Treats are delightful reminders of affection, celebration, and joy for pets. They contain multiple flavors and ingredients that are combined after doing in-depth research on every animal’s diet and nutrition.

Treats come in many forms such as biscuits, cookies, cakes, cupcakes, and even chewies. They are extremely beneficial to pets due to their nutrients and their role in training a pet. 

Treat Jars are an essential purchase for dog owners who often buy various treats for their dogs to give on rare occasions or special events and holidays. 

However, treat jars come in many sizes, shapes, and designs. Every manufacturer or designer comes up with something new constantly. Thus, the treat jar market is full of abundant options of jars for customers. 

In order to simplify the vast choices you have, this article contains a list of 7 top wholesale dog treat suppliers. This list can save your time and introduce you to some good platforms where you can bulk purchase your favorite desired treat jar.

List Of Wholesale Dog Treat Jars Suppliers In USA:

  • Amcor
  • Faire
  • Berlin Packaging
  • Etsy
  • Macys
  • Petco
  • Posh Hardware Industrial Co, Ltd.

1. Amcor

Amcor is a top leading manufacturer and supplier of packaging solutions in the world. Their work is recognized globally due to their innovative designs and excellent services.

They specialize in producing packaging for many product categories such as food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, household appliances, personal care, and pet supplies.

Amcor distributes its products to more than 40 countries across the world including the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Europe, and various Asian-Pacific regions.

Their team consists of 46,000 employees situated in over 225 locations. The company aims to provide a packaging solution exactly according to your need, thus if you are a manufacturer or wholesale customer looking for a specific treat jar, then this company can help you customize it for you.

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2. Faire

Faire is one of the biggest online-based marketplaces connecting retailers from around the world to the best top-selected high-end brands. Their inventory targets multiple markets, and they have over 50,000 products in stock.

Some of these product categories include Home Decor, Food and Drink, Beauty and Wellness, Jewelry, Kids and baby, Paper and Novelty, and Pets.

They have a range of jars for treat supplies with unique designs and layouts like crystal clear surfaces or ripple ceramic ones. You can find many options to choose from with discounts, coupons and frequent sales too.

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3. Berlin Packaging

Berlin Packaging was founded in 1898 and has over 100 years’ worth of experience in manufacturing, distribution, and supplying various packaging solutions to an extensive range of interested retailers, shop owners, and wholesale customers.

Berlin packaging currently makes more than 5 billion in revenue annually and has officially signed with 1,700 suppliers. The company’s growth is due to the loyalty and trust customers and other brands have for the company. 

Berlin Packaging has gained a reputable image in the packaging market due to its variety of options and historical roots in this business for over a century. 

They have many treat jars in stock available and ready to ship with one click! If you are looking for an order delivery that’s fast and reliable, then Berlin’s services are worth the try.

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Phone: 800-363-9822


Address: 525 West Monroe Street, Chicago, IL 60661.

4. Etsy

Etsy is an online service that supplies various types of products from many well-known brands and trusted manufacturing companies. Their services are fast, efficient, and consist of a knowledgeable customer service team.

Their collection of treat jars is commendable: it goes from personalized treat jars, ceramic jars, custom dog treat stickers, jar containers with various designs such as slogans or dog images, and porcelain treat jars.

Etsy values its customer’s experience by a user-friendly website and convenient way to make orders. You need to make an account on their website to gain access to their wholesale version of prices and offers, but once you’re in, the whole website is a haven for affordable prices.

Contact Info:

Phone: 888-248-4301



Address: PO Box 2202, Secaucus, NJ 07096-2202.

5. Macys

Macys is initially an internationally considered top fashion retail business that has grown into three branches called Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, and Bluemercury.

Macy started in 1858 and now consists of various sets of product categories such as Shoes, Baby supplies, Accessories, Jewelry, Handbags, and Pet supplies.

They have a bunch of pet treat jars amongst their inventory with a favorable amount of discounts and a sale going on right now! Macy is quite popular in the United States and a great option if you are seeking supplies from a well-known business.

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6. Petco

Petco is a distributor of health and wellness products and services with the aid of many trusted partners and authorized products. Their goal is to build a platform that helps pets become healthy, feel loved, and safe in their house.

Petco believes that every pet owner should treat their pets like they would to fellow humans, thus offering multiple wellness products to ensure every animal looks and feel their best.

Their inventory has a large number of treat jars such as ceramic and tin jars that can help let dog owners keep their treats in durable, and strong packaging for preservation.

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Phone: 877-738-6742


7. Posh Hardware Industrial Co, Ltd.

 Posh Hardware Industrial Co, Ltd is a certified and high-rated supplier on the famous Ali Baba website that entrusted wholesale customers with verified accounts of manufacturers.

The company has over employees 202, including 17 members of the research and design team. Their treat jars can also be customized on request as per your preference of size, material, and layout.

It’s listed with a 100% on-time delivery rate, with a large warehouse with 26596 (m²) floor space. You can also order 500 pieces in one go, making it easier for you to buy in bulk and reducing shipment expenses for your business!

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