It would not be wrong to say toys are necessary, not a luxury for pets. Toys make pets feel comfortable and help fight boredom.

There is no doubt that toys play a significant role in fulfilling your pets’ emotional and physical needs. If you’re a dog owner, you also hunt toys that can physically and mentally stimulate your furry friend. Also, toys minimize the risk of destructive or attention-seeking behavioral changes manifesting in your dog.

The toy box should be full of toys so that your pet remains encouraged to play. Therefore, you need to check different wholesale dog toys companies.  

This article may help you since it highlights the wholesale dog toys vendors and suppliers.

1. Beeztees:

This company offers all kinds of toys and accessories to make the pet’s life healthy and pleasant. Beeztees has provided the best quality toys and possible care to your pup.

They bring innovation in designing dog toys and win the hearts of their customers every day. Therefore, you can enhance the bond with your pups by contacting these toy suppliers.

Contact Info:

Phone: +31 416 673200



2. Petitemleader:

If you’re concerned about your pet’s emotions, these wholesalers can help because they have plenty of dog toys. Further, exciting toys can elevate your dog’s mood.

Petitemleader has been helping customers for 15 years, and they never fail. The toy collection includes Halloween toys, scented molar squeaky toys, spider costumes, Santa hats, and other Christmas products.

Contact Info:

Phone: +86 17065427934


3. Tianchang Joy Arts & Crafts:

You can also approach these wholesalers to bring pleasure to your pup’s life. They don’t compromise on the quality and safety of the product. Also, they take wholesale orders in small quantities and customize bulk orders.

Moreover, Tianchang joy arts & crafts co. has a dog toy, plush dog toy, squeaky dog toy, stuffed plush dog toy, no stuffing plush toy, and skinny dog toy.

Contact Info:

You can contact them via this link.

Address: Chuanqiao Village, Zhengji Town, Tianchang, Anhui, China 239355


4. Shanghai Fantastic:

This wholesale toy company is connected with the world via Shanghai Fantastic is a verified supplier that offers all kinds of good-quality pet toys. Moreover, you can also get costumes and grooming items for your cats and dogs. The dog toys include plush toys, tennis, rope, and rubber/latex/vinyl material stuff.

Contact Info:

Company name: Shanghai Fantastic Pet Product Co., Ltd.

Operational Address:  Floor 23, No. 520, Yishan Road, Shanghai, China


5. Jinghong Pet Products:

Dog Toys

Hangzhou LingHong Pet Products is a professional pet accessories company established in 2003. They have a unique collection of toys for your pup. Your dog will get entertained with their sounding disc wolf glider, unstuffed, latex pet toys, plush pet toys, and resistant rubber material sounding ball pet toys.

Besides that, the design, manufacture, and sell all kinds of pet products such as dog collars, dog leashes, and dog harnesses, mainly specialized in polyester, nylon, and PU leather materials.

Contact info:

Phone: +86 18667040549


6. G. K. Manufacturers India:

If you want good quality pet toys with timely delivery, reasonable rates, and convenient payment options, then G.K manufacturers should be on the list. They are leading wholesale dog vendors with great variety in the products.

You can get dumbbell dog toys, rubber O ring, pet grooming glove, spiky ball dog toys, and rubber paws toys for your furry friend.

Contact info:

Address: 3040, St. No. 11, New Janta Nagar, Shimla Puri, Ludhiana- 141001, Punjab, India


Phone:  +91-8048833283

7. Kanpur Leather Craft:

The wholesalers started trading the dog products in 2018 and achieved expertise in fulfilling the customizations as per customers’ demands. Kanpur LeatherCraft is a verified seller with experienced manufacturers on Indiamart. They supply everything that you need for your best friend.

Contact info:

Address: F. No. 201, Al Badar Compound, Jajmau, Near Old Chungi, Kanpur-208010, Uttar Pradesh, India


8.   PetDreamHouse:

Dog toys

If you’re still hunting and wondering which toy to buy for your canine companion, then you must check out these wholesale dog toys vendors. PetDreamHouse is passionate about innovation and bringing creativity to all pet products.

They have brought friendly and quality dog toys that you can get through a convenient and cost-effective way. Moreover, they supply all kinds of dog toys, including balls, wobbly bands, air squeaker donuts, jumbler football, and much more.

Contact Info



For mass production, contact:

9. Vitalpets:

To make the playtime more exciting and fun, you can get dog toys for your puppy friends. Vitalpets has a wide range of dog stuff from top brands like Pet brands, Kong, and Nylabone.

They are one of the best wholesalers that fulfill the demands of pet owners when they are figuring out their pet’s mood and feelings. Furthermore, they have the UK’s most extensive range of pet items in their warehouses.

Contact info:

Telephone: 01837 883 000



10. Hejiang Beikuo International Trade:

Hejiang beikuo International Trade is a wholesale company that provides reliable and stable quality pet products. You can contact these suppliers for dog toys as well. Additionally, they offer raw materials, food, textiles, knitwear, and all kind of art and crafts.

Contact info:

Address: No. 358-360, Yucang Road, Cangnan County, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province  

Contact number: +86 13758877939  


 Email address:



Pet owners are always worried about boosting up the emotional and mental health of their pets. Bringing the right dog toys into your pup’s life can work. It also enriches your dog’s life.

Therefore, if you’re planning to bring joy and keep your furry friend away from stress and anxiety, you must get the toys from the wholesalers. We have suggested ten dog toys suppliers and vendors that can give ultimate solutions. Moreover, you can also customize the toy as per your pet’s needs and mental state.