Who doesn’t love dogs? With people gaining more and more interest in keeping dogs as pets, there is no denying that dog accessories are getting similar importance. One of such accessories is the dog bed.

While the dogs feel at home at your place, they still need accessories like dog beds to comfort themselves and have proper sleep time and rest. Therefore, getting your hands on a dog bed is recommended if you are a dog person.

But, if you are into business and are looking for ideas to invest your money in products that will profit you, dog beds are one of the best choices you can make. However, investment is never easy, especially when you are looking to buy goods in bulk from wholesalers.

Therefore, if you have finally decided about investing in dog beds and are looking for suppliers that you can easily trust and get your dog beds in bulk form, you are exactly at the right place.

Wholesale Dog Beds

While there may be hundreds of wholesalers out there, getting yourself in touch with the authentic ones can turn out to be overwhelming.

If you are looking for wholesale dog bed options, we have them sorted out for you along with their respective links to make it easy for you to decide.

List of Wholesale Dog Bed Suppliers & Vendors:

  • FPT Pet Toy
  • Linghong Pet Products
  • Petvalu
  • K9 comfort
  • LCY Pet Products
  • Foam N’ More
  • Joodog
  • Hillfoot & Paws
  • Beddies
  • North American Pet Products

1. FPT Pet Toy:

Getting quality along with eco-friendliness is always the best, and this is what FPT Pet Toy is known for.

They produce pet bedding using fibers extracted from textile waste to reuse loads of textile goods and don’t contribute to pollution.

They have been contributing to the pet industry since 2005 and are known for producing high-quality pet products like pet bedding, pet toys, etc.

Contact info:

Phone # +86-572-2270092

Email: Pauline@chinaforpet.com

2. Linghong Pet Products:

Linghong Pet Products Co. Ltd has been working in the pet industry since 2003 and has specialization in designing products like dog beds, dog pads, etc.

They will provide you with dog beds made up of high-quality materials like PU leather, nylon, and polyester.

Having almost ten years of experience, the Linghong factory has reached an advanced level when it comes to technology and development.

Phone # +86 18667040549

Email: service@ppmanufacturer.com

3. Petvalu:

For more than 40 years, PetValu has been providing necessary products for pets to be active, healthy, and happy.

From pet toys to pet beds, you will get all that you need under one roof through this platform.

They have a variety of pet beds in different ranges, so you can have plenty of choices to make.

Phone # 1-800-738-8258

4. K9 Comfort:

They believe in providing comfortable rest to the dogs and have come up with orthopedic dog beds to serve the purpose. 

From dog beds in sofa style to dog beds having a waterproof inner cover, the K9 comfort has a variety of pet bedding that you can get your hands on.

They have become one of the best and most trusted dogs bed suppliers in the UK with the quality they offer.

Phone # 07540 004818

Email: info@k9comfort.co.uk

5. LCY Pet Products:

Serving the pet industry for almost 13 years, the LCY Pet Products Co. Ltd is one of the most trusted and professional wholesalers you can get in touch with for your business purposes.

They are known for producing various pet products, including pet beds, pet clothes, toys, harnesses, leashes, etc.

They have a variety of dog beds, and for each product, minimum pieces are mentioned to be ordered on their website.

Phone # +86-18657149430

Email: service@cnpetsupplier.com

6. Foam N’ More:

As the name implies, Foam N’ More is all about providing the customers and business partners with high-quality foam products, including pet beds.

They have been serving this industry since 1980 and going strong since then. What makes them an excellent choice is the fact that they also allow custom foam fabrication for buyers.

You can get custom pet beds made Foam N’ More that will allow the dogs to enjoy a better night’s rest and sleep.

Phone # (248) 837 2430

Email: sales@foamforyou.com

7. Joodog:

Joodog can turn out to be an absolute reliable business partner for you since they will focus on your requirements along with providing you with products having high level tested quality.

If you want to have fast and reliable delivery times, Joodog is your go-to option.

 They have almost ten years of experience in this industry and are known for developing top ratings throughout these years.

Phone # +49 5302 930011

Email: info@joodog.de

8. Hillfoot & Paws

Sustainability is what they believe in, and keeping that in mind, Hillfoot and Paws are known for making refillable and adjustable dog beds.

They believe in making dog beds that do not flatten in a few months by taking care of each detail, including placement of each stitch, zip, and choosing scratch-proof fabrics.

Therefore if you are looking to get your hands on beds that are long lasting, Hillfoot & Paws can be at your service.

Phone # 0141 586 9399

Email: info@hillfootandpaws.co.uk

9. Beddies:

Want to have dog beds at very competitive prices and not compromise on quality? Beddies is where you can get them from.

Their major mission is to make dog beds that are comfortable, made using high-quality materials, and affordable for the resellers.

Bonus, you can easily discuss your own required design and budget with them through their contact means.

Email: infor@beddies4pets.com

10. North American Pet Products:

Having an innovative approach towards the products they produce, North American pet Products is also one of the wholesalers you can trust on.

They have been working in this field since 1998, and their products are available in around 25,000 retail stores throughout America.

Not only do they produce high-quality products, but also their products are environmentally friendly and contribute towards promoting sustainability.

Phone # 1-888-248-8800


Our article has listed the top wholesale dog beds suppliers so that you can purchase from the best at competitive prices and top quality and drive your business performance.

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