Dog bows are the cutest accessories one can buy for their pets. They provide a representation of the dog’s individuality and make them look adorable.

Bows can also be a way to recognize dogs and can be beneficial for dogs if they get lost or someone else finds them. Personalized bows can make your dog different and stand out from the rest.

Every animal has their personality and identity. The bows come in various colors and designs, with many options for you to choose a design that suits and complements the personality of your dog.

However, bows need to be durable, strong and have innovative and interesting designs to last in the industry. Accessories are in fashion and dogs deserve the best most appealing bow for themselves.

Also, check out our article on wholesale dog grooming supplies vendors!

The majority of pet store owners and retailers prefer buying dog supplies in abundance and bulk stocks to decrease costs and have a beneficial investment.

Wholesale pet suppliers cater to providing customers with bows in bulk at reasonable rates and guaranteeing quality products. 

To find the perfect wholesale dog supplier, this article has a list of the best ones in the USA to make your decision easier and more efficient.

List Of Wholesale Dog Bows Suppliers & vendors:

  • Pet Supplies Wholesaler
  • Bardel Bows
  • Pet Edge
  • LeeMarPet
  • Ryan’s Pet Supplies
  • Crewlala
  • Doggy Bow

1. Pet Supplies Wholesaler

Pet Supplies Wholesaler was founded in 2006 in China as a pet supplier in the industry to cater to retailers, store owners, and resellers.

The company delivers their products worldwide and manufacture excellent quality products through their skilled research and development team.

They also have friendly customer service, that solves all queries and has deep knowledge regarding pet supplies in stock. Their website features a number of bow ties for dogs, each 

with different colors, and sizes to suit the diverse breeds of dogs.

Contact Info:

Phone:  0086 15160094068



2. Bardel Bows

Bardel Bows is built by a pet groomer for people to groom their domesticated animals and make them look presentable and cute.

The company was founded by a young individual named Delise Knight who has had an abundance of experience in grooming pets due to her old shop in Georgia.

Since 1989, Bardel Bows has gained a reputation for producing high-quality handcrafted dog bows that can be adjusted by hand, making them more comfortable for dogs and usable for dogs of various sizes.

The company vouches that their bows are generated in Georgia by experienced bow designers employing the highest quality raw materials such as latex brands.

Their website stocks hundreds of bows for animals, with new collections and themes of designs released every few weeks.

What sets Bardel Bows from the rest is their unique layout of designs that are upgraded and changed with new ones all the time. Their bow options are not limited!

Contact Info:

Phone: 800-874-7198  


Address: 1195 Taylor’s Mill Rd, Fort Valley, GA 31030.

3. Pet Edge

Pet Edge is a top wholesale supplier of grooming equipment and accessories for animals. They also have frequent discounts and sales on their pet products.

They are associated with more than 10,000 brands all over America and have attained trust over various clients such as animal specialists and independent shop owners, Groomers, kennels, vets, and passionate pet holders.

Pet Edge’s website consists of a number of bow designs for customers to choose from, and it so can be customized according to the dog’s size. They also offer 20 high-end branded pet products with 10,000 in-stock products including toys, cages, food, bank banks, and a large selection of bow ties and bow collars.

Contact Info:

Phone: (800-738-3343)  



Address: 72 Cherry Hill Drive, Beverly, MA 01915-0701.

4. LeeMarPet

 LeeMarPet was founded in 1973 by Lee and Mary Jo Schultz in a garage. The business has transformed from a small in-house operation to a global-scale network of multiple brands and interested customers of pet supplies and accessories.

The company specializes in dealing with wholesale buyers, they offer multiple types of discounts and favors to bulk buyers.

They also have an easy process of ordering, which is also tracked with a shipping number so you don’t have to worry about the exact destination of your big bulk packages.

Contact Info:

Phone:  760-330-9873


Address:2459 Dogwood Way, Vista, CA 92081.

5. Ryan’s Pet Supplies

Ryan’s Pet Supplies was created in1959 by George and Donna Ryan. What began as a four-page catalog for pet supplies has turned into a large distributor of pet products in America.

The pet grooming industry trusts Ryan’s Pet Supplies to provide durable, safe, and innovative pet products to the market.

The company values its customers the most and highlights the importance of good customer service and happy customers on its website constantly.

Contact Info:

Phone: 1-800-525-PETS (7387)



Address: 1805 E McDowell Road, Phoenix, AZ 85006.

6. Crewlala

Crewlala is the hub of shopping for now ties and bandanas for your pets. The company displays a variety of designs for dogs in beautiful colors and visual textures.

The creation of accessories and bows is artistic and a representation of a good sense of style and appearance. With Crewlala’s stock of bow collars and ties, it’s evident that they have excelled in the art of producing dog accessories.

If the design of the bows is the most important for you then this company is one to consider due to its in-stock products. 

Contact Info:

Phone: 843-882-5181    



Address: 1309 Ashley River Road, Charleston, SC 29407.

7. Doggy Bow

Doggy Now are solely centered around supplying handcrafted bows and ties for specifically small breed dogs.

Small breed dogs require delicate and tiny bows that are not harmful or suffocating to them. 

The company recognized this gap in the market and produce amazing bows for small dog owners so they can also easily purchase accessories for their pet animals.

Doggy bow specializes in making bows for Maltese, Yorkie, and Shih Tzu breeds mostly, so if your target are small breed pet owners, then this company is the right fit.

Contact Info: