Watches are a luxurious delicacy in the market and are have high value due to their brand, material, and packaging.

The essence of a watch is from its packaging and container, which depicts the price of the watch. For example, a Channel watch will cost more due to its name.

Watch packaging suppliers ensure that the watch is complemented with the perfect covering, so it can appeal to more customers and gain more value, as a watch in a box has more expense in the market. 

Packaging is a way to build a connection and relationship of the buyer to the product: it’s an essential component of marketing that binds the viewer to the product due to its captivation. 

However, finding the right packaging supplier is a wearisome journey from gathering all authentic sources, analyzing their benefits and packaging solutions, prices, discounts, and finally selecting the most suitable one.

Don’t worry though, the list below is going to cut down this process by gathering the best watch packaging suppliers in the USA.

Top 7 Wholesale Watch Packaging Suppliers, Vendors & Manufacturers:

  • Shipping Supply
  • Blue Box Packaging
  • Deluxe Boxes
  • ClipnBox
  • Fast Custom Boxes
  • The Premium Boxes
  • Watch Box Co

1. Shipping Supply

Shipping Supply is delivering an extensive range of packaging options for customers. The company strives to produce high-quality products in inexpensive offers and sales to their customer to satisfy their requirements.

They are known to have the best customer experiences due to their empathic and knowledgeable staff that is always present to guide customers. 

They have multiple kinds of products in stock such as boxes, mailing tubes, kraft paper, labels, white cargo boxes, tail boxes, flat boxes, heavy-duty boxes, and customization of packaging too. 

You can find the right packaging for your watch here with abundant preferences.

Contact Info:

Phone: 1-414-290-1073


Address: 530 W. Oklahoma Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53207-2649.

2. Blue Box Packaging

Blue Box Packaging is an ideal supplier of custom-made packaging of watches. They specialize in manufacturing and delivering gift boxes for watches in creative and unique packaging, rather than conventional ways.

Blu Box believes in giving wholesale suppliers that edge to bring out their unique selling point in their packaging, as watches gain added value by the type of paper and boxes utilized in their covering.

Watch boxes are about making statements and personalizing the watch to the brand and manufacturing company. At Blue Box, the company offers inward printing, multiple sizes and colors of packaging, hot stepping, UV printing, guaranteed durable structure and finish.

The highlight of this company is its devotion to sustainable options of boxes and green packaging solutions. So if you are looking for a recycling packaging solution, then Blue Box is certainly ideal for you.

Contact Info:

Phone: 631 479 2338



Address: 651 New York Ave, Huntington, NY 11743, USA.

3. Deluxe Boxes

Deluxe Boxes are suppliers of luxury watch boxes and are experts in handcraft manufacturing of packaging in top-notch quality. They are a leading business in supplying true art in the name of packaging solutions to customers. 

Deluxe Boxes are reputable due to their methods of decorating premium boxes with stunning lids, ribbons, and accessories chosen by the customers themselves!

The company offers to watch boxes designed according to the size and intricate details of the brand or manufacturing company. They also have all sorts of coatings such as Gloss, Matte, Soft-touch, and Spot UV. 

They have specific options for the boxes design already available on their website to make it easier for you to pick your design. Some of these include foam inserts, Silver/ Gold foiling, silk or velvet lining, ribbons, and silk pouches.

Contact Info:

Phone: +1 800 476 1718 / +1 347 535 0055



Address: 953 Southern Boulevard, Bronx, NY 10459.

4. ClipnBox

ClipnBox is dedicated to offering packaging solutions that add life to products through unique branding, presentation of product details, promotion, and protection.

The company provides watch boxes that are tailored to the specific demands of the customer. They are also focusing on more environmentally friendly methods of packaging to help the world reduce carbon emissions.

ClipnBox has no limit for its customers when it comes to customization. You can go ahead and order any style, size, color, and material from their website. The only thing left is the exquisite themes and ideas of packaging that the company will produce for you. 

Contact Info:

Phone:  (916) 822-7501



Address: 930 Alhambra Blvd. Unit 80 Sacramento, CA 95816.

5. Fast Custom Boxes

Fast Custom Boxes is the ultimate packaging business that provides one-stop solutions for affordable rates and high-quality products only. The attractive aspect to their business is the abundance of industries they cater to.

Their website is filled with countless classifications of boxes according to specific industries, and retail boxes, rigid boxes, and bags too. The company’s goal is to give life to your dream packaging for your product.

The service of this company is fast and reliable, at reasonable prices, 100 minimum order limit, premium quality of printing, and no extra charges.

Contact Info:

Phone: (+1) 540 860 0212



Address: 21 North Broad Street Suite E #10043 Luray, VA 22835, USA.

6. The Premium Boxes

The Premium Boxes delivers high-end packaging products to your doorstep as quickly as possible. They have global recognization due to their fast turnover and personalized way of packaging.

They have all sorts of boxes available on their website with the inclusion of premium custom-made boxes. Customized boxes add more creativity to the product and bring it more closely to the brand. 

The premium boxes ensure the best quality packaging for your product and create a boosted image of the brand in the market.

Contact Info:

Phone: 1-800-533-4018/ 1-302-715-0202



Address: 9931 Franklin Ave, Franklin Park IL 60131.

7. Watch Box Co.

Watch Box Co is a business solely passionate about watch box packaging and supplying customers with premium stylizations and solutions for their products.

For 10 years, the company is setting trends in the watch packaging market for others to follow. The reason is their unique customizations and high quality and appealing designs.

Their products are available in a variety of sizes, styles, at an affordable cost. Their collection of watch boxes is the ideal way to contain your luxurious watches and add a flare to them on display.

Contact Info: