With so many options available now, finding the proper collar for your feline companion might be tough. The safest method to adorn your cat is to use a breakaway collar.

The primary purpose of a breakaway collar is to unclick when someone tugs on it too hard. This way, if your cat’s collar becomes entangled in something, it will keep its neck safe and protect it from suffocating.

Cats are naturally curious creatures, and if you have a rambunctious cat or a lively kitten, you should only use breakaway collars on them. It is your responsibility as their loving owner to keep them safe, and sticking to breakaway collars is the best way to do it.

Breakaway collars are now available in a wide range of colors, patterns, and designs. The following wholesale vendors supply the best breakaway collars vital for your cat’s safety.

List of wholesale breakaway cat collars vendors & suppliers:

  • Mirage Products
  • GoTags
  • King Wholesale Inc.
  • Bargain Wholesale
  • Angel Supplies
  • Wholesale Pet
  • Buddy Cat
  • Made By Cleo
  • AR Wholesale
  • CollarDirect

1.       Mirage Products

Mirage Products is an American manufacturing company with over 100 years of expertise, dedicated to assisting pet companies and making pet ownership even more enjoyable.

They have everything you need, from breakaway pet collars to plush pet beds. Collars for cats have changed over time. Many breakaway collars, in particular, are of exceptional quality and completely safe.

Breakaway collars are also known as safety collars because they are designed to open or release with adequate force if they become stuck somewhere. They supply the safes breakaway collars at wholesale rates.

If your customer’s pet is constantly outside and they are concerned about its safety, you may help them choose high-quality breakaway collars.

Contact info:

Tel: 1-800-890-5733

Email: info@miragepetproducts.com

Website: https://www.miragepetproducts.com

Address: 824 W Mount Vernon Blvd, Mount Vernon, MO. 65712, USA.

2.       GoTags

GoTags was developed with a single goal in mind, to provide the finest breakaway cat collars. When it comes to joining your beloved furry friend on adventures into the outdoors, chasing squirrels at the park, or simply hanging out with family in the backyard, breakaway collars are a must-have.

With a safety clasp design that releases if your cat’s collar becomes trapped, their breakaway cat collars are designed to keep your cat or kitten safe, and snag-resistant materials are used to manufacture such collars.

Contact info:

Tel: (509) 754-2760

Website: https://gotags.com

Address: 55 Alder St NW Ste B1 Ephrata, WA, 98823-1696, United States.

3.       King Wholesale Inc.

King Wholesale Inc. is a family-owned company that supplies wholesale pet products, including high-quality breakaway pet collars.

As a company, they want to establish positive customer connections, provide accurate and prompt service, and be devoted to supplying safe and high-quality products.

Retail stores, pet shops, pet trainers, and other pet care professionals are among King Wholesale’s successful customers today.

When a cat’s collar gets snagged, the safe cat buckle releases, allowing the collar to glide free. It’s safe to say that their breakaway collars are safe for your pets.

Contact info:

Tel: (800) 825-4647

Website: https://kingwholesale.com

Address: 4013 Colusa Hwy, Yuba City, CA 95993, United States.

4.       Bargain Wholesale

Bargain Wholesale began as a modest sales company and has now expanded to become a global wholesale distributor.

They’ve established themselves as a reliable source of low-cost supplies, including wholesale breakaway pet collars.

The breakaway safety buckle on breakaway collars unsnaps when pulled with force. If your cat’s collar becomes entangled in something, the collar will automatically break away from the neck, preventing your cat from choking or suffering a neck injury.

Contact info:

Tel: (323) 980-8170

Email: adrian.moczygemba@bargainw.com

Website: https://www.bargainw.com

Address: 4000 Union Pacific Ave, Commerce, CA 90023, United States.

5.       Angel Supplies

As a wholesale supplier of many pet products, they believe your feline companions deserve to look and feel their best while remaining secure at home and in the wild.

Their best-selling breakaway cat collars are light and robust and come in a variety of colors and designs. 

For your peace of mind, each cat collar is made with a safety elastic stretch and a bell. From kitten to well-fed, there are two sizes to choose from.

Contact info:

Tel: 1-416-661-PETS (7387)

Email: info@angelpetsupplies.com

Website: https://www.angelpetsupplies.com

Address: 10-8707 Dufferin Street, Suite #335 Vaughan, Ontario L4J 0A6

6.       Wholesale Pet

 Wholesale Pet has been assisting independent pet stores in locating and purchasing high-quality, unique products at wholesale rates. Plus, they provide excellent customer service.

Their extensive array of pet products includes breakaway cat collars. These collars are designed to fit almost any cat.

Whether your cat goes outside or remains indoors only, their breakaway collars will keep them safe at all costs.

Cats can explore safely the outside world since the collars can be unsnapped if your cat gets caught in something.

Contact info:

Tel: 800.472.8984

Email: service@wholesalepet.com

Website: https://wholesalepet.com  

Address: 2016 Monument Ave, Richmond, VA 23220, United States.

7.       Buddy Cat

Buddy Cat is a small business dedicated to making it simple for cat owners to attach a visible identification tag to their pets.

They offer low-cost, high-quality safety breakaway collars that are lightweight and safe.

Their goal is to make Buddy Cat products available to independent pet businesses at low prices.

Contact info:

Tel: 360.790.2391

Email: info@buddycat.com

Website: https://www.buddycat.com

Address: 2287 NW High Lakes Loop Bend, Oregon 97703, United States.

8.       Made By Cleo

Their goal is to provide fashionable, high-quality breakaway pet collars made in the United States at a reasonable price.

They have tested every hardware store in search of the ideal, durable safety breakaway buckle that wouldn’t pop open too readily. Their customers with cats that go for walks now have the option of ordering their collars with non-breakaway buckles too.

Choose the type of buckle clasp you want, or personalize your collar with a beautiful yet functional engraved ID tag to secure your pet’s safe return if it becomes separated from you.

You can email them with a brief of the types of products you’re interested in to obtain information about their wholesale pricing.

Contact info:

Email: info@madebycleo.com

Website: https://www.madebycleo.com

Address: 4611 Bee Caves Rd, Suite 104, Austin, TX 78746, United States.

9.       AR Wholesale

AR Wholesale began business as Armstrong Richardson Wholesale. The company has risen from strength to strength, striving to provide affordably-priced pet products.

Their breakaway cat collars have a smooth and glossy color and texture. These collars allow your cats to escape easily if they get snagged when climbing.

Moreover, to aid in the protection of your cats, their collars include a warning bell. For safety and comfort, make sure you can get two fingers between your cat and the collar when fitting it.

Contact info:

Tel: 01642 714389

Email: sales@arwholesale.co.uk

Website: https://www.arwholesale.co.uk

Address: Stokesley Business Park Stokesley North Yorkshire TS9 5NZ, UK.

10.   CollarDirect

CollarDirect carries a comprehensive selection of breakaway cat collars as well as other pet accessories. You’ll find all you need for your comfortable daily walks with your cats.

Their selection of bell-equipped breakaway cat collars is nothing short of amazing. They have the greatest breakaway cat collars in a variety of materials.

The buckles on their collars are designed to break open if the collar is pulled, allowing your cat to readily escape if it snags on something. Choking will no longer be a possibility. Your cat will be much safer when playing outside with such a collar on.

Contact info:

Email: sales@collardirect.com

Website: https://collardirect.com

Address: 4025 N. Nob Hill Rd.405, Sunrise FL 33351, USA.

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