Packaging is a critical component of branding a product: it gives the product more appeal, safety, and acts as a protective layer throughout the delivery service.

It’s a gateway for buyers to select the most attractive product packaging, and go for that product. Thus, there is an intensive analysis and research work done for the packaging product.

In the makeup industry, the products are extremely delicate and require extensive care while shipping. Any wrong slip can make the whole product break and lose its use.

Makeup manufacturers make it a critical decision to choose a reliable packaging supplier that knows what is trending in the industry.

However, finding the right packaging supplier is a tedious job, and is not as simple as it sounds.

Hence, this article is a must-read as it will solve all your queries regarding which supplier is the most suitable for your product. 

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You will no longer wonder which is the best supplier of makeup packaging in the United States, as the answer lies amongst the list below. 

List Of Wholesale Makeup Packaging Suppliers & Vendors:

  • SeaCliff Beauty
  • APC Packaging
  • Petro Packaging Company Inc. 
  • SKS Bottle & Packaging, Inc.
  • Paper Mart
  • QuadPack
  • Berlin Packaging

1. SeaCliff Beauty

SeaCliff Beauty is a reputable wholesale packaging supplier in the makeup industry. The company has 20 years’ worth of experience to bring innovative and outstanding ideas to life in the marketing world.

They pride themselves on providing the best customer care and have a one-stop service that unites all suppliers and manufacturers of beauty products on one platform.

SeaCliff Beauty offers sustainable options of packaging, and also excelling in the process of making fitting packaging according to the demand of their customers.

They offer methods such as hot stamping, vacuum metalization, laser etching, and many more. The company believes that the key to true success is listening to the customers and always being at their service. 

Contact Info:

Phone: (949) 955-1239



Address: 9840 Irvine Center Dr, Irvine, California 92618.

2. APC Packaging

APC Packaging supplies are the answer to all your makeup packaging requirements and the gateway to a sustainable and creative parcel of a product.

The best part is that the company offers free consultations with packaging experts before confirming your order! This proves how devoted and knowledgeable the business’s employees are towards leaving customers satisfied with the packaging result.

There are two options on their website, one is to find an in-stock solution to your packaging need, and the other is to customize specifically according to the product.

A few of the in-stock products are Airless, Bottles, Jar, Dropper bottles, Closures, and Tubes. Their customization offers include Colour cosmetics, Tottles, and sustainable options such as refillable jars. 

Contact Info:

Phone: 954-978-4567



Address: 1850 West McNab Road, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309.

3. Petro Packaging Company Inc. 

Petro Packaging Company Inc is a family-owned business based in New Jersey.

The company initiated in the 1960s by gaining popularity by using CAB, CAP, and PETG materials in packaging. Since then, they are have received a prominent position in the plastics industry. 

Petro Packaging supplies creative packaging for all types of products by taking care of the shipment timeline and product design.

Their above forty years of experience fosters maturity while dealing with customers and giving them the ideal branding for their product.

If you are interested in Plastic tubes and Plastic Extrusions as the packaging, then this company is the perfect match for your requirements! 

Contact Info:

Phone: 908-272-4054



Address: 16 Quine Street Cranford, NJ 07016  

4. SKS Bottle & Packaging, Inc.

SKS Bottle & Packaging, Inc is a trustworthy supplier of packaging products in the makeup industry. They have a variety of options of packaging materials and designs for customers. 

The company also offers consultations and meetings with the designer to ensure an outcome that is worthy of your investment.

Their products include plastic bottles, metal containers, glass bottles, cardboard containers, plastic jars, glass jars, metal containers, and caps or closures.

The website features an abundance of packaging options, along with discounts, bundle proposals, and the best special offers.

Contact Info:

Phone: 518-880-6980 


Address: 10 Skyward Drive, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866.

5. Paper Mart

Paper Mart is a family-owned business that has embedded its name in the packaging industry for over 101 years!

The company lives up to its fame with its vast list of specializing in packaging products for many industries. From classroom supplies, wine packaging, to bath and cosmetics: they do it all. 

Paper Mart was initiated from a small business conducted in the garage of a house, to a catalog company, and now a well-established packaging supplier internationally.

They also support small businesses and promote their work by bringing the packaging industry together. The company offers customization and allows special requests for discounts on large orders, which is great news for wholesale packaging customers.

Contact Info:

Phone: 800-745-8800 



Address: 2164 N. Batavia Street, Orange, CA 92865.

6. QuadPack

QuadPack was founded in 2013 and in no time gained recognization all around the world due to their excellent service of packaging beauty products.

The company has head offices and production offices manufacturing establishments in Europe, the United States, the Asia-Pacific area, and many other associates internationally. 

Quadpack launched East Hill Industries in 2018 situated in Dallas, USA.

It has become a renowned multinational supplier of cosmetic packaging, and now provides an extensive range of high-quality products. They have customization and expertise in value-added and inventive packaging design.

Contact Info:

Phone: (877) 239-2831


Address: 2840 Commodore Dr., Suite 120, Carrollton, TX 75007.

7. Berlin Packaging

Berlin Packaging is the only hybrid packaging supplier in the world. The company is ISO 9001 certified with a fast and efficient delivery service.

They offer design solutions, sourcing, quality products, decoration, labeling, financing, and inventory services.

Berlin Packaging is a century-old company and similar to Paper Mart, has gained an exquisite reputation in the industry over time.

They have 1700 suppliers and 1500 employees working with the business to give their customers the definitive solution to their product design. 

If you are interested in a wholesale packaging supplier that can provide multiple services, then Berlin Packaging is quite the catch. 

Contact Info:

Phone: 800-363-9822

Address: 525 West Monroe Street, Chicago, IL 60661.