Agility is a terrific form of fitness and bonding for both you and your dog, whether you plan to compete or just want a fun, difficult activity to do with your dog. A dog and handler compete in agility by completing an obstacle course as correctly as possible in the shortest amount of time.

It’s a highly athletic event that demands preparation, collaboration, and focus. You don’t have to compete to enjoy backyard agility courses; they’re a terrific way to give your dog exercise and stimulation while also developing a trusting relationship.

Jumps, weave courses, and tunnels are common pieces of agility equipment. You can go all out and employ every piece of competition gear available, or you can stick to the fundamentals.

List of Wholesale Dog Agility Equipment Vendors And Suppliers:

  • Zen Dog Training
  • JamesTown Advanced Products
  • J&J Dog Supplies
  • Clean Run
  • Affordable Agility

1. Zen Dog Training

Zen Dog Training is committed to helping people and their dogs achieve their goals. They’ll show you how to train your dog using time-tested methods that have been authorized by veterinarians and animal trainers all around the world.

Positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, and mild interruptions are among their fear-free ways of resolving unwanted behavior. 

Allow their professional trainers to build a unique training plan for your dog based on mutual understanding and communication. Use their techniques to make your dog a Zen Dog!

Fun games are included in their training methods, so everyone in your family may learn obedience on walks, in the yard, or at the park.

Use these tactics consistently, and you’ll notice that you’ll have the dog you’ve always wanted in no time!

Contact Info:

TEL: +1 617-942-6725



2. JamesTown Advanced Products

Jamestown Advanced Products has been a name associated with quality for over 25 years.

In 1987, Jon Wehrenberg founded a fabrication shop in Jamestown, New York, from which they grew. Wendi Lodestro, Jon’s daughter, started working at Jamestown Advanced Products with her father two years later. Lee Lodestro, Wendi’s spouse, joined the company in 1991 as a mechanical engineer.

Jon and his wife set out on a cross-country road trip in 1994, camping along the way. Jon began noting camping items that could be manufactured at his Jamestown business on their trips. They started making camping and park supplies in 1995.

Wendi and Lee purchased Jamestown Advanced Products in 1999, with the intention of assisting her parents’ business once they retired.

Sales and employment have grown in the years since. Jamestown Advanced Products is a woman-owned, American-made sheet metal fabricator that is led by Lee and Wendi. They offer custom sheet and plate fabrications, as well as electro-static powder coating services, in addition to their park, recreation, and camping equipment.

Their experience designing, welding, and fabricating steel goods has allowed them to create high-quality, American-made campground and park products that are both durable and affordable.

Contact Info:

TEL: 1-800-452-0639


3. J&J Dog Supplies

Since its inception in 1965, J&J Dog Supplies has sold high-quality dog-training equipment through catalog mail order. They’ve also evolved into the leading online equipment seller for both domestic and foreign markets since that time.

Their company’s success has been built on two pillars: high-quality items and exceptional customer service. Hundreds of dog-training organizations, schools, and kennels, as well as thousands of individual trainers in the United States and internationally, choose them as their preferred source of training equipment.

Many of the products sold by J&J Dog Supplies are also manufactured by them, allowing them complete control over the materials and workmanship.

You may buy with confidence knowing that J&J will stand behind their products and serve you in the future, thanks to their 50+ year heritage and continuing expansion.

Contact Info:

TEL: 1-800-642-2050

Address: J&J Dog Supplies, 975 Ford St, Colorado Springs, CO 80915


4. Clean Run

In 1995, Clean Run Productions was founded. Their primary company at the time was publishing Clean Run, a weekly newsletter for dog agility fans. They switched to a monthly magazine format in 1997, which they evolved into a full-color, highly professional publication.

Clean Run was the world’s largest agility training magazine before it ended publication in December 2020. However, they decided to concentrate their efforts on creating the Clean Run Learning Center, an online learning platform.

When they first started attending agility events in 1998, they set up a modest booth to advertise the magazine and books. Their tiny table of books gradually extended to a 10′ x 20′ tent when they had so many requests from exhibitors to carry other agility trial and training-related products.

Soon after, they launched a website, and their product range has grown to satisfy the demands of dog sport aficionados and dog lovers.

They offer a wide range of unusual, high-quality products for individuals involved in canine performance activities as well as for dogs—things you won’t find in “big box” retailers.

Both their human and canine office workers examine products for usability and quality before adding them to the marketplace. They wouldn’t sell something they wouldn’t use themselves.

Their mission is to supply you with high-quality gear for you and your performing dogs while also providing a pleasant buying experience. They wish you a pleasant visit to their shop!

Contact Info: 

Address: Clean Run Productions, LLC, 17 Industrial Dr., South Hadley, MA 01075

TEL: 800.311.6503 


5. Affordable Agility

Affordable Agility, Inc. is delighted to offer dog agility obstacles that are both affordable and ready to ship right away! Tunnels, jumps, weave poles, and a slew of other one-of-a-kind obstacles.

They work hard to locate the best materials at the cheapest costs so that everybody can enjoy and succeed in the sport of dog agility.

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Contact Info:

Address: 7428 State Rt. 20A / Bloomfield NY 14469

TEL: 1-800-254-9441