A cat tree isn’t just a luxurious addition to a cat owner’s home, but it’s also a useful addition to the interior environment. Cats rely on elevated spaces for safety, comfort, exercise, and entertainment.

 You know how much your cat appreciates being on the highest perch in the room if you’ve ever had to rescue it from the top of a surface.

For this reason, cat trees can prove to be a safe haven for your feline companions. Furthermore, cats have an insatiable desire to climb any tree. So, if your cat is overweight or lazy, then you’ve come to the right place. Climbing helps cats tone their muscles and lose weight, both of which are beneficial to their health.

Cats, as we all know, are very territorial. If you have two male cats who don’t want to share a couch or a window sill, a tree is an ideal option. It’s critical for your cat’s mental health to make sure they all feel safe and at home. Each feline will be able to mark its own territory, allowing them to coexist in harmony.

List of wholesale cat trees vendors & suppliers:

  • Molly and Friends
  • Kitty Mansions
  • Cat Tree UK
  • Paw Supplier

1.       Molly and Friends

Molly and Friends is a wholesale firm established in the USA that puts a lot of time and attention into making goods that are safe and adored by cats of all ages. Their cat furniture and trees are durable and aesthetically pleasing.

They believe that wherever cat furniture is sold, the buyer should have a high-end, high-quality, and inexpensive option. This option is Molly and Friends premium handmade cat trees.

Their cat furniture is made by a team of experts that are dedicated to creating something that a cat will love for a long time. Moreover, their cat goods are made of strong, durable, and long-lasting materials. Each item goes through a quality control process to ensure that it is properly constructed and packaged.

Their cat trees are available in a wide range of carpeted forms, colors, sizes, ranging from small trees to tall trees.

Contact info:

Tel: (352) 337-1535

Email: molly@mollyandfriends.com

Website: https://mollyandfriends.com

Address: 1030 SE 4th St, Gainesville, FL 32601, United States.

2.       FEANDREA

FEANDREA is a wholesale pet furniture company that specializes in creating cat trees and other cat furniture, as well as researching cat living habits that contribute to your fluffy friend’s motivation and desire to play and snuggle comfortably.

Cat owners are well aware that selecting the greatest, modern cat trees and cat furniture is just as vital as selecting the highest quality cat food. Some cat parents place a lower priority on selecting modern cat tree furniture that is appropriate for their cat, resulting in a common undesirable habit of their cat scratching their home furniture, destroying everything.

FEANDREA sells wholesale modern pet items, such as tiny cat climbing trees, medium and large climbing cat trees, etc. to make sure your pet feels at ease and doesn’t scratch your furniture anymore.

They supply cat trees with a cushioned huge top perch and a wide cave for your cats to relax.

Contact info:

Email: info@feandrea.com

Website: https://www.feandrea.com

Address: 8291 Milliken Avenue, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730, Unites States.

3.       Kitty Mansions

Kitty Mansions has been cat owners for almost their whole lives, so they understand how difficult it is to find a cat tree for the cats to scratch and sleep on so they don’t destroy your furniture.

They’ve also experienced what it’s like to spend less than a hundred dollars on a decent-looking but fragile tree.

That’s when they put their manufacturing abilities to work and supply only the highest-quality, strong, and durable cat trees at a reasonable price.

Your cat requires a safe haven to call home so that it can feel comfortable and secure. Their cat trees will keep your cat entertained and active as there are many levels to climb.

Contact info:

Tel: 909-740-6253

Email: support@kittymansions.com

Website: https://kittymansions.com

Address: 1734 South Vineyard Avenue Ontario, CA 91761, United States.

4.       Cat Tree UK

If you want to buy aesthetic and durable cat trees in bulk, Cat Tree UK is the one!

They supply wholesale cat trees to cat cafes, catteries, and pet owners. A robust housing space has been designed to offer your feline companion a comfortable place to snuggle up inside and rest.

In addition, the sturdy construction of the cat trees can easily support the weight of a small child, and it’s good for larger breeds of cats.

It will benefit your feline friend in a variety of ways, both psychologically and physically.

The trees have also been cleverly constructed to fit into the corner of your room, allowing you to save as much space as possible while still giving your feline buddy plenty of room to play.

Contact info:

Tel: 020 8638 0562

Email: sales@cattree.uk

Website: https://cattree.uk

Address: 32 Albemarle Rd, Beckenham BR35HU, UK.

5.       Paw Supplier

Paw Supplier offers wholesale products to meet all of your paw requirements. Their extensive selection of cat trees, condos, and other pet accessories is nothing short of amazing.

Their cat trees look fantastic and provide hours of entertainment for your cat. It’s an excellent climber and a great place to nap, with numerous carpeted levels.

 It’s also perfect for relaxing and watching the world through the window. Additionally, they are coated in a luxurious carpet for increased comfort.

For bulk purchases, you can contact them directly by email.

Contact info:

Website: https://pawsupplier.com

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