Different types of exercises amuse and entertain many dogs and their owners, but playing with Frisbees has recently become the most popular one. Frisbees have become so popular that they have evolved into a sport known as Disc Dog or acrobatic Frisbee.

Frisbees are fantastic toys for dogs because they allow them to have so much fun while also releasing pent-up energy. All of your dogs’ running and catching will keep them physically and mentally healthy.

Make sure you provide your dogs with the finest quality Frisbees by giving the following wholesalers a try.

List of wholesale dog Frisbee vendors & suppliers:

  • WholesalePet.com
  • Multipet International, Inc.
  • SodaPup
  • Quality Logo Products
  • King Wholesale
  • Wholesale Pet World
  • MX Wholesale

1. WholesalePet.com

WholesalePet.com has been assisting independent pet stores in locating and purchasing high-quality wholesale products since 2001.

Their service, which is only available to businesses, enables you to make orders directly with vendors, saving you time and effort.

Best of all, their rates are the same as buying directly from the manufacturer, plus they provide excellent customer service.

They offer a comprehensive selection of Frisbees in many colors that are absolutely safe for your furry buddies. Check out their website to purchase wholesale Frisbees in bulk.

Contact info:

Tel: 800.472.8984

Email: service@wholesalepet.com

Website: https://wholesalepet.com

Address: 2016 Monument Ave, Richmond, VA 23220, United States.

2. Multipet International, Inc.

Multipet International, Inc. is the world’s leading wholesale supplier of pet products and accessories. Since 1995, they have been striving to bring innovative design, great craftsmanship, and enjoyment to the world of dogs and cats.

In addition, they are dedicated to environmental sustainability and preservation and hence supply eco-friendly pet products.

They also use recycled materials in their packaging whenever feasible so as to reduce carbon footprint and preserve the environment.

With that said, their sustainable and biodegradable Frisbees are not only safe for your dogs but also for the environment.  These Frisbees are available at wholesale pricing.

Contact info:

Tel: (800) 900-MPET (6738)

Email: info@multipet.com

Website: https://www.multipet.com

Address: 55 Madison Circle Drive, East Rutherford, New Jersey 07073, United States.

3. SodaPup

SodaPup is dedicated to conducting business in ways that benefit people and the environment, as well as your dog. They offer affordably-priced dog toys, including safe and high-quality Frisbees.

All of their items are made in the United States, where they can ensure the quality of their ingredients, processes, and final result.

They offer Frisbees that are absolutely durable. So, even if you have a furry buddy that is a toy destroyer, these Frisbees are intended to survive so that your hard-earned bucks don’t go wasted.

Additionally, their rubber Frisbees are great because they won’t harm your dog’s teeth and gums like a plastic Frisbee might. They are gentle on your dog’s skin and completely safe.

With daily exercise, your dog will enjoy playing fetch with you and will form a bond with you.

Contact info:

Tel: 720-272-9664

Email: info@sodapup.com

Website: https://sodapup.com

Address: Colorado, United States.

4. Quality Logo Products

Quality Logo Products has been providing high-quality goods at reasonable costs since 2003. Plus, with no hidden fees and lightning-fast shipping, they make ordering a breeze.

They believe that dogs are similar to children who never grow up in many respects. They’re always interested in the environment around them, and they’re always putting bits of something in their mouths.

While it’s true that your dog’s mouth contains more germs than anything it’s trying to consume, you still have to be cautious. You’ve seen enough upset tummies in your pet to know that anything shouldn’t go in your mouth unless it’s made to go in your mouth.

Therefore, they offer Frisbees that are safe for your dog and do not cause them any harm. Their customers adore their Frisbees and flyers.

These wholesale Frisbees are sold in bulk, so do check out their website.

Contact info:

Tel: 1-866-312-5646

Website: https://www.qualitylogoproducts.com

Address: 724 North Highland Ave., Aurora, IL 60506, United States.

5. King Wholesale

A Frisbee is irresistible to any dog. Keeping this in mind, King Wholesale supplies wholesale Frisbees in bulk. Their Frisbees are soft to protect your dog’s teeth while also allowing you and your pet to play for a long time.

They are a family-owned and operated company dedicated to offering wholesale pet supplies. They want to establish positive customer connections and provide excellent customer service.

They offer a comprehensive selection of high-quality products at low costs, as well as a variety of unique and limited-quantity closeout items.

Contact info:

Tel: (800) 825-4647

Website: https://kingwholesale.com

Address: 4013 Colusa Hwy, Yuba City, CA 95993, United States.

6. Wholesale Pet World

With Wholesale Pet World’s soft and durable rubber Frisbees, your dog may show off their athletic ability. Playing with Frisbees is a fun way for you and your dog to get some exercise together.

Their Frisbees are made in the USA and available in many sizes from small to regular ones. Moreover, these Frisbees are made from durable rubber that is so soft that it won’t be harsh on your dog’s teeth.

Thousands of wholesale products, including flyers, chew toys, and much more, are available for your expanding business. Keep an eye out for their grand opening, which will be very soon.

Contact info:

Tel: 888-999-8820

Email: Support@WholesalePetWorld.com

Website: https://wholesalepetworld.com

Address: 1458 S San Pedro St Unit L30, Los Angeles, CA 90015, United States.

7. MX Wholesale

MX Wholesale began as an internet wholesaler and pound store supplier in 2001 and has now evolved into a significant UK wholesaler and importer of discounted goods.

Their vast wholesale variety, which includes Frisbees, among many other products, has earned them the title of the greatest UK wholesale supplier.

They also offer a range of wholesale clearance items that customers have come to appreciate, and they deliver best-selling items at extremely cheap prices.

Their wholesale pricing benefits a wide spectrum of customers, including corporations, store owners, and individual buyers. For this reason, they have earned the reputation of being the most reliable online store for thousands of clients.

Contact info:

Tel: +44 (0) 116 2544 988

Email: cs@mxwholesale.co.uk

Website: https://www.mxwholesale.co.uk

Address: 18 Commercial Square, Freemans Common, Leicester LE2 7SR, UK.

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