Pastry is the ideal dessert to curb one’s sugary cravings for the day. It’s a doughy delight made up of flour, butter, and water as its main ingredients. Making it savory or a delicious dessert with filling is a choice.

Packing a pastry is a different game, as the product is food and needs a strong promotion which is possible through its packaging exclusively. Thus, designing packaging or purchasing it is a highly vital factor for pastry shop owners and manufacturers.

Wholesale packaging is a preferable option for many customers as bulk buying is a cost-effective move that saves time and money.

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Finding a packaging supplier which suits all your demands and specific requirements of the product is an essential and tedious task. This is why there is a list below that is designed to help you find the right supplier!

List Of Wholesale Pastry Packaging Suppliers, Vendors & Manufacturers:

  • Bakery Packaging Boxes
  • Mr. Take Out Bags
  • PakFactory
  • BRP BoxShop
  • Box and Wrap
  • Half Price Packaging
  •  OXO Packaging

1. Bakery Packaging Boxes

Bakery Packaging Boxes was established in 2007 as a supplier of good quality printing services to clients in the USA and Canada. However, with time it has become a pioneer in providing packaging for bakery goods.

Their sweet and bakery boxes are ideal for bakery owners, cafes, and stores as their packaging is top-notch quality with customization to ensure the wholesale buyer receives what they precisely want.

You can visit their website, go to the bakery boxes section and start the order from there. First, you have to pick a box per your preference, then can pick any size, quality, and quantity of the supply.

The company guarantees a smooth process of ordering and delivery as they value customer experience as a priority.

Contact Info:

Phone: 888-851-0765



Address: 157 W Noble St, Columbus, OH 43215 USA.

2. Mr Take Out Bags

Mr Take Out Bags was founded in 2005 by Jeff Holmes and are a family-run venture situated in Pittsburgh. Their team consists of well-knit experienced people who come up with unique packaging solutions.

The company provides excellent packaging designs with a great quality that will help you promote your brand. They also have instock packaging options available for customers that want to receive their order right away. 

You can also find multiple options for bakery items and pastries on their website. The company is recognized for the abundance of services available on its packages. 

You can get your packaging design, product, the printing of the logo as well to gain an edge in promotion in the market.

Contact Info:

Phone: 412-321-1776



3. PakFactory

PakFactory is a renowned online platform for businesses all around the world to have access to excellent packaging solutions for their products. 

They have more than 5000 trusted business clients globally and continue to partner with more interested buyers.

PakFactory specializes in customized packaging for many industries including bakery items such as pastries. Their goal is to give you packaging outputs that exceed your expectation and are satisfied with the investment.

They have a lower cost for wholesale buyers, with multiple deals and bundle offers. The company also has a strict quality control check on the products and a hassle-free logistic service. All to ensure the happiness and smooth experience of the customer.

Contact Info:

Phone: 1-888-997-2202



4 BRP BoxShop

BRP BoxShop is an internationally recognized business that centers around the manufacturing and designs of boxes. They cater to the food industry and have plenty of options for bakery and savory goods.

The company provides free shipping on all orders and has a direct network of communication with clients. The order is only verified and authorized by clients with each step of the design and production.

They have a fast, attentive, and ideal team that values the needs of the customer and ensures their safety and concerns at all costs.

Contact Info:

Phone: (563) 243-5210



Address: 1905 Lincoln Way, Clinton, IA 52732.

5. Box and Wrap

Box and Wrap were built in 2004 as a wholesale distributor and manufacturer in supplying distinctive packaging solutions that have attractive colors and designs.

Their mission is to give customers unique packaging options that are in stock or can be customized, so they have a variety of choices to select their ideal packaging.

The majority of their products are made in America and handpicked from other manufacturing businesses that have strong reputations in the packaging services.

Box and Wrap ensure a team that is knowledgeable researches about your business’s strengths and makes a packaging solution that can boost you in the market.

Contact Info:

Phone: (866) 349-9727


6. Half Price Packaging

Half Price Packaging is a digital service that guarantees efficient customization of a product’s packaging in any way the customer desires. Their group of designers always consult with the client and have a close relationship to ensure an optimized result.

They have no charges on die and plates and their custom prints are utilized without any extra pricing in the package. The company also will build a product that increases the brand or product’s image in the market. 

They have a quality screen printing service and on-demand services too. Their manufacturing process is quick, and fast delivery service to your doorstep.

Contact Info:

Phone: 866-225-2112



Address: 44288 Fremont Blvd, Fremont, CA 94538, USA.

7. OXO Packaging

 OXO Packaging is a manufacturer’s dream for their ideal packaging and printing services. The company supplies the most aesthetic and quality ensured packaging to multiple types of industries.

Your bakery boxes can be made according to any design, print, size, and color you wish. The company will look over all details with depth and not charge you any extra penny if there are little changes required.

They also offer finishing touches such as coating and ribbons on top for added decoration and make your packaging look exquisite and different from the rest in the market.

Contact Info:

Phone: (510) 500-9533



Address:  39899 Balentine Drive Suite 200, Newark, CA 94560