We all know how to keep our dogs safe in hot weather, but we don’t always consider protecting their eyes from the sun.

Dogs’ eyes are extremely sensitive to light, thus dog hats give much-needed protection in bright situations, as well as helping to preserve your dog’s vision over time. What’s more, what could be cuter than a dog in a hat?

List of wholesale dog hats vendors and suppliers:

  • Pet Manufacturers
  • PupLid
  • Wholesale Pet
  • The Pet Store Next Door

1. Pet Manufacturers

Petmanufacturers.com is a fresh and unique pet industry wholesale website. Through our user-friendly platform, they hope to deliver a great experience for both eligible retailers and manufacturers. Furthermore, their unique features will help shops save time and money.

They are a free service for qualifying shops, and they want to help you develop your business by decreasing the time you or your workers spend refilling inventory and looking for fantastic new products. 

Through their discussion boards and news release area, you may learn about the newest products in the business and keep up with the current industry trends.

Contact Info:

Tel: 888-248-4301

Fax: 646-607-4025

Address: Secaucus, NJ 07096-2202

E-mail: info@petmanufacturers.com

Website: http://www.petmanufacturers.com

2. PupLid

PupLid hats are made with comfort and adaptability in mind, allowing each dog’s head shape and size to be customized. Combining bright and vibrant visuals with a wide range of sizing options. PupLid caps are both practical and fashionable.

Huh? What does it mean to be furfect? Isn’t this a pair of dog hats?

They are, after all, canine hats, not human hats. Unlike their (usually) spherical human heads, dog heads differ widely from breed to breed. 

To allow maximum adjustability while keeping the hat firmly and comfortably in place, they had to design a whole new method.

The PupLid project was created to help give elegant sun protection for pets who are sun-sensitive. It was critical that the hat stays in place for this to operate. 

They didn’t want to reinvent the wheel, so they looked at existing pet helmets and discovered that none of them worked. 

The helmets snagged on their eyes, the ropes snagged on their fur, and the clips snagged on their fur. It’s no surprise that dogs dislike wearing (those) caps.

Contact Info:

Website: https://puplid.com/

3. Wholesale Pet

WholesalePet.com is delighted to welcome you! They’ve been assisting independent pet stores in locating and purchasing high-quality, unique products since 2001. 

Only the top suppliers who support independents collaborate with WholesalePet.com, which offers complete wholesale catalogs, prices, and order terms for over 500 brands.

Their service, which is only available to businesses, enables you to make orders directly with vendors, saving you time and effort. 

Best of all, their rates are the same as buying directly from the manufacturer, plus they provide excellent customer service!

Chris is focused on increasing sales and solutions for WholesalePet.com suppliers, retailers, and partners. He owns a Golden Retriever named Harvey who has a never-met-a-stranger disposition. 

He joined the pack in 2015 following a decade as a team leader at Lowe’s, and he’s always looking for new alliances and growth opportunities. He enjoys spending time outside with his son, daughter, wife, and Harvey whenever possible.

Contact Info:

TEL: 800-472-8984

Email: service@wholesalepet.com

Website: https://wholesalepet.com


Petco is a category-defining health and wellness company dedicated to improving the lives of pets, pet parents, and their own Petco partners. Since 1965, they’ve been setting new standards in pet care by offering holistic wellness solutions through their products and services, as well as creating communities that improve the pet-parent bond.

In the United States, Mexico, and Puerto Rico, they have over 1,500 Petco locations, as well as a growing network of over 100 in-store veterinarian hospitals and a complete online pet health and wellness resource.

Contact Info:

TEL: 877-738-6742

Website: https://www.petco.com/

5. The Pet Store Next Door

The proprietor of Pet Store Next Door is a long-time animal enthusiast who spent many years working as a veterinary technician before deciding to open a fully stocked pet food and accessory emporium. 

They provide specialized care for pets with unique requirements, and because they share a building with Brookville Animal Hospital, they always have a veterinarian on hand.

Their professional groomers are ready for a variety of pet spa treatments seven days a week. They can gladly pick up and drop off your pet before and after their visit.

Contact Info:

TEL: 516-629-5688

Address: 687 Glen Cove Rd., Glen Head

Website: https://www.thepetstorenextdoor.com/

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