Millennials are now the largest group of home purchasers, and what is it that motivates them to take out a mortgage? Their canines.

According to a recent survey done by Harris Poll on behalf of SunTrust Mortgage, 33 percent of millennial homebuyers were primarily motivated by their dog in their decision to purchase a home.

Wedding bells (25 percent indicated marriage as their main motive for buying a property) and children were also outranked by furry pals (only 19 percent said the birth of a child was their prime incentive).

Even millennials who don’t yet own a home but plan to do so prioritize dogs, with 42 percent of those polled by SunTrust stating that having a dog — current or future — is a crucial factor in their home-buying decisions.

List of Wholesale Dog Houses Suppliers And Vendors:

  • Hillfoot & Paws
  • Rest Easy Pet Memorials
  • e-WOOD
  • Dog House
  • Kennel Store
  • Kennel UK

1. Hillfoot & Paws

Their crew handcrafts each house, door, pillow, and blanket, paying close attention to every detail, from the scratch-resistant fabrics used to the positioning of every stitch, zip, and label.

The best part is that they made it entirely customizable and refillable, making it more environmentally friendly.

They’re also happy to be working with family-owned businesses that bring their collar and harness designs to reality, with over 100 years of leather craft skill passed down through generations.

They are passionate about creating never-before-seen pet items, and they hope you will like them as much as they do. 

Contact Info:

TEL: 0141 586 9399 




For dogs and cats, a well-functioning pet door is perfect. The owners value the ability to open and close quietly, as well as the fact that it is wind and rainproof. There’s more, though.

There are no appealing plastic pet doors available. However, we all take pride in our homes, which includes having a good, well-kept pet door. Yes, they are pricey because they are handcrafted locally by skilled carpenters using high-quality materials.

You can notice this just by looking at it, and the durability ensures that you receive your money’s worth.

They only deal with pet doors. Where do they get the courage to do something like this? The warm, pleasant responses they receive from their clients.

Contact Info:

Tel: +44 0800 077 3078 


3. Rest Easy Pet Memorials

We all know that pets can become family members, but as a community, we don’t do enough to acknowledge the loss we experience when they pass away.

When a pet dies, how often do people take extended mourning leave?

When was the last time you heard of someone holding a pet funeral?

Our pets spend their entire lives trying to make us happy and be our friends.

REPM is committed to assisting people in commemorating their pets with beautiful personalized pet memorials, as well as providing pet bereavement support materials and pet housing to anybody in need.

Contact Info:

Address: 285 Cowbridge Road West, CARDIFF CF5 5TD

Customer Services: 029 2067 2823



4. e-WOOD

e-WOOD Collection produces attractive, sophisticated, and simple-to-use wooden products that have been particularly designed by their team to make your life easier. They create beautiful and functional wooden furniture and accessories for both people and pets’ homes.

They envisage a more beautiful world at e-WOOD Collection, and they want to give furniture and accessories for easy living and comfort working to improve the quality of life of their furry friends as well as their daily lives at home or at work.

Whether you’re shopping for your pet, children, family, or friends, their wide range of products can help you achieve all of your “comfort and ease of life” goals.

Contact Info:



5. Dog House

They believe that having their own space is a benefit that every dog should enjoy. A doghouse can provide your dog with a comfortable spot to relax, and because dogs are natural dwellers, it’s only right to provide them with their own space. That’s what they’re good at.

Contact Info:


6. Kennel Store

They are the leading provider and manufacturer of Professional Kennel systems and accessories. In rural Cheshire, they have a specialized sales team.

Kennel Store aims to provide over 8 million dogs in the UK by providing both value for money and high quality products for both professional and residential users.

Their professional sales team is here to provide you with the finest possible guidance for your needs.

Their dedication to customer care is unrivaled, and they will assist you with your individual requirements.

Kennelstore also sells a wide range of high-quality related products, providing its consumers a lot more options.

Their Wooden Kennels are all made of very thick Tanalised wood (a 20yr wood treatment). There is no need to maintain this treated wood in the future. They personally guarantee them against rot, fungal deterioration, and insect attack for ten years. 

Contact Info:


CALL: 01270 212 193


7. Kennel UK

They’re becoming known for making high-quality, long-lasting insulated dog kennels. Their kennels are long-lasting and suitable for dogs of all breeds. Long-term dog housing might be challenging, but our kennels have been thoroughly tested throughout time.

They are confident that their kennel solutions are the most effective for coping with a challenging kennel environment. Their revolutionary thermal kennels have garnered positive feedback, and they are custom-made to your preferences.

From their many years of producing, selling, and installing the best commercial dog kennels on the market, they have a wealth of experience and knowledge.

Breeder kennels, kennel blocks, single row kennels, and central corridor kennels are some of the alternatives.

They also design and install the best insulated dog kennels in the business, outperforming the competition in terms of thermal values, structural strength, durability, and security.

Contact Info:

Telephone: 01785 559 555

Address: Unit B2, Whitebridge Lane, Stone, Staffordshire, ST15 8LQ

Email Addresses: /


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