Tin Packaging is gaining preference all around the world due to its sustainable properties and non-toxic formulation.

Tin materials can be processed and recycled back to their original form without impact on their quality. 

Numerous countries are now promoting the use of tin packaging instead of other methods and endorsing the use of reusable packaging that can not harm the environment.

It’s an economical option that is durable, safe to use, and uncomplicated. The process of tin packaging is also extremely cost-effective, as it doesn’t allow tampering and preserves the product for a long duration. 

 There is also a rise for eco-friendly products and packaging in the market, and an increased reputation and respect for businesses that incorporate sustainable methods.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that manufacturers are starting to prefer tin packaging for their products.

The process of finding the most suitable packaging supplier is difficult, thus the list below will help you find the top wholesale tin packaging suppliers in the USA.

List Of Wholesale Tin Packaging Suppliers & Vendors In USA:

  • O Berk
  • Berlin Packaging
  • Atlantic Can
  • Independent Can Company
  • Specialty Bottle

1. O Berk

O Berk supplies a reliable tin packaging service with a variety of options for their customers. They have an inventory catalog displayed on their website which contains many pictures of different forms of metal tin containers. 

The company specializes in tin packaging of products such as wax candles, sample-sized paints, snacks, and cosmetics goods. Tins are excellent containers of food-preserving items and little products.

O Berk also enables customization, giving manufacturers with specific requirements a platform to find the perfect container for their product. They also have O Berk container solutions where you can talk to an expert and seek guidance before purchasing a bulk order. 

Contact Info:

Phone: (+1) 800 631 73923 

Website: https://www.oberk.com/

2. Berlin Packaging

Berlin Packaging was established 100 years ago and continues customers a surreal experience of fast delivery and amazing wholesale offers. 

The company offers a vast selection of tin packaging choices in multiple colors and designs. 

Their products are approved after a strict protocol of quality checks and regulations to meet the standards for customers. There are FDA-authorized packaging options available on the website too.

There is customization for packaging, and you can either purchase the tin containers and lids separately or in bulk. They take pride in giving their customers world-class designs at affordable prices. 

If you are interested in a packaging supplier that delivers top-quality tin containers at the lowest cost possible, then Berlin Packaging is an ideal option.

Contact Info:

Phone: 800-363-9822

Website: https://www.berlinpackaging.com/

Address: 525 West Monroe Street, Chicago, IL 60661.

3. Atlantic can

Atlantic Can be founded 20 years ago as a sales and distribution company. Currently, it is known as the biggest packaging supplier of tin containers in the USA.  

The company also offers custom printing services in their silkscreen department: a service that is very rare in the country. The customers are given a reliable, swifter process with a quality guarantee.

They have multiple options of wholesale tin containers on their websites such as square, rectangle, seamless tins, popcorn tins, tall round tins, cookie, candy, and nut tins as well.

You can also customize and present an idea of tin packaging, and their design team will bring it to life for you. You can get an eco-friendly metal tin packaging service that is affordable and exactly suited to your needs.

Contact Info:

Phone: (609) 518-9950

Website: https://atlanticcan.com/

Address: 1200 A Highland Drive, Westampton, NJ 08060.

4. Independent Can Company

Independent Can Company is an expert in tin packaging and can containers for manufacturers of popcorns, wax candles, cookie cans, pet products, coffee, infant formula, peanut, and food cans.

Their long list of packaging supplies is a reflection of their 90 years of experience in the packaging industry. Their collection of product packaging is driven by strict testing of market-relevant shapes, sizes, and colors.

 Independent Can regulates all manufacturing operations under one location, ensuring that the quality and timing of production will not be compromised at any step of the process.

If you are looking for a wholesale supplier for tin cans, then this company suits your packaging objectives the most out of everyone on the list.

Contact Info:

Phone: 410-272-0090

Website: https://independentcan.com/

5. Specialty Bottle

Specialty Bottle is a wholesale supplier of various packaging services. The company features an abundance of types of glass containers, plastic coverages, and metal containers. 

They have served over 50,000 customers located in the United States and Canada in the food, health, and beauty market. Many large corporations and small businesses trust the company with its packaging solutions. 

They have no extra charges for small orders and no minimum order limit. Instead, there are prices listed according to quantities till 10,000 containers. 

The company never compromises on satisfying the customer, thus they are dedicated to providing low prices, high volume discounts, fast delivery service, and a range of sustainable tin packaging options. 

Contact Info:

Phone: 206-382-1100 

Email: service@specialtybottle.com  

Website: https://www.specialtybottle.com/

Address: 3434 4th Avenue S, Seattle, WA 98134.

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