Dog Socks are slowly becoming essential for pet owners to buy as they are more comfortable than boots or shoes. Socks are also softer, and allow the dog more flexibility while moving or simply walking.

On top of the various benefits of socks, they also provide a warm mechanism for dogs to keep themselves warm in winter and maintain their temperature. 

The most important part socks play is the role of protection for paws. Dogs have such delicate feet that can get easily injured, bruised, or badly scratched if they come in contact with harsh roads and surfaces.

Buying socks for dogs is such a pickle though, it requires a lot of research and selection of a distributor that suits your needs and accommodates your dog’s size of paws.

Wholesale customers, retail owners, and dog apparel companies usually look for distributors that cater to their target market, and the socks that are the most sold in the market.

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Thus, the article below contains a list of all the best wholesale dog socks suppliers in the USA and a brief introduction to their business and website. This can make it easier for bulk buyers to choose their ideal distributor.

List Of Wholesale Dog Socks Suppliers, Manufacturers & Vendors:

  • Walkee Paws
  • Pet Smart
  • Doggie Design
  • Divvy Up
  • Wholesale Pet
  • Sock Club Custom
  • Petsoo

1. Walkee Paws

Walkee Paws was founded in 2018 by Lisa Baronoff as America’s leading manufacturer and supplier of dog leggings. They brought something unique and different to the dog apparel market which benefits dogs too.

Walkee Paws was an inspiration of Lisa’s own beloved Golden Doodle called Stir Fry, and Toffee who is a Cocker Spaniel. Their discomfort and dislike towards dog boots and shoes were the main reason why Lisa filled this market gap.

She wanted to create a business that catered to all breeds of dogs and make walks more enjoyable and safe. Her apparel supplier expanded from leggings to a range of products such as socks, hats, and coats.

Contact Info:

Phone: 301-892-5533



2. Pet Smart

Pet Smart is the biggest pet retailer that offers solutions and various services to all domesticated animals. They have over 1,650 pet stores located in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico, including 200 hostels for dogs and cats.

They strive to the world a better place for pets to reside in and spread love and affection for them. This is through their Charity services, Dog camps, and adoption facilities which have found 9.5 million pets in their home.

 PetSmart’s passionate team members help create an environment that allows pet owners to get close to their animals, and build strong connections that last a lifetime.

They have several products listed on their website including socks. The company supplies pet-related products to multiple stores and customers earning a great reputation in the market.

Contact Info:

Phone: 888-839-9638


3. Doggie Design

Doggie Design is a famous supplier of apparel for dogs due to its innovative and fashionable designs of clothes, harnesses, leashes, and dog accessories. 

The company was founded in 1999 by Michele, a top designer for pet apparel and accessories in the industry. The business is situated in Auburn, California, and delivers its products all around the USA.

Doggie Design’s stock is filled with beautiful options of socks for dogs of all breeds and sizes. Their socks come in various distinct designs and styles. There is also an option for pet customer-related socks and holiday-themed ones. 

Contact Info:

Phone: (800) 754-0282 



Mailing Address: PO Box 630104, Littleton, CO 80163.

4. Divvy Up

Divvy Up was launched in 2014 with an investment of $1,600 with an attractive website that displayed a fun brand that distributed various forms of socks including customized ones at wholesale prices.

They are associated with a range of companies that are well-known socks manufacturers and produce top-quality products with pre-designed options and also a choice of customization for their buyers.

From a new start-up just entering the world of socks, Divvy up has established itself as a brilliant and trustworthy wholesale supplier of socks, and have surpassed their goal of delivering 1,000,000 Pairs to customers in 2020.

Contact Info:


5. Wholesale Pet

Wholesale Pet was founded in 2001 and since has been a strong competition as a pet retailer in the market. They offer high-quality, unique products catered by multiple companies around the globe.

Wholesale Pet is working with the finest suppliers in the pet industry who support independent businesses and are produce amazing products that are all displayed in the wholesale catalog on their website. The catalog features up to 500 brands overall.

They have made some new changes by reducing their minimum order to $50 making it easier for small-sized businesses to purchase in bulk in small quantities to avoid wastage.

They also have seasonal costumes and a 75% sale on them with another 35% discount on all orders above $500 until the eighth month of 2022!

Contact Info:

Phone: 800-472-8984 



Address: 2016 Monument Ave, Richmond, VA 23220, USA.

6. Sock Club Custom

Sock Club Custom was made by Dane and Noah, two individuals who were fixed on providing a socks service that was purely based on customization and personal preferences of brands and wholesale customers.

In the beginning, it was a tiny team of Noah, Dane, and a few other people who did all the work together such as customer service, subscriptions, delivery. However, now the team is much larger with the company serving many brands all around the USA.

Their socks are of amazing quality and specialize in dog socks, cat socks, and love socks. These categories are available on their website as well.

Contact Info:

Phone: 1-800-618-4861



7. Petsoo

Petsoo is an online dog supplies website that consists of an extensive range of Dog related products such as clothes, shoes, coats, jackets, collars, leashes, and socks.

They are partners with manufacturers that are innovative designers, and also have a design team of their own that makes luxurious dog apparel according to the dog’s individual personality and habits.

The best part is that their supply of apparel for wholesale customers is far affordable with various discounts, but the quality of products is never compromised.

Contact Info:

Phone:  +86 28 6650 1592