Do you intend to purchase a boarding kennel for your dog? If you are, this article is a “Must Read.” Kennels can be a friend to your pups and dogs if they are appropriately cared for and trained.

Kennels are places where owners keep their dogs while they are being trained. An appropriate kennel can assist your pets in becoming closer to their owners and forming an unbreakable bond.

When purchasing kennels for dogs, it is critical to ensure that you are purchasing the correct one. You need to know what kind of kennel your dog will enjoy and feel safe in.

List of Wholesale Dog Kennel Vendors & Suppliers:

  • Mancuso’s Country Lane Pet Hotel
  • TK Products
  • Scott Pet
  • Dispomed
  • Fuzzy Buddy’s
  • Billy Wolf
  • Canyon View Ranch

1. Mancuso’s Country Lane Pet Hotel

Since 1979, Mancuso’s Country Lane Pet Hotel has been a genuine Pittsburgh original – the first pet hotel – developed, owned, and operated by the Mancuso family. They reinvented the way dogs should be boarded back then!

Their unique approach to dog boarding originated as a grass-roots initiative “babysitting” dogs in their homes years before “doggie daycares” and “pet resorts” emerged on the scene.

The business seemed natural, centered on their instinctual understanding of dogs and their needs, as well as the ability to correctly read their behaviors and interactions.

By 1980, Country Lane Pet Hotel had developed its own distinct style, balancing personalized attention, supervised play, and quiet, restful nights in a realistic home environment. They were not only the first, but they also got it right!

They may nonetheless give all guests the same stress-free experience: the familiar sights, sounds, and routine of a true 24-hour home. That’s why they’re still living in the same building with your dog!

Rather than adopting “spa” gimmicks or “camp” comparisons, they have stayed true to their family roots via dedication and sincerity. Despite this, their inventiveness and innovation have kept them ahead of the competition.

They have a pleasant, competent staff that are well-versed in the Mancuso method of social dog boarding.

Their staff is adept at planning safe, enjoyable playtimes while maintaining a clean, quiet, and serene atmosphere.

Contact Us:

Address: 1075 3rd Street North Versailles  PA  15137

TEL: 412-824-7991



2. TK Products

They’ve had the opportunity to see what works and what doesn’t with most pet goods after years of breeding, training, field trials, hunting, and boarding English Setters and other gun dogs.

Keep your pet safe, secure, and comfortable, and he’ll not only be happier, but he’ll give you his all every time you see him.

TK Products was founded in response to a need for a high-quality, high-end product at a reasonable price. 

Contact Info:

TEL: 800.709.2778



Impact Dog Crates was founded in 2012 in North Idaho with the goal of creating an aluminum dog cage that could be used indoors and out for the rest of your dog’s life. Impact Dog Crates CEO Michael Bailey set out to change the pet market after identifying the need for better dog safety.

They’re pleased to be an American-made, family-owned business that creates heavy-duty dog cages and accessories that put each pup’s safety first, reinventing the future of pet safety.

Impact’s Northern Idaho company produces everything from dog cages to accessories, and all of the materials are purchased from small businesses across the country.

Contact Info:

CALL: (208) 908-0118



Mason Company has specialized in animal enclosures for more than 120 years.

Henry Mason created the Mason Company in 1892 to produce high-quality animal enclosures. Since then, Mason Company has sold and installed more kennel systems than anybody else in the world, gaining a reputation for producing the best dog, cat, and other animal enclosures available.

They create systems for the veterinarian, boarding, and shelter industries, as well as animal control, military and working dogs, breeding, research, zoos, and exotic animals – in fact, any application where animals must be contained securely, compassionately, and under difficult conditions.

Their products are so well-made and long-lasting that they’ve been chosen to serve in combat with every branch of their armed services around the world. They make all of their items in the United States and ship them all over the world.

Contact Info:

Address: 260 Depot Street Leesburg, OH 45135

Toll-free or International Calls: +1 800-543-5567

Local: 937-780-2321


5. Scott Pet

T.E. Scott, an avid canine enthusiast, founded Scott Pet, Inc. in 1975, with headquarters in Rockville, Indiana. Scott spent years studying the habits of dogs and their handlers as a longtime hunter and dog trainer in order to engineer and build goods that would meet their demands and improve the hunting and training experience.

Scott Pet’s product lines have grown to include everyday dog necessities including essentials and accessories, as well as healthy chew treats and natural snacks. They’ve grown to become one of the world’s largest producers of natural delights.

Contact Info:

Address: 1543 N US Highway 41, Rockville, IN 47872

P: 800.989.4178

F: 765.569.4631



They understand that buying cages for your business kennel is a long-term commitment. To ensure that the kennels endure a lifetime, they exclusively employ high-quality materials.

They constructed the kennels to make it as difficult as possible for the dogs to damage the kennels or harm themselves, despite the fact that there is no material known to man that a dog cannot destroy.

They figured out where the dogs tried to chew and narrowed the openings, making it difficult for the canines to sink their teeth into the cages.

Contact Info:


TEL: 970-622-9885

Address: 1828 E 1st Street Loveland, CO 80537


7. Dispomed

Tobyguard kennel doors are hand-welded and polished from the highest grade stainless steel, which reflects their 5-year warranty.

The bespoke sizes are ideal for new clinics as well as renovations with limited space. The Tobyguard kennel doors will provide you with quality that will last a lifetime, whether you are working on a little or large project.

Contact Info:

TEL: 1 (800) 363-1746 (U.S. and Canada only) / 1 (450) 759-9395 / 1 (450) 759-8181


8. Fuzzy Buddy’s

Puppies are delightful but overpowering, lovable but difficult to handle, easy to adore but irritating at times. It’s crucial to socialize and train your puppy to become a well-behaved and confident adult dog.

Your dog will learn to feel safe around all of the diverse people, places, pets, sounds, and items in their bustling, urban world through socialization. Behavior training educates your dog that being calm and courteous is the key to getting all the wonderful stuff.

The trainers at Fuzzy Buddy’s have created a comprehensive puppy training curriculum to assist you in growing a well-socialized and enjoyable canine. They’ve created homework and class assignments from the start to foster excellent canine and human habits.

Contact Info:


TEL: 425 223 8303


9. Billy Wolf

Their approach is comparable to what you’d see at a fashion designer’s workshop. They start each collection by compiling a mood board with ideas from their travels, antiquing expeditions, vintage periodicals, and other sources.

They hand-sketch fresh designs from there. Fabric scraps can be used to make samples. Real dogs were used to test the fit. Each of their items follows in the footsteps of a fine piece of apparel, obtaining the same level of care and attention to detail.

That’s only the beginning.

They understand that what comes next – product production – has a genuine impact on the world.

The fashion sector accounts for about 4% of global trash production each year. They make it a priority to contribute as little as possible to this figure and to leave the least amount of environmental impact possible in whatever they do. 

Contact Info:



10. Canyon View Ranch

Dogs provide us with so much love and delight that they believe they are entitled to their own fantastic vacation from time to time.

Access Hollywood, Animal Planet, Disney Channel, HGTV, BBC, and others have all highlighted Canyon View Ranch.

They’re continuously coming up with fresh ideas and features to keep their dog guests entertained and interested after two decades. They love that they’re all having so much fun here, but to be honest, they’re not sure who gets more enjoyment out of it: the dogs or them!

Contact Info:

TEL: (310) 455-7897

Address: 1558 Will Geer Road, Topanga, CA 90290


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