It is natural for any dog owner to be obsessed with his pet’s care and grooming. Dog grooming includes everything from routine care to training and cleanliness. If you are a dog accessories shop owner or selling pet essentials online, then you must be looking for the best products all the time. But considering the vastness of Australia, it’s very difficult to find the right vendors offering competitive prices.

We understand that you are looking for professional, value-priced, and high-quality product prices for your business. That’s why we have enlisted the best wholesalers in Australia along with the details of their service and products. In the following section, let’s continue our topic of wholesale dog grooming supplies in Australia in the following section.

Here is a list of ten top-rated dog grooming wholesale companies providing top-notch products. Let’s go through the details to find the one that suits you best!

List of Wholesale Dog Grooming Supplies Vendors in Australia:

  1. OZ Grooming World
  2. DGS Imports Australia
  3. Pet Circle
  4. Smiley Dog
  5. Pet Wise
  6. Pet Accessories Australia
  7. Clipper World
  8. Prestige Pet Products
  9. Pupkus
  10. Envon

1. DGS Imports

DGS Imports is a quality dog products and dog grooming products importing company that was officially started in 2007. It is a wholesaling company and thus only supplies to businesses in the pet industry. Fortunately, this experience of one and half decades extended the import range of company from Europe to America to South Asia.

If you own a pet shop or run some commercial kennel, then you are welcome to buy the best dog grooming supplies at DGS. The company claims to bring you the best from Australia and Overseas.

Location: Unit 9, 2-12 Knobble Crt Shailer Park Queensland, Australia.

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2. OZ Grooming

OZ Grooming World is one of Australia’s largest pet grooming wholesale suppliers. The company started this business officially in 2010. OZ is the distributor of more than 25 brands and specializes in importing professional dog show equipment and other animal grooming products.

Location: Prestons’ Store 1/16 Bernera Road, PRESTONS, NSW 2170, Australia.

3. Pet Circle

Pet Circle, started with the idea of a single man in 2011, is the largest online pet retailer in Australia. Their wholesale store allows online access to over 10,000 pet products. Pet Circle also helps the pet parents with free and genuine pet advice from its expert vet squad.

With all this, the company claims to supply wholesale products at the best possible prices. Their main aim is to help pet parents get betterment.

Location: Headquarter in Sydney, New South Wales.

4. Smiley Dog

Smiley Dog was launched in 2008, and till then, the company has been providing Australian-made premium and safe dog products. They have proved the quality of local products by three decades of valuable experience. The company currently supplies dog grooming products to over 800 professional groomers across Australia.

Smiley Dog care for dogs like they are people. You can access quality wholesale dog grooming supplies in Australia by visiting their website or a wholesale store.

Location: 2/32 Jarrah Drive, BRAESIDE, VIC, 3195, Australia.

5. Pet Wise

Pet wise is a leading pet and animal supplies retailer established in 2016. The company has a strong partnership with vet and pet brands in the market and facilitates its customers with both online and offline services. It is also an Australian-owned business that is providing its services throughout the country.

Location: Pet Wise Pty Ltd, Warehouse 1,8 Milner Avenue, Horsley Park NSW 2175.

6. Pet Accessories Australia

Pet Accessories Australia stands above competitors by delivering pet stock free of cost to your pet stores. It is a wholesale pet product supplier home business started 18 years back in 2004. The company specializes in the export of quality dog grooming products at competitive rates.

It is also a wholesale-only company and will supply directly to pet retailers, pet stores, pet groomers, and veterinary clinics.

7. Clipper World

Clipper world supplies wholesale clippers and other vet supplies all over the country. It is Australia’s largest grooming supplier network that has an affiliation with a large number of trusted brands. The company was soaring towards the sky after its management change back in 2018.

Clipper world commits to providing its customers with well-stocked inventory and competitive pricing. Being the best clipper service provider, the company provides the facility of repairing dryers, sharpening scissors, and servicing clippers.

Location: 41-43 Pacific Dr. Keysborough VIC 3173, AUSTRALIA

8. Prestige Pet Products

Prestige Pet Products is also an Australian wholesale company that doesn’t supply directly to the public. It is also a family-owned business established in 1997. The company specializes in supplying the finest healthcare products, toys, training products, and a wide range of pet grooming products. Moreover, all the items are guaranteed.

Not only dog grooming products, but Prestige also supplies cat, bird, and small animal toys. You can easily find their company stockist in or near to your area by visiting their website. Customers can also visit the company showroom by just making a phone call.

Location: 6 Cessna Drive, Caboolture QLD, Australia 4510

9. Pupkus

Pupkus supplies grooming products all over Australia and is one of the largest grooming specialist wholesalers in the country. The company is working as a warranty agent for Pupkus and Wahl products and many other famous brands. Pupkus is providing offline and online services since 2015 and during this period, the team’s professionalism, hard work, and respect towards customers has made the company stand among leaders.

The company provides extended warranties and not only the products, but pet grooming services are also provided. Pupkus Australia also helps its customers by monthly grooming notes on the website which contain sound pieces of advice for beginners to advanced level dog groomers.

Location: 75 Bould Road, Cardinia

10. Envon Pet Supplies

Envon Pet Supplies was established in 2017, just half a decade ago in Sydney. But in this short time, the wholesale company has become the distributor of many high-quality local and international brands. Envon supplies wholesale grooming products to product stores, grooming salons, vets, and pet shops.

The company claims to supply the finest, stylish, and most affordable products to its retailers. You can become an Envon reseller by signing up on the company’s official website. Both online and in-store customs are welcomed.

Location: 41 Garema Cct, Kingsgrove, Australia

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We understand that pets are family, and therefore no stone should be left unturned in their care and grooming.

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Every vendor wants to sell the best possible products to their customers. The article was the ultimate guide for Australian dog accessories sellers looking for reasonable wholesale stuff. You got to know ten of the best dog grooming companies in the country, their primary products, and store locations.