Tape is an essential product that has multiple usages and different classifications that are now taking over in the market.

 There are diverse forms of tapes, but most are a blend of a material and a sticky film that is employed to stick and glue two objects together and aids in the function of using fasteners, screws, or welding. 

There are many advantages of using tapes like structural strength, usage of more delicate thinner materials, binding two dissimilar materials together without any issue, moisture barrier, reducing noise, optimizing flexibility, providing consistent thickness, and filling gaps.

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Manufacturing tapes is a risky duty, as the product is delicate and quality can be easily compromised with one mistake. Thus, wholesale tape suppliers ensure selecting the best options amongst all the producers.

The list below has composed the best wholesale suppliers of tape packaging and has important details that can help you make your decision easier and more efficiently.

List Of Wholesale Packaging Tape Vendors, Suppliers & Manufacturers:

  • Continental Tape Printers
  • All Tape
  • Tape and Technical Solutions LLC
  • Distributor Tape
  • Paper Mart
  • Carolina Tape and Supply Corporation


PRES ON was founded in 1949 by Henry L. Gianatasio, who visioned a packaging business that produced quality products and offered a variety of solutions to make a product better.

The founder centered his goal on three things: creating quality products that serve demand in the market, presenting solutions that allow companies to construct more profitable products, and offering great customer service.

The company has various types of tapes available on their websites such as High Bond Tapes, High Temperature, Foam Tapes, Foam Tapes, Open Cell Tapes, and Textured Surface Tape.

Contact Info:

Phone: 800-323-7467

Email: sales@preson.com

Website: https://www.preson.com/

Address: 2600 E. 107th StreetBolingbrook, Illinois 60440

2. Continental Tape Printers

Continental Tape Printers is a leading business in providing tape printers, that are customized according to clients’ requirements. The company is located on Long Island, New York with clients all over the world.

Continental Tape Printers are the best custom tape printers in the present market. They have 30 years of packaging s experience along with 20 years of printing services, which shows from their long history of good reputation and reviews.

Some of their customers are Puma, Vineyard Vines, Cisco, Martha Stewart, and Anthropologie. They have many types of tapes in stock such as Tamper Evident Tape, Printed Masking tape, Printing Flatback Tape and Security Tape, and many others.

Contact Info:

Phone: (631) 243-0380

Website: https://www.printedcustomtape.com/

Address: 92-2 Brook Avenue, Deer Park, NY 11729.

3. All Tape

All Tape is a family-owned enterprise that supplies high-quality packaging solutions and products to other business and wholesale buyers across America.

All Tape’s inventory is filled with an extensive supply of tapes, bags, and custom print services. Their turnover is also really quick and good customer service.

They have instructional videos on their websites along with spec sheets and a FAQ option for customers to have an array of ways to get knowledge about the product and services the company offers.

Contact Info:

Phone: 888.999.1143


Website: https://www.alltape.com/

4. Tape and Technical Solutions LLC

Tape and Technical Solutions LLC was established in 1997 by Pay Hackney, who had an ideology that every customer should experience exceptional customer assistance while obtaining top-quality products at a reasonable rate.

In the span of 40 years, Pat has put this ideology to work and brought it to life. Currently, their team strives to continue Pat’s legacy to serve the best supplies and make sure the customer is happy at step.

Their sales team is available for consultation and guidance all the time and is efficient in resolving all problems identified by the consumer. The company has an ample line of tapes available on their website such as cloth, film, electrical, foam, and foil tapes.

Contact Info:

Phone: (800) 714-8806

Email: info@tapesandtech.com

Website: https://store.tapesandtech.com/

Address: 1105 Tuckahoe Dr, Nashville, TN 37207.

5. Distributor Tape

Distributor Tape Distributor is a venture aiming to provide customers with the best wholesale supply of tapes. They are based in Miami, Florida USA, and cater to many businesses such as retail owners and other companies.

Throughout, their 18 years of service, Distributer Tape has shown an excessive passion for packaging suppliers and specialty tapes as their products are centered around it.

They believe their products are highly beneficial to all types of business and can be used in an everyday routine, professional occupation, or for retail business owners.

Contact Info:

Phone: (786) 638-2387

Email: info@distributortape.com

Website: https://distributortape.com/

Address: 8545 NW 68th St. Miami, FL 33166

6. Paper Mart

Paper Mart is celebrating 100 years of service in the field of giving packaging supplies and solutions to companies all over the world. The company started in 1929, with just 14 employees during the great depression. 

Currently, the business holds 26,000 items in stock ready to be shipped with just one click. They also have many discounts, special offers, and sales on their website to give their customers the lowest possible rates.

They have many types of tapes on their website and can be customized too. Some of these tapes include Double-sided Tapes, Floor tape, Industrial Tapes, Masking Tapes, and Heavy Duty Tapes.

Contact Info:

Phone: 800.745.8800

Email: info@papermart.com

Website: https://www.papermart.com/

Address: 2164 N. Batavia Street, Orange, CA 92865.

7. Carolina Tape and Supply Corporation

Carolina Tape and Supply Corporation is the hub of tapes supplies for all types of industries. As the name suggests, the corporation is solely designed to provide the finest tapes to customers.

They also specialize in converting and distributing many pressure-sensitive tapes produced by renowned tape manufacturers. They also have customization available which can give you the exact type of tape, size, and material that you desire.

If you are interested in tape supplies that specialize in the manufacture and supply of various forms of tapes, then this company is quite the catch.

Contact Info:

Phone: (800)-237-6079 / (828) 324-9519

Email: ksdagenhardt@carolinatape.com

Website: https://carolinatape.com/

Address: 502 19th St SE, Hickory NC 28602.