All cats deserve the best nutritious food that builds up their appetite and helps them grow and enjoy their life to the fullest. Having complete healthy meals also guarantee a secure and loving life void of health issues and terminal diseases.

Cat parents try their hardest to find the right quality cat food for their child so that the cat does not face stunted growth or the proper nutrition according to their diet and breed.

Cat food comes in varying sizes and packaging options to ensure it covers a wide range of ingredients and recipes. Any cat food company that incorporates a natural, healthy, and nutritious set of elements is knowledgable enough to give a good cat food supply.

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Many pet supply shops, retailers, and wholesale customers ensure their inventory is full of cat food supplies from verified and authentic companies. They also ensure that the brand or manufacturing company of the cat food is profitable, original, and has good reviews by cat parents.

The list below consists of seven excellent cat food suppliers in Canada that can deliver the food in bulk at affordable prices.

List Of Wholesale Cat Food Suppliers In Canada:

  • Mollies
  • Canadian Pet Connection
  • FirstMate Pet Foods
  • Catit
  • Purina 
  • MJM Pet Supplies Inc.
  • Pet Valu

1. Mollies

Mollies is an online pet supplying platform that sells reasonable-priced pet products to retailers, pet shop owners, and resellers. The company’s goal is to provide the highest quality products available in bulk with favorable discounts and deals.

Mollies allow customers also to pick up their order at the VCA Canada Hospital or deliver directly to your location. Their products range from pet nutrition, pet food for cats and dogs, pet accessories, and plush toys.

Mollies cat food stock is immense, with many dry or wet food options. You can access their website by joining their team and making an account. Their orders and supply go through strict checking, so you can expect to be 100% satisfied and happy with their service.

Contact Info:

Phone: 1-855-487-7872



2. Canadian Pet Connection

Canadian Pet Connection is an award-winning retail service that supplies an extensive range of pet supplies sourced from high-end brands and manufacturers based in Canada.

The company was founded in 1993 as a brick-and-mortar store and gradually evolved into two big retail stores with warehouses. in 2017, they finally established their online website, which rapidly increased their sales and connectivity with other retailers and brands.

Their cat food is excellent and brought from strict quality checks manufacturers. There are never complaints about Canadian Pet Connection’s services, and their team is dedicated to making customers happy with their experience.

Contact Info:

Phone: 1-844-799-PETS (7387)



Mailing Address: 278 Cook St, Unit 8, Meaford, Ontario, N4L 1H4.

3. FirstMate Pet Foods

FirstMate Pet Foods crafts cat food with the best quality ingredients that are natural and healthy for animals. The company aims to build a service that caters to specialized nutrition for all pets.

The company has many cat food flavors available on their website, including Chicken Meal With Blueberries Formula for Cats, Cage-Free Duck Meal & Blueberries Formula, and Pacific Ocean Fish Meal With Blueberries Formula.

Their cat food products have high reviews of customers happy with feeding their cats with these meals. Not only do cats love the taste of their food, but the nutrition advantages are easily noticeable.

Contact Info:

Phone: 604-985-3032


Mailing Address: P.O. Box 86656, North Vancouver, B.C. Canada V7L 4L2

4. Catit

Catit is an online platform with multiple stores situated all over Canada. They provide exquisite premium cat food supplies and other pet products such as treats, scratchers, toys, grooming accessories, collars, harnesses, and litter boxes.

The website offers many promotional opportunities and a collection of special design series for premium designs selected from renowned and trendy products worldwide.

Catit also has a shelter home for cats and makes daily donations for strays to build a strong community of animal lovers. Their goal is to create a better world for animals and allow pets to gain as much affection and love from humans as possible.

Contact Info:

Phone: 1-800-554-2436


5. Purina 

Purina is a big retail business with stores located in Canada in every region and big city. They also have an online platform where they only accept and supply other retailers, resellers, and pet shops in Canada.

Purina specializes in the manufacturing and supply of food products for dogs and cats. This includes formulas and ingredients suited to grown adult cats and tiny kittens.

Their prices are comparatively higher, but that’s due to the premium food supply. If you seek a luxurious, high-quality Canadian-based cat food company, then Purina might be the one.

Contact Info:


6. MJM Pet Supplies Inc.

MJM Pet Supplies Inc was established in 2008 by Rod and Natalie. It’s a family-owned business that even the name selected was inspired by the couple’s son named Matthew.

The company’s focus is to source unique and leading branded products globally and make them accessible for all their registered retail partners. Currently, they distribute about 60 product lines with more associates willing to join them.

Their supply of cat food is immense and varies from brands and manufacturers such as Farmina, SquarePet, The Big Paw, Caru, Valens, and Hurraw.

Contact Info:

Phone: 877-453-7387 



Address: 341 Sheldon Dr Unit 1, Cambridge, Ontario, N1R 1B1.

7. Pet Valu

Pet Valu has been supplying pet products in Canada for 40 years and has a reputable image in the industry due to its passionate team of entirely animal lovers.

Pet Valu is a tremendous retail service with around 600 stores located across Canada. Their store names Pet Valu, Bosley’s by Pet Valu, Total Pet, and Tisol Pet Nutrition & Supply.

They also hold animal charity programs through their stores and have made more than $17 million for shelter homes. People trust Pet Valu due to their love for animals and their aim to connect the world to bring more peace.

Contact Info:

Phone: 1-800-PET-VALU (738-8258)