Dogs and bones appear to be a natural match. That’s why you’ll see dogs munching on delicious bones in so many comic strips and movies. However, some bones can be harmful to your dog’s health and wellbeing.

Chewing is a natural canine behavior, and there are a variety of safe dog chews and bones on the market. Dog bones, in fact, can give mental stimulation while also keeping your dog’s teeth clean. But, before you hand over any bone, make sure it’s top-notch.

List of Wholesale Dog Bones Vendors & Suppliers:

  • Farm & Pet Place
  • Vital Pets
  • Natural Treats
  • Raw To Go
  • Riverside Animal Feeds
  • Nutriment
  • The Dog Butcher

1. Farm & Pet Place

They like to think they go above and beyond, not only in terms of the things we carry, but also in terms of how far we’ll go to make sure their clients are happy. They sell a varied selection of brands from equine items to work wear garments to gardening things in addition to pet products.

Because they’re a tiny but dedicated company, they can provide you and your pets with a more personalized purchasing experience. You can reach out to their experts for advice on anything from which dog toy is ideal for your pup to how to properly reheat your chicken or if you can’t find what you’re searching for.

They’re rapidly expanding, and they can now boast of a large online business that prides itself on providing a speedier and more affordable shipping service than their competitors.

You and your pets are also welcome to visit one of our five locations in North Wales, which include four superstores in Abergele, Mold, Llangefni, and Gledrid, as well as a smaller store in Ruthin.

Contact Info:

TEL: 01492 542662



2. Vital Pets

They are pleased to be the UK’s leading pet wholesaler and distributor here at Vital Pet Group. From North Tawton in Devon to Glasgow in Scotland, they have a nationwide network of depots, cross docks, and offices.

Every day, they take delight in serving their partners and their retail businesses.

Their warehouses store the UK’s largest choice of pet supplies, which is complemented by a specialized delivery service.

Thousands of merchants, including independent pet shops, pet superstores, veterinarians, and e-retailers, choose them as their preferred partner.

Contact Info:

Tel: 01837 883 000



3. Natural Treats

Dominic was having a hard time finding the perfect treats for his pets. None of them satisfied him, one after the other. He’d come across low-quality imported items that weren’t up to snuff and were mislabeled, which frequently made his dogs sick.

So much time and effort had been expended, and all he wanted to do was shower his pups, his family, with love and treats.

While walking his dog one afternoon, he had an exciting yet terrifying thought. “Why don’t I make the dog treat myself?” In fact, I’m capable of doing it for other dogs as well. I’m a qualified chef with extensive knowledge and decades of expertise in the culinary arts! “I’ve got this!” He set out to find a group of people who shared his desire to see this idea realized.

He had no idea how many failures he would face or that he would eventually become one of the country’s major producers! 

But the one thing he clung to the most at the time was his unshakeable determination to offer value to any dog’s life he could through high-quality goodies.

Pet Treats Wholesale Ltd. was established in 2011. 

Around the last decade, it has had the honor of satisfying hundreds of dogs and their owners all over the world, earning their trust and maintaining connections.

The entire Pet Treats Wholesale staff is ecstatic about this. He is humbled and excited to continue on this adventure with the purpose of putting your dogs first.

Contact Info:

Email: 4 Derwent Park, Hawkins Lane, Burton on Trent, Staffordshire, DE14 1QA



You can discover a little about who they are and what they do by visiting this page. They became the proud owner of a rescued Old English sheepdog puppy a few years ago. They could see that this dog had a lot of promise, but they were frail and in bad shape. 

Naturally, they were curious as to what was causing his illness.

They quickly learned they were allergic to some of the dog meals they had been given. They experimented with other types, but there was no discernible improvement. They sought advice from breeder friends, who suggested trying a raw beef diet for him.

Contact Info:

Address: Raw To Go, The Warehouse, Market St, Abergavenny, NP7 5SD 

Tel: 01873 268086 



5. Riverside Animal Feeds

Quality dog chews, treats, beds, and wild bird supplies are available from this company.

With years of expertise in the pet industry, this company is incredibly competent and experienced.

They are a family-run business with two enormous warehouses in the heart of Cheshire. They supply and deliver throughout the United Kingdom using their own vehicles, and they rely on reliable carriers to go to regions they can’t.

All of their Munchy and Hide chews are imported from Thailand and undergo stringent health and quality inspections to ensure that they are of the highest quality and taste.

Their Natural Treats are obtained from all across the country to ensure that they meet the highest quality requirements.

The wild bird foods are also imported from trusted suppliers from abroad and the UK, ensuring that they are of the highest quality possible.

Because they’ve been in the pet industry for so long, they’ve built up a large network of connections and are able to buy and supply a wide range of Natural Treats and Training Treats.

Contact Info:

Address: Millbuck Way, Sandbach, Cheshire CW11 3GQ

Tel: 01270 759804


6. Nutriment

Nutriment, which was founded in 2013, has transformed the world of raw feeding. The Nutriment team is unconditionally passionate about offering raw feeding solutions to dogs and cats all over the world, with a complete dedication to Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF) and a commitment to animal health and happiness.

Absolute excellence is their guiding philosophy, and it is the utmost priority in all they do at Nutriment. Their strict quality standards must be followed at every step of their product journey, from ingredient selection to recipe creation, production procedures to distribution and customer service.

They believe in finding top British ingredients whenever possible in order to provide their canine and feline customers with necessary, high-quality nourishment. 

Their recipes incorporate a carefully selected selection of raw meats and fish, physiologically relevant veggies, and nutrient-dense superfoods to create uncompromising, high-quality, and nutritious raw foods that support optimal health in dogs and cats.

Nutriment’s premium raw food is the ultimate raw feeding solution, expertly produced by their in-house nutritionists with input from industry professionals and veterinary partners.

Contact Info:

Address: Nutriment Ltd, Enterprise House, Bridge Road, Camberley, Surrey GU15 2QR


Phone: (+44) 01276 63554


7. The Dog Butcher

Natural, raw food is a favorite of dogs. Their teeth were intended for chewing on a bone or our chunky minces, and it offers their jaws a good workout. 

Raw food offers dogs a lot of pleasure when they consume it, and it helps them have better oral hygiene, digestion, and coats and skin.

Every week, they distribute over 20 tons of raw food to dogs all around the country from their plant in the heart of Devon. All of the meat is hand-picked in Devon, Cornwall, and the South West, then packaged, frozen, and delivered within 24/48 hours.

Contact Info:

TEL: 01803 301545 



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