The thought of animals in cages doesn’t sit very well with people, but it still serves a great purpose in a pet’s life. Cages are the extension to pet care that involves ensuring their safety and keeping a locked engagement of the litter box to maintain good hygiene.

Cages don’t necessarily mean a bad thing for animals, they are quite a critical tool for pet adoption centers and veterinary hospitals. Sick cats with contagious viruses and injured wounds are kept in cages until they are treated. 

These cages protect the injured cats from all kinds of diseases infections and provide safety to the other animals in the shelter too. Therefore, various vet clinics and hospitals purchase cages in bulk to build a healthy and safe environment for their patients.

There are many other advantages to keeping cat cages in your homes such as using them as a training mechanism for kittens to litter in one place, outdoor cages for protection, shelter, and a separate place for privacy.

The quality of cat cages should be exceptional with long durability and authentic raw materials to ensure that the cages are strong and long-lasting.

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Selecting an ideal cat cage supplier is hard, especially for wholesale suppliers as they are in abundance and sell many types of cages and carriers.

The list below will help you see the top 7 wholesale cat cage suppliers in order to cut down your investment of time and make your decision easier.

List Of Wholesale Cat Cage Suppliers & Vendors In USA:

  • Pet Choices Supply
  • Purrfect Fence
  • Pet Mate
  • Mid West Homes For Pets
  • Tianjin Shengteng International Trading Co, Ltd
  • Qingdao Huatian Hand Truck Co, Ltd.
  • Vanness Pets

1. Pet Choices Supply

Pet Choices Supply is an international pet supplying business that caters to multiple retailers and wholesale customers in the market. They have an abundance of pet supplies ranging from Pet Doors, Grooming, Veterinary, and Outdoor equipment.

Their website contains many types of cages and carriers for cats. Some are travel crates and small cages used for airplanes or road trips. Others include big cages for outdoor settings and huge aluminum cages made for sick animals or transportation.

Pet Choices aims to provide people with an array of choices so that they can choose the best product for their pet child. Everyone wants to buy the finest supply for their shop and customers, thus there should also be an innovative variety for people. 

Contact Info:

Phone: 1 (888) 557-7387



2. Purrfect Fence

Purrfect Fence was established 15 years ago with the ambition of eradicating animal abuse from society and creating a platform that helps pet owners, veterinaries, and shop owners with the best-manufactured products.

Purrfect Fence specializes in fencing systems for cats in the outdoors and enclosures. Their cages are specific according to the customer’s requirement of size and space for the pet. The cages are also available in bulk and are preferred by many veterinaries and pet shops.

Cages should be built according to the animals, and no animal should feel suffocated inside their enclosure. Therefore, Purrfect Fence arranges equipment that can establish boundaries within your own house or provide specifically modified cages for your cat.

Contact Info:

Phone: 1-888-280-4066


Address: 675-B South Glaspie St, Oxford, MI 48371.

3. Pet Mate

Pet Mate is an all-rounder manufacturer and supplier of pet supplies in USA. Their specialty is quite diverse ranging from dogs to cats, birds, and small pets.

Their website features exquisite cat cages and carriers made of concrete steel that is strong and does not break or damage easily. Their cages have gotten many high remarks from customers all over the world.

Pet Mate also offers many discounts, coupons, and special deals for wholesale retailers and interested bulk buyers. Their goal is to deliver amazing products that can satisfy pets and also give peace to pet parents.

Contact Info:

Phone: 1-877-738-6283



Address: 2300 E Randol Mill Rd, Arlington, TX 76011.

4. Mid West Homes For Pets

Mid West Homes For Pets was founded in 1921 and has more than a century of experience in supplying pet-based products to all states in USA.

In 2021, Mid West Homes is one of the leading manufacturers of pet homes and cages. Their website is full of different types of cages for all types of pets such as dogs, birds, small animals, and cats.

They also have a blog featured on their website that contains all sorts of articles that can help you find the right bedding or a fitting cage for your beloved pet.

Contact Info:

Phone: 1800-428-8560



Address: 3142 S Cowan Rd, Muncie, Indiana, 47302.

5. Tianjin Shengteng International Trading Co, Ltd

Tianjin Shengteng International Trading Co, Ltd is a well-recognized supplier of pet products and appliances on the website of Made-In-China. Their most famous cat cage is made of metal and has a high 5-star rating.

The cage is available in four main colors Brown, Black, Pink, and Black. The cages can also be customized as per request, with 100 pieces as a minimum order range for wholesalers.

Tianjin Shengteng International Trading Co, Lt is a diamond member of the international website since 2018 and is also an audited supplier. If you are looking for a convenient installation of ages made with eco-friendly materials then this supplier is worth it.

Contact Info:


6. Qingdao Huatian Hand Truck Co, Ltd.

Qingdao Huatian Hand Truck Co, Ltd is also a significant supplier of cages and carriers on the wholesale website of Alibaba. The company has its website and has 2 patent awards.

Their cages are big and highly spacious for animals keeping their comfort in mind the most. The cage is available for 104.00 – $178.00 pieces and the minimum order for bulk buying is 200 pieces. This saves a lot of transportation costs for customers.

Qingdao Huatian Hand Truck Co, Ltd has a 100 % on-time delivery rate, with an efficient responsive team that can guide you with their ordering process and solves queries right away without any delays.

Contact Info:

Phone: 86-532-83193227



7. Vanness Pets

Vanness Pets was initiated over 70 years ago as a family-owned business that catered towards delivering pet products to retailers and suppliers in the USA.

Their products are made from pure quality raw materials and methods that are non-toxic to the environment and completely safe to use for animals.

 Vanness Pets has an online catalog full of products like cat carriers and enclosures. They all vary in different sizes and colors to have a variety of options for customers. You can just visit their website and see every product in detail without any subscription or added cost!

Contact Info:

Phone: 973-778-9500 



Address: 400 Brighton Road, Clifton, New Jersey 07012 USA.