There are several types of bags that can be useful for keeping all of your yoga supplies in one place. If you’re juggling a lot of things, these yoga bags will make your life much easier and more comfortable.

Yoga bags are made of heavy-duty material and are used to transport yoga mats, which are an essential part of any yoga practice.

Carrying a yoga mat with you can be inconvenient. It can also be heavy. As a result, many people prefer to use yoga bags to transport yoga mats more easily.

To assist you to choose the right yoga bag for your needs, the following wholesale vendors supply the most comfortable and durable gym bags.

List of wholesale yoga bags vendors & suppliers:

  • Gallant International Inc.
  • Dusky Leaf
  • Yoga Accessories
  • Yoga United
  • Yoga Studio Wholesale

1.       Gallant International Inc.

Gallant International Inc. was founded in 2009. For companies, non-profits, and corporations, they specialize in the highest quality wholesale fair-trade and organic bags, including yoga bags

They provide yoga bags in bulk that are 100 percent organic and fair trade certified. Size, shape, color, design, and embroidery can be customized.

 Their mission is to develop organic and fair-trade products for individuals, corporations, and non-profits that are always ethical and natural, making sure both their clients and the environment benefit from their products.

Contact info:

Tel: 949-680-4004



Address: 23352 Madero Suite L, Mission Viejo, CA 92691, United States of America.

2.       Dusky Leaf

Dusky leaf provides affordably-priced eco-friendly products because they feel that environmental awareness should not be a luxury. That is their most sincere commitment.

They offer robust canvas yoga bags at wholesale costs to yoga practitioners, studios, teachers, etc.

You can browse their amazing collection of yoga bags and other yoga products once you’ve formed and entered into your account.

If you’re one of those people who don’t like carrying heavy yoga supplies, Dusky Leaf has got the best collection of yoga bags for you to entertain all your needs.

Contact info:

Tel: 1-888-846-6021


3.       Yoga Accessories

Yoga Accessories has been the leading supplier of top yoga gear such as yoga bags, and high-quality yoga mats for over 20 years.

With the help of a yoga mat bag, portability becomes a snap. Some mat bags contain multiple compartments for cell phones, purses, and other accessories, making them ideal for travel.

Moreover, they can be worn as a backpack or slung over the shoulder.

So, take care of your mat and yourself. Allow yourself the convenience of going out for coffee with friends after a studio session instead of rushing to your car to put everything away.

From a basic harness strap to beautiful yoga mat tote bags, they have it all. Choose from a variety of wholesale yoga bags to suit your style and needs.

Contact info:

Tel: 888-886-YOGA (9642)



Address: 2915 W Leigh Street Suite A  Richmond, VA 23230, United States of America.

4.       Yoga United

Yoga United has been in business since 2003, and they’re always working to enhance and expand their product designs to add more functionality, color, joy, and positive feelings to your yoga practice.

They supply wholesale yoga bags that are ethically produced, durable, and easy to carry.  Choose the ideal yoga mat bag to transport your gear to and from classes.

They have the appropriate yoga mat bag for you, whether you just want a simple yoga mat bag or a larger one to contain all of your heavy yoga supplies.

Contact info:



Address: 60 Pymmes Green Road, London, N11 1BY, United Kingdom.

5.       Yoga Studio Wholesale

Yoga Studio Wholesale, a family-owned and operated business, offers a wide selection of yoga bags and yoga-inspired products to yogis of all levels.

They take pride in providing excellent customer service and yoga supplies at the most reasonable prices possible.

A yoga bag is a perfect option to protect and transport your yoga mat stylishly to and from practice, and many come with extra pockets for your phone and keys.

After you’ve found your ideal yoga mat, you may want to invest in a yoga bag to carry your mat as well as any additional equipment and accessories. Choose from a wide assortment of yoga bags, slings, and equipment bags to complement your mat, all of which are available in a number of sizes and patterns.

Their yoga bags and supplies are sold to many major companies and small businesses at wholesale rates.

Their products are ethical and sustainable because they don’t believe in making a lot of money and then not giving anything back.

Contact info:

Tel: +44 01202 721 912



Address: Unit 2, 83 Ringwood Rd, Poole BH14 0RH, United Kingdom.

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