Do dogs need blankets? Yes, obviously they do. As everybody wants their safety, comfort, and a shelter to live an easy life, so do the animals and especially our pets.

The saying goes, ‘dog is a faithful creature’ and a good animal to keep as a pet, but responsibility comes along with it.

You must have to ensure that your loving dog is in comfortable condition and does not have a blanket. Wholesale dog blankets suppliers/vendors are there in the market to lean on for your dog’s happy mood.

List of Wholesale Dog Blanket Suppliers And Vendors:

  1. Puyang Selfaiding Industrial Co. Ltd.
  2. Shanghai Easun Group
  3. Hangzhou Rena Pet Products Co. Ltd.
  4. Cute Pet UK limited
  5. Cute Pet U.S.A. INC
  6. Yiwu Angqi Garment Co. Lmt.
  7. Hangzhou Tainyuan Pet Products Co. Ltd.
  8. Aoyatex Co. Ltd.
  9. Yiwu Fanfang Pet Products Co. Ltd.
  10. Jiande Huahui Home Textile Co. Ltd.

1.Puyang Selfaiding Industrial Co. Ltd.

Wholesale dog blankets

Manufacturing professional company in China which have been providing its services of Pet’s care products is a widely spread wholesaler. They have got their distributers even in England, Germany and in Italy as well.

Their peculiar Pet’s products like blankets, sheets, or covers are excellent in quality and reasonable in prices. Moreover, their pet blankets are lavishly printed and are washable over 15 times.

You can easily contact the supplier from the company’s website.

2. Shanghai Easun Group

The exporter, importer, distributor, and manufacturing group that facilitates their buyers (companies/local market) with top-quality waterproof dog blankets. The product supplier is situated in China with their widespread online store.

Prices of blankets and other pet products are also reasonable on a commercial scale. Stuff is available in multi-color fleece, flannel, polyester, and plush.

Contact them from the website or the online store.

3. Hangzhou Rena Pet Products Co. Ltd.

A manufacturing trading company, which is providing the best quality soft plush blankets for dogs, is certified with great experience in China.

Additionally, the supplier is facilitating with various sizes, colors, and stuff of Pet’s products. With an online Alibaba store, they are serving marvelous online ways to get the dog’s fancy products to their buyers.

Contact on the website or just pick up your favorite pet item from an online store.

4. Cute Pet UK limited

Dog blankets

UK based wholesaler trading company that is serving pet blankets, you can buy for your puppy is a really fine quality. They are distributors for pet products in other states as well.

Although the color of the blanket is available in just sky blue, they are fluffy, warm, and super soft with exceptionally beautiful elephant prints.

Pondering on will be useless. Just contact on their website and pick up one piece for your lap dog.

5. Cute Pet U.S.A. INC

The best trading and wholesale manufacturing company based in the USA is CutePet which is providing services for pet traveling blankets.

They are facilitating their buyers with luxurious stuff of dog blankets having various color combinations as well as reasonable prices. Cute pets have their port in Shanghai as well.

Contact from their website or chat directly on Alibaba online store.

6. Yiwu Angqi Garment Co. Lmt.

A verified, trading company that has been providing pet product services to various countries as a distributor, is actually a great place to order a blanket/fleece for dogs.

The company is experienced for over ten years in its supply of pet items. Moreover, blankets are of different sizes with their warm fuzzy stuff. Fleeces can be used as a blanket indoors, as well as a mat outdoor.

Prices are low and payment methods are comparatively easy as they are providing PayPal for money options.

Contact Yiwu company and pick up a suitable blanket.

7. Hangzhou Tainyuan Pet Products Co. Ltd.

wholesale dog blankets

This manufacturing company in China which is serving pet fancy items especially for dogs is exceptional in variety.

The company is providing blankets for dogs in multiple sizes and fluffy soft stuff at reasonable prices at the commercial level as well.

Moreover, you won’t be worrying about your dog’s health in summer as these blankets carry special features of the self-cooling phenomenon. Your puppy will be happy and you will be too.

Contact from Alibaba store and you can select a fuzzy dog blanket.

8. Aoyatex Co. Ltd.

Manufacturing trading company in China Aoyatex has been providing its services as a distributor as well as trading supplier in the commercial market.

Pet’s products are there of great quality with really cheap prices. The company is experienced in providing services for over more than twelve years. They are offering dog blankets/fleeces for outdoor and indoor use. The texture of the fabric is too soft and beautifully designed with flowery shades.

Contact the supplier from the website and order your favorite dog’s blanket on the go.

9. Yiwu Fanfang Pet Products Co. Ltd.

A manufacturing dog blanket supplier company that is situated in China with flourishing quality items is well designed for pet products trading.

The company is providing plush custom dog blankets that can be a good match for your dog. Prices are not too high but the quality is exceptional as it is a furry mat stuff blanket. The pattern of the blanket is solid without a slippery surface.

Contact on the website or Alibaba Yiwu store and pick one according to your dog’s taste.

10. Jiande Huahui Home Textile Co. Ltd.

The manufacturing trading company is providing the best quality soft polar fleece blankets for dogs and other pets. Their services are excellent as they offer a variety of colors in dog blankets.

Blankets can also be used as mats or rags for dogs as their stuff is too soft that a dog can jump and get its training done. Product’s prices are too low and they have been given as giveaway prices occasionally.

Contact the supplier and give your dog a fluffy blanket.


Facilitate your dogs with their basic needs in a fancy way. Building a healthy relationship with your pet is necessary as they want to be treated in a good way by their owner, especially dogs who need specific care. Therefore, providing them a comfortable nest in form of a blanket would be great. They will feel safe and won’t disturb you much if you are a member of a busy family.

The above-discussed dog blankets suppliers are great for communication as they are serving you on the basis of wholesale prices of dog products.

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