A deep insight into the dog’s psychology supports the view that adding favourite treats to your dogs’ diet gets them motivated hence, dog treats are crucial while aiming to reinforce a positive attitude in your dog.

Most pet owners also use the treats to calm their pets during grooming sessions and offer them as rewards. 

Whatever the reason may be today, pet bakeries create dog treats, both wholesome and delicious. They also feature ingredients that enhance your dog’s health, happiness, and performance.

Buying dog treats in bulk allows you to save money on snacks for your pet. We have assembled some of the top wholesale dog treats made in the USA for pet owners to let their dogs enjoy quality life, health, and longevity.

List of the top 7 wholesale dog treats suppliers:

  • Campfire
  • Unified Pet Products
  • Paw Struck
  • Tail Bangers
  • Boss Pet Edge
  • Faire
  • Dog.com

1. Campfire:

Campfire believes in high-quality and fresh treats and chews for your four-legged family members that they hand-make in small batches in their facility in Rocklin, California.

They have full control over the entire process from buying ingredients to the finished product in their warehouse. 

Additionally, they keep stock of a small quantity helping them maintain the quality and freshness of dog treats so your pooch will get the best treats from Campfire.

The dog treats and chews include chicken jerky bites, gizzards, beef lungs, beef liver bites, chicken feet, bully sticks, beef trachea, etc.


Campfire Treats, LLC 4800 Granite Dr, Ste B10 Rocklin, CA 95677





2. Unified Pet Products:

Unified Pet Products believes that your dogs are not just animals but are a part of your family, so they make dogs treats and other products at their USDA inspected facility located in West Point, NE.

They use 100% natural, organic, and healthy ingredients for your dog treats, with no added artificial flavors, preservatives, and fillers. 

You can shop for a variety of products, including turkey tendons, grain-free jerky, beef ligaments, marrow bones, beef knuckle bones, beef hock bones, maple smoked pork ears, etc.


126 W Grant Street West Point, NE 68788


+1 (402)-372-4948



3. Paw Struck:

Paw Struck was initiated after Kyle felt the need to feed his dogs with treats and chews that are all-natural, healthy, and reasonably priced. 

The yummy options are made of the best ingredients found in nature, including all-natural chicken, beef, and fish. They have separately assorted items in different sections, such as chews, treats, bully sticks, bones, etc.

They produce and sell a wide variety of wholesome dog treats and chews, including dental chews, jerky, vegetarian dog treats, cow hooves, lamb/beef/wolf chews, beef collagen, etc, to keep pups healthy and happy.


2805 9th Street, Great Bend, KS 67530





4. Tail Bangers:

Tail Bangers has been supplying the best wholesale dog bakeries and treats since 2003. 

They aim at providing natural foods as well as offering the personalization option before adding or removing any ingredient in the dog treats if your dog is allergic to specific foods.

They offer a variety of all-natural dog bones, cookies, and other pet treats in gourmet flavors and shapes. 

Some of their featured dog treats include bangers with yogurt coating, winter caddy bangers, cheddar bacon, Christmas/birthday/Halloween bangers, etc.


24546 Betts Pond Rd Millboro, DE 19966





5. Boss Pet Edge:

Boss Pet Edge is one of the leading suppliers to independent retailers and pet-care professionals offering its customers access to over 12,000 national-brand and exclusive Pet Edge-brand products through their catalogs and website.

They have been supplying wholesale dog treats, toys, apparel, home/travel, health & safety, waste clean-up, and grooming accessories for the pet industry for more than 60 years.

Wholesale dog treat includes bulk dog biscuits, chew rolls, mini-training rewards, snack treats, bully sticks, chicken liver, etc.





6. Faire:

Faire has been striving to empower independent brands and small business owners to buy and sell online wholesale dog treats in bulk. They have explicit financial terms and logistics, previously available to large retail chains only. 

The platform of Faire provides powerful tools for sales/marketing and analysis to their brands, including 350,000 local retailers, to simplify the wholesale businesses of sellers and make them independent shop owners.

The dog treats category entails cinnamon roll sticks, cupcakes, bare bites, pumpkin treats, peanut butter/blueberries biscuits, gold yak chews, and much more.


100 Potrero Ave, San Francisco, CA 94103, United States





7. Dog.com:

Dog.com is a part of TABcom, LLC, and has given rise to a broad range of pet-related websites since 1969. The site is a platform for all the supplies and accessories for your pets and collaborates with several national/local rescue and adoption facilities.

The website is widely distributed into various assortments, such as flea and tick, dog food, greenies, crates, beds, collars, treats, travel/ outdoors, etc.

The dog treats section is further classified as natural/organic treats, biscuits, freeze-dried treats, bulk treats, healthy and meaty treats. 

Bulk treats let you save money while buying wholesale dog treats and bones, ranging from boxes of pig ears to bundles of Beefeaters.





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