When we think about a cute package, we think of customized boxes, colorful prints, and a creative design. There is one more thing that comes to mind. Something not many businesses put effort into, something that makes a package much more wholesome and appealing. Do you know what I am talking about? 

A colorful piece of Ribbon! This small piece of cloth makes packages more attractive just with a simple knot. A pink ribbon makes a package pretty while a red one enhances its colors. A printed ribbon on a plain package gives off the vibes of minimalistic elegance. 

Not many businesses care about the intricate designs of a ribbon or the simple know that brings a joyous smile to the face of their customers. The ones that do care, are the ones that manage to catch their customers’ hearts along with their respect and satisfaction. 

We have created this list of the top suppliers of ribbons for packaging. We hope putting in the extra effort of placing a ribbon makes your customers’ day, earning you the great review you deserve and want. 

List of suppliers & vendors of wholesale ribbons for packaging:

  • Mid-Atlantic Packaging
  • Packaging Decor
  • Box and Wrap
  • Berisfords Ribbons
  • Mayflower Distributing
  • Brown Paper Packaging
  • Gift Packaging

1. Mid-Atlantic Packaging

Mid-Atlantic Packaging is one of the largest suppliers of all the packaging-related items in the country of the USA. They are known for their durable and sustainable packaging boxes, bottles, jars, and tubes. They are also known for the colorful, bright ribbons they keep in stock. 

Their mission is to help beautify your packages by putting a pop of color on them through their ribbons. These ribbons are made up of fabrics that are soft yet strong enough to keep the packaging intact. The collection of ribbons that they have in their inventory is filled with various colors, designs, and prints. 

The hundreds of options and different styles of ribbons make them a great choice for buying ribbons wholesale! 


14 Starlifter Ave, Dover, DE 19901

Contact details

Phone: (800) 284-1332

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2. Packaging Decor

Packaging decor is an online site that showcases the catalog of ribbons and other packaging materials sold by Harvest Import

They have a wide array of ribbons in a variety of colors and styles. They also have ribbons in different materials such as silk, net, lace, and linen. The quality of these fabrics is guaranteed to be the best. 

By providing the finest quality ribbons and the best customer services, they have managed to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction. 


Packaging Decor, c/o Harvest Import, 1651 Browning, Irvine, CA 92606

Contact details

Phone: (949) 833-7738

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3. Box and Wrap

Established in 2004, Box and Wrap are a wholesale manufacturer and distributor of stock and custom packaging. They are one of the best stores to get packaging supplies from. Their packaging boxes are the epitome of strength, quality, and great price. 

Apart from the simple packaging supplies, they specialize in creating and supplying ribbons in different sizes, designs, and prints to their customers worldwide. 

The ribbons that they keep in stock provide the perfect finishing touch a package needs. These ribbons are colorful, attractive, and of great quality. They have a comprehensive selection of sheer, satin, grosgrain, and raffia ribbon in a variety of solid colors and prints.


Box and Wrap Corporate Office

4561 Olde Perimeter Way Ste PH9, Atlanta GA 30346

Contact details

Phone: 1-866-349-9727

Email: support@boxandwrap.com

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4. Berisfords Ribbons

UK’s largest supplier of ribbons, Berisfords Ribbons started as a small company. Over time, they made their customers a priority and created a catalog of ribbons that people can’t help but notice. This led to the growth of the company and its clients. 

They offer ribbons at reasonable rates and the best designs. They cater to a huge market ranging from gift wrapping, Christmas decor, and packaging industries. They also provide personalized collections of ribbons to businesses across the country. Their collection of ribbons includes satin, printed, solid-colored ribbons, and bow-styled ribbons. 

However, the best-selling product from their inventory is their recycled ribbons. These ribbons are made up of recycled fabric, it is good for the environment and great for the business. An eco-friendly ribbon will fit right into an eco-friendly package. Read this article and learn more about the suppliers of eco-friendly packages. This might be the key to going green. 


Berisfords Ltd, PO Box 2, Thomas Street, Congleton, Cheshire, CW12 1EF

Contact details

Phone: +44 (0)1260 274011

Fax: +44 (0)1260 274014

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5. Mayflower Distributing

Mayflower distributing is one of the leading suppliers of packaging materials that are different than conventional packagings. They offer affordable prices, fast turn-around time, and outstanding customer service. This, along with their exclusive collection of packaging supplies, makes them unique and loved. 

Their selection of ribbons includes Crimped ribbon, holographic ribbon, tulle, confetti bows, and curly bows. These ribbons are made with proper care and an extensive quality control program. They are available in a variety of sizes and colors. They also offer bows and beautiful varieties of mesh to help your package catch people’s attention. 


14121 Artesia Blvd, Cerritos, CA 90703

Contact details

Phone: 800-678-4892

Fax: 888-655-0921

Email: info@mayflowerdistributing.com

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6. Brown Paper Packaging

Brown Paper Packaging has been in the packaging industry for years. They provide the best packaging materials to businesses all over the world. The company promises to provide materials that are sturdy and durable. 

They also store a huge variety of ribbons that make your package look more presentable. Their inventory of ribbons ranges from simple, solid coiled ribbons to customized, printed ribbons. 

Apart from simple ribbons, they have velvet-edged ribbons, florist ribbons, wave-textured ribbons, and other exclusive collections. 


21 Wren road Moorabbin 3189 Victoria, Australia

Contact details

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7. Gift Packaging

As their name suggests, Gift Paclaign caters to the billion-dollar industry of packaging specifically made for gifts and related items. They have been in the business for quite some time. That experience has led them to understand the importance of the little details that make a gift or package much more beautiful and heartfelt. 

This is why they provide the highest quality ribbons and bows. Their vast collection of ribbons includes satin ribbons, organza ribbons, satin-edged ribbons, striped ribbons, and shiny double-sided ribbons. 

These ribbons are manufactured using the finest quality of fabric. They truly put colors to an otherwise boring package. 


14-16 Eileen Rd, Clayton South, Melbourne, VIC 3169.

Contact details 

Phone: +61 3 9546 1188

Fax: +61 3 9548 1156

Email: shop@giftpackaging.com.au

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