Accessories are necessary to help dog owners polish their dog’s appearance and groom them into healthy animals. Dogs must be given their basic necessities such as collars, harnesses, and clothes.

All these accessories are not just meant to add value to your dog’s physical appearance but represent their individuality and personality to the world. They also help the dog stand out and be recognized through its personalized accessories. 

An accessory is a broad terminology that includes pet supplies from various categories such as clothing, food, gadgets, socks, bow ties, collars, and harnesses.

Wholesale suppliers prefer to keep accessories from various manufacturers and brands to ensure a variety of options for customers. The majority of retailers, pet shop owners, and resellers opt for bulk buying due to its favorable advantages.

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Wholesale supplies cut out all extra expenses of transport and is a cost-effective technique for buyers with a large target audience to service their products. Thus, we have listed down a couple of dog wholesale suppliers that deliver the best accessories in the UK.

List Of Wholesale Dog Accessories Suppliers In The UK:

  • Rex London Trade
  • Pet London
  • Barking Mad Clothing
  • Mungo And Maud
  • Vital Pets
  • Best Pets 
  • Pound Wholesale

1. Rex London Trade

Rex London Trade is the hub for all types of products and one of the largest international wholesale suppliers in the United Kingdom. Their vast range of products is popular amongst many retailers all over the world.

Their journey started with producing attractive gift accessories and supplies to physical gift stores and high-end companies like The Habit and The Body Shop.

Rex London Trade developed over time with the launch of their website in 2015 and now stands as a reliable trading and distribution haven. They also have pet accessories in their stock, including a variety of different collars and harnesses for dogs at wholesale prices and discounts.

Contact Info:

Phone: 0044 (0)208 746 1700



Address: Unit 3-4 Allied Way, London W3 0RL

2. Pet London

Pet London was established by Melody in 1999 due to the inspiration of Poppy, her rescue Yorkie Terrier Cross and also the dog in the company’s logo.

Her passion and dedication for fashionable pet clothing with chic designs brought a great influx of reputable brands to work with her. They have over 3,000 individual product categories of about 10 different luxury brands including their manufactured items.

The company produces distinct carriers, toys, treats, and brilliant accessories for all kinds of pets including dogs. If you are seeking dog accessories of many types especially apparel, then this company is an ideal option.

Contact Info:

Phone: 020 7580 7580



Address: 16 Wigmore Street, London, W1U 2RF.

3. Barking Mad Clothing

Barking Mad Clothing is a top manufacturer and supplier of pet supplies in the UK. The company offers an extensive selection of quality handcrafted dog products such as Dog Coats, trousers, Suits to Accessories like Bandanas. 

The majority of their products are produced and sold in the UK, and they also have free delivery on a few of the listed items on their website. Many of their dog accessory products are also amongst sale or discounted items.

Barking Mad clothing enables customers to gain a spectrum of pet supplies that can help pet owners find the perfect product for their beloved pet.

Contact Info:

Phone: 01604 518843



Address: 5, The Glades, Grange Park, Northampton, NN4 5BS.

4. Mungo And Maud

Mungo And Maud is a huge supplier of dog & cat outfits located on Elizebeth Street, Sloane Square, London. The company launched in 2005 with a retail store that provided stylish accessories for dogs and cats.

The owners of the company, Michael and Nicola Sacher are a married couple who are passionate lovers of animals and want to instill a fashionable concept of lifestyle for pets as humans.

Their collection of accessories includes pretty colors, natural materials used to hand stitch collars, cotton beds, and harnesses. The company now also delivers its products in the US, Europe, and certain countries in Asia.

Contact Info:

Phone: 44 (0) 20 7467 0823



Address: 79 Elizabeth Street, London, SW1W 9PJ.

5. Vital Pets

Vital Pet is an online platform for wholesale supply of branded pet products to exclusive customers that also have the advantage of many discounts, sales, and deals available on their website.

Some of the brands Vital Pets is associated with are Aftercut, Albion, Aaatu, Acana, Petkit, Sheba, Sonofix, Wonderdog, Zero In, Ecograin, Bamboo, and Long Paws.

The company has a fast delivery service and a lovely team that is always ready to answer your queries and guide you to select the best product according to your requirements.

Contact Info:

Phone:  01837 883 000



6. Best Pets 

Best Pets is an award-winning website that supplies more than 9,000 products of various pet supply categories to the pet market. They have received many awards and are labeled as the most trusted retail partners.

Best Pest contains all the products you require to venture into a pet business in your area! They also have special deals and discounts to favor bulk buyers.

The company customer experience highlights the importance of knowing customers are always right and their shopping experience should be made convenient and easy.

Contact Info:


Address: 2 Abbey Road, Park Royal, London NW10 7BW, United Kingdom.

7. Pound Wholesale

 Pound Wholesale was established in 2010 by two partners wishing to create a space for pet lovers to find all that they need in one place. The company grew quickly and now has over 500 product lines and a vast warehouse.

Pound Wholesale is gaining popularity internationally due to its reliable services that exceed customers’ expectations. They also supply to companies such as Amazon, market traders, schools, pet shops, and owners.

Their product inventory is full of options of accessories for dogs, varying from their clothes to different types of dog collars. With 25 years’ worth of experience, Pound Wholesale guarantees an excellent experience if you choose its services.

Contact Info:

Phone: 0125-479-0233



Address: Unit 10 Suite 2, Whalley Range Business Park, Blackburn BB1 6DG, United Kingdom.