In the winter, dog coats are ideal for keeping little, short-haired dogs dry and warm. Many dogs, including hardier breeds like Norfolk Terriers and Labrador Retrievers, get cold in the winter, so a coat or jumper is a terrific way to keep them warm.

A coat is recommended for little breeds like Chihuahuas to be warm and happy in cooler weather. A coat is usually a better option than a dog shirt.

Not to mention the rain — if you’re taking your dog out on a rainy day, a raincoat can help you avoid dripping dog coats. Aside from the obvious risks of overheating your dog in hotter weather, there are no significant disadvantages to a dog wearing a coat.

List of wholesale dog jackets vendors and suppliers:

  • Ruffwear
  • MountainMuttDogCoat
  • The Dog Outdoors
  • Snugpups
  • BaxterBoo

1. Ruffwear

Exploring the outdoors has always been a part of life for Ruffwear founder Patrick Kruse, whether on foot, bike, flying machine, or boat. And he’s always looked for ways to incorporate his canine companions into his activities.

Ruffwear, the performance dog gear brand Patrick started in his garage, is now sold all over the world. They’ve stayed committed to their enthusiasm for enriching and motivating outdoor adventurers and their human companions throughout their journey.

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TEL: 888-783-3932


2. MountainMuttDogCoat

Mac, who was diagnosed with bone cancer in September 2009, was the inspiration for MountainMuttDogCoats Boulder. Mac required a nice warm coat that fit him perfectly after being shaved for surgery. 

His comfort, as well as the needs of the many other cancer patients they saw at CSU’s Flint Animal Cancer Center, demonstrated that there were old, sick, and short-haired dogs who required well-designed coats to survive through Colorado’s hard winters. 

They required coats that were both comfortable and protective against the elements.

They were fortunate to discover someone to manufacture Mac a custom garment after returning a number of commercially made coats. It was composed of black leather with a fleece lining. 

It complemented his broad chest and short back. They included a collar to protect his delicate neck area. The following year, Mac’s coat became their prototype.

Their jackets are now constructed of high-end technological fabrics and leather. They’re well-made, cut generously, warm, water-resistant, and light. They are well-fitting to the dog’s body.

Boulder’s MountainMuttDogCoats produces top-rated, weather-resistant winter dog coats and sweaters for dogs of all sizes and shapes. 

Their designer dog coats and designer dog sweaters are the latest generation of designer dog coats and designer dog sweaters, focusing on utility, fit, and fashion.

Only high-quality technical materials, such as breathable, warm, wind/water-resistant fleeces and softshells, are used by MMDC. 

They’re designed to keep your core temperature and comfort consistent in a variety of weather circumstances. Their coats are tough and should last a long time.

Their clothing is designed to withstand the harsh winters of Colorado, USA.

They produce personalized coats and sweaters for dogs of various sizes, health difficulties, post-operative care, and senior citizens.

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TEL: 303.527.0850


3. The Dog Outdoors

Scott and Jenny, a husband and wife team, founded The Dog Outdoors. 

They didn’t intend for The Dog Outdoors to become a full-time career when they  started it. 

Life, on the other hand, had other ideas. Back in 2007, They were both working at a software business in Austin, TX, and their only “children” were their two dogs, Brinkley (a tiny schnauzer) and Parker (a lab/pointer mix). 

Parker was gnawing his way through the entire house. He couldn’t get enough of his daily hour-long treks. He had no choice but to RUN.

When Scott discovered the Italian-designed WalkyDog bicycle dog leash, they were desperate to find a method to get Parker some exercise. 

It was love at first sight on the first ride. Parker’s ability to cycle was far easier and more effective than anything else available. Jenny’s shoes, DVDs, and furnishings will no longer be chewed on.

The WalkyDog had such an impact on their lives that they decided to launch The Dog Outdoors after telling numerous people about it at the dog park. 

Since their humble beginnings in late 2007 with just one product, they’ve expanded to include a wide range of accessories for active dogs and their owners. 

They only sell items that have received their dogs’ seal of approval. Their goal is to deliver the best items as well as more information about those products than is available anywhere else.

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4. Snugpups

They are concerned about you, your dogs, and your desire to give back to the community.

Gail, the founder and Chief Dog of Snugpups, has been a dog lover since she was able to walk and talk. Gail grew up in a family with a minimum of five dogs of various types and sizes, and she quickly learned who her best pals were. Dogs!

Her family was accustomed to large dogs, even though she reared her children with English Mastiffs. When she and her husband, Brian, were blessed with the tiny beauties they are now blessed with, the demand for dog coats arose.

Gail made together some fleece coats for the pooches and snapped a few photos after a trip to the fabric store on a chilly January day in Rhode Island. 

They are still a family-owned business in rural Pennsylvania today. And they still create all of their coats from scratch! Their goal is to provide a warm coat that is easy to put on and take off for all dogs of all shapes and sizes. 

There will be no more wrangling with your dogs’ legs to get them through gaps. No more squeezing something under your wiggling dog’s head. Their coats have one strap in the middle and are worn over the head. That’s all there is to it.

Snugpups aren’t just for small dogs anymore. Pitt Bulls are, without a doubt, their most popular clientele. They also enjoy fitting massive Great Danes and Mastiffs.

They care about you and your dogs, thus customer service is important to them.

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TEL: 1-800-SNUG912


5. BaxterBoo

To offer their customers the complete online shopping experience with the largest selection of fun, essential, and expertly picked pet products.

Their goal is to provide their consumers with the most personalized online purchasing experience possible. 

You can get your product delivered right to your door with our quick and accurate shipping. Their website will always offer a secure and convenient option to shop online.

With their dependable, knowledgeable, and cheerful customer service team, you will always be able to discover the appropriate item for your pet. They give a community of pet lovers with knowledge and a platform to share their pets’ journeys.

Every item they sell is thoroughly inspected by them, and they only stock items that they would gift to their own four-legged friends. 

They take special pride in guaranteeing that you are satisfied with your order and will recommend BaxterBoo to your friends.

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Call Toll Free: 888-887-0063