Dresses are important for dogs as they provide protection and warmth from the colder seasons or windy days. They act as a covering layer on their fur that adds insulation and makes them look cute!

Dog dresses are slowly gaining extreme prominence in the pet supply industry due to the increase in their designers and the growing variety of options. 

Nowadays, many dog apparel manufacturers are creating many types of clothing such as jackets, coats, hoodies, dresses, socks, and even leggings to ensure there isn’t a gap in the market.

Professional designers of dog dresses have also increased over time, leading to innovative designs and textures of clothes suiting different breeds and sizes of dogs.

Many retail stores, resellers, and pet supply companies prefer purchasing these products in bulk and reply to distributors and wholesale suppliers for good deals and discounts.

However, finding a good wholesale supplier of Dog dresses is a tricky task, as it requires a lot of time to see their quality of products, verification, and availability of variety. 

The list below will help you figure out a wholesale supplier that suits your needs and demands of dog dresses in the market.

List Of Wholesale Dog Dresses Suppliers, Manufacturers & Vendors:

  • Pet Life
  • Parisian Pet 
  • Dog In The Closet
  • Doggie Designs
  • Pets Happy Now
  • Boss Pet Edge

1. Pet Life

Pet Life was founded in 2007 as a small-scale business that provides a variety of in-stock pet supplies that are of good quality and have creative designs. 

The company has many physical pet shops located in New York and New Jersey that are widely trusted and deemed as reliable by their loyal customers.

Gradually with time, Pet Life has grown into an international supplier of pet products including food, treats, medicine, shoes, apparel such as dresses and coats.

They have a one-year warranty on all items purchased from their website, including free shipping above orders of about $50. The best part is that you can return ur shipment to them if faced with an error, and there will be no return shipping cost.

Contact Info:

Phone: (866) 738-5433 

Website: https://shop.petlife.com/

2. Parisian Pet 

Parisian Pet was established in 2008 in Miami, Florida, a family-owned business that specializes in designing high-quality apparel for different pets. They make the cutest outfits for your pet in various designs and attires for dogs.

Parisian Pet designs dress according to the trending designs in the market and produce beautiful chic outfits that will make your dog’s day and everyone else around them.

Some of their dresses include a Floral Artsy Dress Ruched Waist, Gingham Countryside Lace Dress, Red Poppies Boho Dress, Flamingo Dress, Palm Trees Dress.

Chic and trendy fall and winter

Contact Info:

Phone: (305) 463-7151

Email: info@parisianpet.com

Website: https://www.parisianpet.com/

Address: 10856 NW 27th ST, Miami, FL 33172.


PEETTT was created in 2015 as a manufacturer of pet products such as dog clothes, beds, shoes, collars, carriers, and leashes. Although the company is based in China, they deliver their products to many countries around the globe including USA.

They deliver wholesale pet supplies in bulk with various discounts, promo codes, and amazing deals. They also have frequent sales on their website that are very beneficial for customers looking for seasonal clothing for pets.

If you are looking for a wholesale supplier with reasonable rates and products that they manufacture themselves, then this company is an intriguing option.

Contact Info:

Phone: +86 153 0595 9792

Email: support@peettt.com

Website: https://peettt.com/

4. Dog In The Closet

Dog In The Closet believes in producing luxurious designs and amazing quality apparel for dogs so that pets can also enjoy the same standards of clothing as their owners.

It’s a USA-based company which consists of team members that are experts in designing dog clothes and dresses. They have a range of clothes such as denim choices and vintage aesthetic looks.

Their goal is to create a platform that supplies authentic and thought-out outfits for dogs. This can enable a strong bond between pet owners and their dogs, and provide comfort and protection.

Contact Info:

Phone: 972-875-DOGS (3647)

Email: doginthecloset@gmail.com

Website: https://www.doginthecloset.com/

5. Doggie Designs

Doggie Designs was founded in 1999 by Michele, a professional designer of dog apparel and accessories. She wanted to create a platform to sell innovative and beneficial products for dogs.

The company is a well-known wholesale supplier and distributor of dog-related products in America. Their team envisions a future with more trendy and in-demand designs for dogs to enjoy.

Doggie Designs’ clothes have been featured on screen in various movies, tv shows, and commercials such as Good Morning America, Boston Herald, and Red Carpet Events in Los Angeles and London.

Contact Info:

Phone: (800) 754-0282 

Email: Sales@DoggieDesign.com

Website: https://www.doggiedesign.com/

Mailing Address: PO Box 630104, Littleton, CO 80163.

6. Pets Happy Now

Pets Happy Now is an online platform for multiple product categories of dog supplies. They are entirely online based but have a detailed catalog displayed on their website, with discreet policies and rules.

The company provides free shipping for many products in their catalog and also discounts on occasional situations or holiday events. You can also find low-priced dresses and high ones according to the filters on the website.

Pets Happy Now also has a newsletter that they release monthly, thus if you are interested in this company then do register for the newsletter to learn more about their services.

Contact Info:

Website: https://petshappynow.com/

7. Boss Pet Edge

Boss Pet Edge is an amazing pet supplying dealer that focuses on giving customers an edge in the quality and designs of products. They utilize innovative techniques to create reliable and top-notch quality products for pet retailers and wholesale customers.

They also have exclusive products for retailers only, which can be accessed if you become a member of their dealer services. There are a lot of benefits to this membership including promotion and sustainable growth if you are currently a small-scale venture.

Boss Pet Edge has registered over 30 brands with them, that only provide their supplies to them and no one else. You can look at their collection of 12,000 in-store-branded pet products through their catalogs and website.

Contact Info:

Phone: 888 876-2567 

Website: https://www.bosspetedge.com/

Address: 5 Cherry Hill Drive, Suite 301, Danvers, MA 01923.