Houses are a source of identity for their owner. They exist as a medium of gaining security, protection, and adding more control in one’s life. It also enables its owner to feel like they belong, creating an environment that is built only for them and their comfort. 

Cats, like humans, find extreme happiness and satisfaction with houses. It makes them feel like they have an identity and separate place of privacy that’s built only for their convenience.

Well-designed houses also allow cats to feel safe in your home and have a space they can go and retreat towards every time they want to be alone.

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The majority of pet parents prefer buying cats a house, condo, or a tree so their beloved animal can have a separate comfort zone within their human home.

Pet-based retailers, shop owners, and wholesale vendors prefer buying cat houses in bulk to reduce transportation costs and opt for this cost-effective strategy.

Wholesale pet suppliers are in abundance, going through all of them would take a lifetime! Therefore, this article contains a brief introduction of the top 7 wholesale cat house supplies in the USA.

List of Wholesale Cat Houses Suppliers & Vendors:

  • Stabobpethouses
  • K and H Pet Products
  • Koa’s House
  • Rabbitgoo
  • Go Pet Club
  • New Cat Condos
  • Sam’s Club

1. Stabobpethouses

Stabobpethouses is an online website that features a range of cat houses for sale and is available at affordable prices and frequent sales.

The website is solely online-based, but the company has a verified service that supplies car houses to customers on demand.

The company’s cat houses stock is full of multiple types of houses, cat condos, luxurious cat houses, cat pods, and customized car houses as well. They can change houses’ size, color, and layout according to your data breed and size.

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2. K and H Pet Products

K and H Pet Products is a leading distributor of pet supplies in USA. They aim to create a space for animals that can provide for their needs without any delays or shortcomings.

The company started as a small venture but transformed into a vast distribution network in USA with various per-product categories.

Some of their products include food and water, pet accessories, household appliances, houses for pets, and apparel.

Contact Info:

Phone:  877-738-5188


3. Koa’s House

Koa’s House believes in the concept of building a happy and satisfied furry family. They aim to provide supplies that can help animals be healthy and live stable lives.

Koa’s House specializes in the nutrition and distribution of treats and food supplies to dogs and cats. Nevertheless, they also keep cat houses such as trees and condos in stock as well.

Cat houses are an essential part of creating a happy home for feline animals and Koa’s House caters to this need in the market. If you are interested in buying other services and supplies too, then Koa’s House might be your place.

Contact Info:

Phone:  (720) 551-8807‬



Address: 32156 Castle Ct. Ste. 111, Evergreen, CO 80439.

4. Rabbitgoo

Rabbitgoo was founded by Jason, a passionate lover of animals and parent of a beautiful Golden Retriever named lucky. After lucky got extremely ill, Jason took notice of the lack of quality products available in the market for him and become charged to bring a change.

Gradually, Jason built a platform where he can manufacture and source goods from high-end brands with good quality products and high durability. The platform is now a reputable company in the pet supply market.

Rabbitgoo was inspired by the creation of we’ll make harnesses and collars, but also supplies an abundance of cat houses in varying sizes and colors to suit the majority of car breeds found in households. 

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Address: 385 S LEMON AVE E276, Walnut, CA 91789.

5. Go Pet Club

Go Pet Club delivers quality pet furniture to many pet vendors, shop owners, and retailers all around the USA.

The company was founded in 2001 as a brilliant innovative manufacturer of furniture specifically for pets. Their design team is quite skilled and produces amazing furniture after extensive research on trends in the pet industry.

If you choose this Go Pet Club and order repeatedly from them, they will cut your transport charge by giving free shipping to loyal customers.

Contact Info:

Phone: 925-373-3628


Address: 6818 Patterson Pass Road, Suite H

Livermore CA, 94550

6. New Cat Condos

New Cat Condos is a big business that caters to many retailers and wholesale customers by connecting them to famous branded products.

They have a very reliable and trustworthy platform where many brands work with them including the two respectable businesses named New Cat Condos and The Prestige Trees.

They specialize in cat condos and all furniture and equipment related to cat houses and trees. New Cat Condo aims to build a website where customers can access new designs of houses for cats and break away from the old traditional designs of homes.

Contact Info:



Address: Phoenix, Arizona 85031, USA.

7. Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club is the hub for all your favorite pet supplies and kitchen appliances. It’s a website where you can find products ranging from cat food to restaurant supplies and household equipment for humans.

The diversity in Sam’s Club inventory enables many shop owners and resellers to invest in this company. It’s easier to associate with one business and find everything you need on their website only.

If you become an official member of Sam’s Club, you gain a lot of advantages such as free shipping, coupons  and discounts.

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