We live in a world where dogs are undoubtedly the most loved pets, and the dog parents show no reluctance to spend as much on their accessories as on their food items.

In areas where there is cold throughout the year, the dog owners surely look to get their hands on dog sweaters to keep their dogs warm.

If you are a pet accessory reseller and want to invest in something you won’t regret, dog sweaters are definitely your go-to option.

This article has covered the suppliers from whom you can order wholesale dog sweaters without any hassle and worry.

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Before you get overwhelmed choosing the best from hundreds of suppliers, here are the top ten wholesale dog sweaters suppliers to make your task simpler and easier.

Wholesale dog sweaters

List Of Wholesale Dog Sweaters Suppliers & Vendors:

  • Peettt
  • Vital Pet Trade Specialist
  • Creoate
  • Doggie Apparel
  • Pedigree Wholesale
  • Parisian Pet
  • Petsoo
  • Dogdug
  • Doggie Design
  • Hello Doggie

1. Peettt

Peettt has been working in this industry for over six years and has got a number of satisfied resellers. They can be your one spot for all wholesale dog products, including dog sweaters.

 Their main focus is on wholesaling products, so you can get in touch with them and order dog sweaters in bulk as much as you want.

All you have to do is place orders directly on their website and get the excellent customer services they offer.

Phone # +86 153 0595 9792

Email: support@peettt.com

2. Vital Pet Trade Specialist

Being the leading distributor and wholesaler within the UK, the Vital Pet Trade Specialist has almost 40 years of wholesale experience.

They have the largest range of pet products within the UK, and that range includes a variety of dog sweaters too.

With the experience and customer services they offer, they have become partners of thousands of retailers, and you can easily trust them with wholesale dog sweaters.

Phone # 01837 883 000

Email: customerservices@vitalpets.co.uk

3. Creoate

If you are unsure about your reselling your stock and want an option of returning it, Creoate is your go-to option.

They have a policy of returning back the stock within 60 days if it is unsold.

Additionally, qualifying retailers have the option of paying later, so you can enjoy up to 60 days of credit period too.

Email: hello@creoate.com

4. Doggie Apparel

Handmade with love, this is what the products of Doggie Apparel are all about. All the products are lovingly handmade using traditional craftsmanship.

They highly believe in products having great quality, durability, and style, which will earn the resellers great profit.

Bonus, they have an upcycling program going on through which you can get a discount by returning any old dog apparel.

Phone # +44-(0)-7792473184

Email: hello@doggieapparel.co.uk

5. Pedigree Wholesale

Having a proven and excellent track record, Pedigree Wholesale is one of the most known and leading aquatic and pet products suppliers in the retail sector.

They have been continuously adding new and innovative products to their range.

Additionally, their products are a great way to increase sales and profit both.

Phone # 0115-982-3900

Email: sales@petproducts.co.uk

6. Parisian Pet

Enhancing the owner’s bond with their furry kids through fashion is exactly what Parisian Pet is all about.

They have absolutely unique, chic, cute, and funny designs, so you will get to have a variety of dog sweaters to resell.

They have a team of designers that put effort into providing two fabulous collections throughout the year.

Phone # (305) 463 7151

Email: info@parisianpet.com

7. Petsoo

For over eight years, Petsoo has been importing and exporting dog supplies, including dog sweaters, harnesses, dog collars, etc.

They believe in long-term cooperation and development and therefore provide great customer services.

Petsoo can prove to be your most loyal trade friend by providing you with great pet accessories for reselling purposes.

Phone # +86-28-6650-1592

Email: info@petsoo.com

8. Dogdug

If you want to get products that are made according to your demands of sizes, colors, and stuff, Dogdug is your option.

They have been wholesaling pet products for almost 12 years, keeping their customers’ requirements in mind.

Dogdug is a professional exporter, dealer, and supplier of various dog products, including and you can get to have a variety of dog sweaters at wholesale prices for your business purposes.

Phone # +1-206-905-9297

Email: dogdug@gmail.com

9. Doggie Design

They have been in business since 1999, and the owner has become one of the top designers when it comes to pet accessories and pet apparel.

If you want some unique designs and styles of dog accessories for reselling them to dog owners, Doggie Design has it in store for you.

Quite many of their designs have been featured in TV shows and commercials that make this wholesaler easy to be trusted.

Phone # (800) 754-0282

Email: sales@doggiedesign.com

10. Hello Doggie

Hello Doggie is all about giving the pet a luxurious and stylish look that the pet owners will always require from the resellers.

They believe that pets have personalities just like humans do and therefore have worked for years to produce pet clothes and accessories that help in enhancing their look.

If you want dog sweaters that are not only unique but also comfortable to wear and give the pet a luxurious look, Hello Doggie is your stop to get them in bulk from.

Phone # 954-239-8579

Email: info@hellodoggie143.com


Pet owners now pay very much interest in buying pet accessories, and in colder regions, dog sweaters are getting much importance. Not only are these sweaters used to cover the dogs, but they also make dogs look cuter and luxurious at the same time.

If you are into business and are looking to invest in something that will gain your profit, dog sweaters are definitely a great option.

However, with hundreds of wholesalers available, getting someone you can trust with your business choices can get very overwhelming.

To solve that for you, we have sorted out ten dog sweater wholesalers who can not only provide you with great and unique stuff but will also deal with you with great customer service.