Even if your dog is allowed to sleep in your human bed with you, every dog should have their own bed – or two, three, or four.

There are numerous advantages to having a dog bed. They can be used for daytime napping and nighttime sleeping.

A bed, rather than the floor, will keep your dog warm, provide support for arthritic joints, and avoid calluses. And, unlike a couch or a human bed, dog beds are private locations where pups can relax.

It’s also ideal if your dogs sleep somewhere other than your bed if you’re allergic to them.

List of Wholesale Dog Beds Suppliers in The UK:

  • The Dog Bed Company
  • Big Dog Bed Company
  • Kuranda Dog Beds
  • Bunty
  • Great British Pet Beds
  • Pet Beds Direct
  • Kosi Products
  • IVY and DUKE

1. The Dog Bed Company

Zoe Jones, a dog lover and company owner, operates the family business from her home, a 15th century cottage in a South Downs community. Zoe enjoys picking up on local shoots with her labradors and has a fondness for all country pastimes. 

She owns two horses and enjoys riding them. She prepares the handmade wood beds in her home studio and sews all of the covers herself.

In 2015, Zoe took over The Dog Bed Company from Louie Robertson, the company’s creator. Contact Info:

Email: sales@thedogbedcompany.co.uk

Telephone: 01798 867364 / 07788 728534

Address: Stewarts Cottage, Graffham, Petworth GU28 0QE

Website: https://www.thedogbedcompany.co.uk

2. Big Dog Bed Company

The Big Dog Bed Company was founded as a result of our inability to find a large, high-quality bed for their German Shepherd, Ludvic. They reasoned that they couldn’t be the only ones experiencing this issue.

Not only were the available beds insufficiently large, but the filling was also insufficient and quickly flattened. Even when we found a well-filled bed in the proper size, there was the issue of a bed that was virtually always moist.

If Ludvic used his bed while wet, whether after a rainy winter walk or a swim in the summer, the wetness would seep into the filling and neither he nor the bed would dry for hours, filling the home with wet dog pong!

Contact Info:

TEL: 01491 818460 

Email: info@bigdogbedcompany.co.uk

Website: https://bigdogbedcompany.co.uk/


Scruffs is the world’s most popular luxury pet bedding and accessories brand. Scruffs was founded on the belief that pets and their owners have a special bond, and every product bearing the Scruffs trademark has been carefully designed to improve the lives and well-being of the animals they love as members of their families.

Scruffs’ attitude is to make the greatest pet goods on the market by combining inventive solutions to practical challenges faced by owners and their pets with gorgeous materials and color palettes seen in the latest home décor trends.

Contact Info:

Email: customerservice@petslovescruffs.com

Website: https://www.petslovescruffs.com/

4. Kuranda Dog Beds

Kuranda is a small manufacturing company situated in Annapolis, Maryland, that was founded in 1987. Making and selling dog beds accounts for 75% of their revenue.

They produced a round dog bed designed in Australia in the late 1980s. It was a great bed, but it was expensive to manufacture and transport. When they designed their first rectangle dog bed (the RDB) in 1995, they decided to halt production of the circular bed.

In 1998, they introduced the poly resin bed. The aluminum version of the poly resin bed was introduced in 2003. In January 2010, the all-aluminum bed collection was launched. In January 2021, the Cambridge collection of slimline aluminum beds was launched.

Kuranda Dog Beds have been distributed by AW Solutions in the UK and Ireland since 2004.

Contact Info:

Address: 6 Victoria Street, Littleport, Cambridgeshire CB6 1LX 

Tel: 01353 861010

Website: https://www.kurandadogbeds.co.uk/

5. Bunty

Bunty Pet Products would like to welcome you to their website. They assist all pet owners in caring for their pets by providing high-quality items that are not only economical, but also long-lasting for even the most active pets. To assure the highest quality for their customers, they put all of their goods through rigorous pet testing.

They provide a variety of dog beds in a variety of styles and sizes, ranging from small to large dog beds to xl dog beds, in a variety of colors and designs. They’ve thought of everything, including waterproof dog beds that are both washable and wipeable, so you can keep your pets in a beautiful clean and toasty bed every day.

If you’re looking for a dog harness, you’ve come to the right spot. They provide harnesses that distribute pressure evenly throughout the dog’s back and body. Because the leash is attached to the dog’s back, it helps to prevent trachea problems. A harness can prevent dogs from struggling with the leash and twisting, making it much easier for both you and the dog to walk.

Contact Info:

Address: St Mary’s Industrial Park, Hyde, SK14 4HN 

Phone: 0161 368 5891

Email: hello@buntypetproducts.co.uk 

Website: https://www.buntypetproducts.co.uk

6. Great British Pet Beds

K9 Pet Products (UK) Ltd manufactures pet bedding under the Dog Doza or GB PET BEDS brands, or you can have your own label if you place larger orders.

They supply a number of well-known retailers in the United Kingdom. Their products are branded and barcoded, and they’re ready to sell in your store. 

Please contact them to see their products and trade prices; they will review new trade registration requests as soon as possible. For over 15 years, GB Pet Beds has been producing high-quality pet beds for pet stores and distributors.

Contact Info:

Tel: 07976 208339  

Email: jon@gbpetbeds.co.uk

Website: https://www.gbpetbeds.co.uk


In their UK facility, every of their luxury dog beds are made to order in 5 working days.

All of their fashionable dog beds are created to order, reducing waste by sourcing textiles from within a 30-mile radius of their UK workshop.

All of the materials for their designer dog beds are obtained locally from some of the greatest fabric mills in the United Kingdom.

Contact Info:

Website: https://www.weardalewolf.com/stylish-luxury-dog-beds

8. Pet Beds Direct

Petbeds Direct has been operating in the Lancashire area for over ten years, and is known for its high standards and quality of workmanship by both customers and competitors.

They strive to maintain a laser-like focus on their customers’ requirements. Their designs are always functional, and the fabrics they use are up to date.

Contact Info:

Email: 07747 152 724

Website: https://petbedsdirect.com/

9. Kosi Products

Kosipet dog beds are equipped with everything a dog requires for rest, relaxation, and sleep. Many dog beds on the market are pricey and ineffective; however, koispet dog beds are inexpensive, effective, and simple to maintain.

For nearly 15 years, they’ve been manufacturing and selling these dog beds, and their clients have found them to be inexpensive, comfortable, easy to maintain, and easy to care for. 

Dog beds don’t have to be expensive; they should be economical, simple to replace, and inexpensive.

Contact Info:

Address: Unit 8B, Nelson Mill, Gaskell Street, Bolton, BL1 2QE

Website: https://kosiproducts.com/

10. IVY and DUKE

Ivy & Duke is a Manchester-based family-run business. They’ve combined their love of dogs and design to create a line of handcrafted dog beds as well as a beautiful line of home and travel items.

They designed and created a collection of dog beds that offer ultimate comfort and support to dogs while also being functional and stylish for their owners, inspired by a shortage of quality, well-made beds that also look excellent across several rooms.

Whether it’s their range of fabric colors, their free personalization service, or the handwritten messages they send out with their beds, they appreciate the personal touch and individualism that their approach allows.

Contact Info:

Email: hello@ivyandduke.co.uk 

TEL: 0161 6605 534

Website: https://ivyandduke.co.uk

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