Aside from basic awareness of the need for having a collar, many people may not realize exactly how necessary it is to have one, and not just any collar, but one that serves a function.

Collars for dogs and cats are the single most crucial safety device a pet owner can purchase.

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Collars are commonly used to prevent newborn pets, such as puppies and kittens, from wandering off, especially when they’re unfamiliar with their new surroundings, and leaving your pet unattended in crowded or densely populated regions can result in your pet going missing.

List of Wholesale Rhinestone Dog Collars Vendors and Suppliers:

  • Posh Puppy Boutique
  • BigPup
  • Halo
  • Morphik


Hello and thank you for visiting Rhinestone Dog! They feel that your pet should be treated like a Hollywood star, and they’re on a mission to make every pet’s life sparkle!

Since November 2001, they’ve been creating rhinestone dog and cat collars. Rhinestone Dog Collars is very proud of their collars, and they work very hard to create attractive, high-quality collars for your pets.

They provide a large selection of designer collars, so you’ll have enough to choose from!

They are a tiny family-owned business where a husband and wife team together to handcraft beautiful designer collars right here in the United States!

Each creative collar is handcrafted from start to finish with the highest quality crystal rhinestones. They use only the best Czech rhinestones, resulting in a stunning shine! 

Contact Info:

TEL: 479-216-3636



2. Posh Puppy Boutique

Posh Puppy Boutique began as a family company many years ago. The love of a mother was the driving reason behind the establishment of this company. From a mother whose eyes twinkled and twinkled whenever she saw her daughters dress up their dogs.

Their family has always had a strong affinity for dogs. As a result, their love and obsession with dogs became a source of income for them. Obviously, there is nothing better than pursuing a career that you enjoy.

It is their goal to make your dog look as trendy, sophisticated, and lovely as they do. They consider your pet to be an extension of yourself!

They are born with a passion for dogs. They consider pets to be members of the family and seek to meet their requirements.

The Posh Puppy Boutique has it all, from that extra-special attire for a special occasion to an everyday collar that shows off your pet’s individual personality.

One of the main reasons why Disney Studios chose the Posh Puppy Boutique as an official partner in the film Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 was their massive assortment of dogs, big and little.

They were responsible for the costumes and accessories that were seen by millions of people.

Contact Info:

Call: 1-888-837-5230



3. BigPup

The dog and cat collars from Big Pup are robust, durable, attractive, and fashionable.

Their canines have evolved into much more than just guard pets in recent years. They’ve evolved from outdoor security dogs to indoor couch potatoes as they’ve become a part of their families.

Not long ago, a dog collar was just that: a dog collar. For function, it was a simple, plain device that went around the neck. As people’s love for their pets expanded, the pet collar business fell behind in terms of design and inventiveness.

Every day, Big Pup Pet Fashion works to alter that!

Your pet is an extension of your personality, home, and love. And believe me when I say that your pet KNOWS when they are wearing a gorgeous collar around their neck!

Put on a new collar and tell your dog how beautiful they are, and they’ll walk proudly and smile for all of the shots you’ll be taking of the hot new collar you’ve found!

They’re always working hard to bring you new and exciting pet collar styles, and they hope you’ll stop by from time to time to find your next favorite piece.

Contact Info:

Address: Big Pup Pet Fashion, 917 Sandlin Ln. Springtown, TX. 76082

TEL: 817-371-2990


4. Halo

They wish to improve the lives of all Halo dogs and make the world a better place for all canines.

A shocking number of dogs are hit by cars in preventable incidents every year. They want to eliminate that number entirely. The Halo system was designed to work with your dog’s natural instincts in order to keep them safe and secure within their fences.

Almost half of all dogs surrendered to shelters are euthanized because their “behavioral difficulties” are unsolvable. They want every dog to find a forever home, so they’ve developed a training program that shows you how to break bad behaviours.

Almost ten million pets are lost each year, accounting for one out of every three. While many people come home, others do not. Halo is the only device that can help you locate your dog if you become separated from him or her. This protects your dog from injury and prevents them from entering a shelter.

Contact Info:

Address: One Legacy West, 7950 Legacy Dr., Suite 400, Plano, TX 75024



5. Morphik

Morphik began in 2005 as a method for friends to share their passion for the arts. The tiles were created with the intention of reproducing exquisite art to be presented in various accessories. The owner created this product as a gift to his wife, who introduced him to the arts.

Many of the artists with whom the owner collaborated over the years have pets. As a gift, he would make unique inserts of their dogs (pet tiles). Morphik Pets was born out of this.

They hope you enjoy these accessories, which can be utilized to keep your loved ones near to you.

Contact Info:

Address: 92 Corporate Park Suite C130 Irvine, CA 92606