inexpensive, accessible, and enjoyable for everyone who wish to participate.

FUN, FRIENDSHIP, AND GREAT GOLF are the foundations of ONE UNDER GOLF. We promise to provide high-end, cutting-edge golf products at a solid value—so you can enjoy more rounds, laughs, and memorable moments playing the game we all love, designed by golfers for golfers.

Contact Info:

Email: Liveoneunder@gmail.com

Website: https://liveoneunder.com

4. Golf Discount

GolfDiscount.com was established in 1995 with the goal of becoming the leading online source for golf clubs. Their unwavering commitment to providing excellent customer service has allowed them to expand their online offerings to include golf accessories, clothing, and much more!

Compare them to other authorized online golf merchants if you’re shopping for Golf Equipment. You’ll discover the finest rates, service, and selection anywhere.

Contact Info:

Call: 1.800.394.GOLF (4653)

Email: sales@golfdiscount.com

Address: 13405 SE 30th St, Suite 1A, Bellevue, WA 98005

Website: https://www.golfdiscount.com

5. Golf Ball Planet

Over the last two decades, Golf Ball Planet has gathered millions of used golf balls and made them available to their customers at discounted costs. Their products provide excellent value for money on your favorite brands.

With their outstanding customer service and prompt delivery.

Golf Ball Planet’s staff is convinced that you will have a pleasurable purchasing experience time after time. 

Contact Info:

Email: info@golfballplanet.com

TEL: 1 (877)-714-5023

Website: https://www.golfballplanet.com

6. Found Golf Balls

They are the leading seller of quality personalized refinished golf balls in the world, as well as one of the leaders in recycled golf balls at half the price of new balls!

At unbelievably low costs, choose from a large range of top name brand refinished or recycled golf balls with your logo, text, or photo. Allow their team of professionals to assist you with your corporate tournament or event.

Do you have any idea where they obtain their golf balls? You may rest confident that the golf balls you buy from foundgolfballs.com come from some of the best courses in the country

Contact Info:

Phone: 1-844-803-4653

Website: https://www.foundgolfballs.com


Golf USA was founded in Oklahoma in 1986 with the purpose of providing quality golf equipment, club maintenance, and outstanding service to golfers all over the world. In 1989, the company began franchising operations.

Golf USA currently has more than 50 facilities in 12 countries, including more than 20 in the United States.

Golf USA franchise stores have a long history of success in various cities across the United States, thanks to a strong focus on customer care and quality brands.

Golf USA stores range in size from 2,500 to 7,500 square feet and stock a wide range of name-brand equipment. To improve a player’s overall performance, most establishments offer club maintenance as well as bespoke club and ball fitting services.

Golf USA facilities are independently owned and run, with the majority of owners being residents of the community. This sense of community has played an important role in the success of numerous establishments. A typical Golf USA owner is interested not only with their store but also with their neighborhood.

Contact Info:

Address: 3184 College Ave. Ste 1, Fayetteville, AR 72703

PHONE: 479-444-6300

EMAIL: cknodle@golfusa.com

Website: https://golfusa.com

8. Golf Balls Direct

GolfBallsDirect was founded in 2001 on the premise that “you shouldn’t have to dig deep into your wallet to buy golf balls.” With this in mind, they’ve made it their mission to extend the life of every ball that passes through their doors and to give dedicated golfers with high-quality used golf balls at reasonable costs.

They’ve established a solid reputation as one of the nation’s leading recyclers of golf balls after nineteen years. Approximately 45 million golf balls are processed and shipped out of their recycling plant each year!

With meticulous attention to detail and a commitment for creating exceptional products, they’ve established themselves as industry leaders. They achieve this with a specially designed procedure that incorporates a cutting-edge golf ball cleaning equipment, stringent grading standards, and great customer service.

Their staff shares your enthusiasm for golf. That is why they make every effort to keep the game you enjoy affordable. When you shop at their store, you’ll notice that they have the lowest prices in the industry.

Contact Info:

Email: support@golfballsdirect.com

Website: https://www.golfballsdirect.com

9. ACE Used Golf Balls

Ace Used Golf Balls would like to extend a warm welcome to you! Ace and his family have been in the used golf ball business for 30 years, and now they’re bringing it to you!

Quality used golf balls (of many brands, colors, and conditions) and good customer service are their specialties. These two things are the cornerstones of their business, as they feel all business should be – at least golf ball businesses.

Contact Info:

Phone Support: (239) 238-0789

Email Support: ACEUsedGolfballs.com@gmail.com

Website: https://www.aceusedgolfballs.com

10. Custom Made Golf Events

When it comes to golf, or any sport for that matter, everyone likes to put their own unique spin on things, and golf is a fantastic sport for that.

You can make a variety of unique golf accessories with CMGE, but they don’t have to be for personal use. You can utilize their customised things for a variety of purposes, including gifts, business marketing, wedding favors, and so on.

Custom logo golf balls are always a good idea, no matter what the occasion. You may even personalize professional-grade balls right here on our website.

When it comes to selecting your ball, you have the option of going with blank ones with only your logo or upgrading to one of the many prominent brands used by the pros on the PGA Tour.

For serious golfers, Titleist Pro V1, TaylorMade Distance+, Warbird 2.0, and other models are available, all of which can be customized with your brand motto. Creating your design, whether it’s for your name, business, or the recipient’s name, is straightforward.

All you have to do to make your balls is pick a brand, upload a logo or text, and utilize their design tool to tweak them as needed.

Their designers can assist you in getting the design just right, and they’ll even offer you a virtual proof to guarantee it matches your idea. You may place your order after the design is approved, and they’ll have them mailed to you in no time.

Contact Info:

TEL: 888-351-5889 

Email: custommadegolfevents@gmail.com

Website: https://www.custommadegolfevents.com