Luxury Packaging is the key to a satisfied and happy customer. The more attractive a  packaging of a product is, the more it sells and captivates the eyes of a consumer.

In a way, the luxury in a product can also be identified through its branding and packaging of it. 

Luxury packaging is a risky venture as it requires the maintenance of a high-quality product through its rich packaging design and style. It gives the brand a usp and upgrades its image in the market.

Having luxurious packaging adds value to the market in a highly competitive market and allows the product to gain a boost.

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Wholesale luxury packaging suppliers are also in great demand, this the list below highlights the best suppliers in the USA and why they should be an option worth opting for.

Top 10 Wholesale Luxury Packaging Manufacturers, Suppliers & Vendors In USA:

  • Refine Packaging
  • MJS Packaging
  • Blue Box Packaging
  • Premier Packaging Inc.
  • Ming Feng Packaging
  • Printing Circle
  • YBY Boxes
  • Pack Lane
  • Pro Packaging
  • Liberty Intercept

1. Refine Packaging

Refine Packaging is the top manufacturer and distributor of packaging suppliers. They mainly specialize in boxes, but still offer a number of product packaging options.

Some of the packaging styles are CBC boxes, Retail Boxes, Eco-friendly boxes, Cosmetic boxes, Display boxes, Metallic Boxes, Gift Boxes, and food industry based boxes.

Their highly recommended customization is what gives Refine packaging the name of a luxurious packaging supplier. They have many famous clients from luxurious brands too such as Disney and T mobile.

Contact Info:

Phone: 1-800-725-9660



2. MJS Packaging

MJS Packaging is a reputable company in the field of offering high-end packaging solutions to trusted client’s and wholesale customers for over 130 years!

MJS’s long years of experience enables them to build an exceptional customer experience for customers so that their bond can be strong.

They also have polished the art of luxurious customization of packaging according to the brand or customers demand.

The company believes in providing an outlet to other businesses to decorate their products, assemble it and distribute it with an image people won’t ever forget.

Contact Info:

Phone:: 800.915.2262



3. Blue Box Packaging

Blue Box Packaging is an ideal example of wholesale packaging suppliers who are experts in the design and solution of boxes.

The company has a free design support team that allows customers direct communication regarding the design and packaging they want for their product.They also have a minimum order of up to 100 boxes.
Their boxes come in various customization of size and style, cost effective solutions, affordable prices and quick turnover time of delivery.

The best part is that they have free shipping on custom boxes, making it a great option for people who are seeking wholesale luxurious packaging solutions at a reasonable rate.

Contact Info:

Phone: (631) 479 2338



Address:651 New York Ave, Huntington, NY 11743, USA.

4. Premier Packaging Inc.

For over 30 years, Premier Packaging Inc has been providing incredible packaging solutions that are innovative and secure.

Premier packaging prides itself in giving 100% security while dealing with customers allowing no fraud of documents and printing. 

In the era of advancing technology, deceit and internet frauds are getting quite common. The company is taking serious steps to ensure that all customers are given document security. 

Contact Info:

Phone: 585-924-8460


Address: 6 Framark Drive, Victor, NY 14564.

5. Ming Feng Packaging

 Ming Feng Packaging is a high end packaging supplier that is famous on an international level. The company has gained recognition with many successful world class brands around the world due to their unique packaging solutions.
In the span of 27 years, Ming Fenghas built a strong image in the global market of luxurious packaging regarding their capability of producing innovative ideas and concepts regarding every product given to them.
Some of the brands Ming Feng works with are Cariet, Jostens, The Royal Mint, Zales, Godiva and the Australian government. They have a catalog available on their website that features a range of their products with all their pictures and customizations.

Contact Info:

Phone: 1 626 369 5099

Address: 4185 Temple city blvd Unit A, El Monte CA91731, USA.

6. Printing Circle

Printing Circle offers an extensive range of packaging solutions in printing, boxes, envelopes, home supplies, calendars, wall decals, table clothes, mugs, pens, USB, diaries and notebooks.

Their long list of packaging expertise, affordable prices, and short turnover time of just 6-8 days makes it a great option for many customers.
They also have the luxurious customization of packaging manufactured with biodegradable and eco-friendly materials.

They aim to remove the danger in our environment and reduce the waste of the manufacturing industry process that is currently harming earth.

Contact Info:

Phone: +1 847-737-1777


Address: 9931 Franklin Ave Suite 1-A Franklin Park, IL 60131, USA.

7. YBY Boxes

YBY Boxes is an American based company that sells the best deals in online packaging and printing for a product.

The company sees the demand for specific modifications in decoration of a product as vital to give customers a luxurious stylization.
You can go to their website, and select designs from thor samples, but create and change them in any way you desire.

If you want a bigger box, or a more rich material to be utilized then this can be discussed with the design team and confirmed for order.
Their design team is excellent at giving customers the replica of what they truly desire. Their operation is efficient and smooth making efficient, and why the business has expanded from the USA to Asian regions and Africa as well.

Contact Info:

Phone: 888-800-8032



Address: 40C Trolley Square, Wilmington, DE 19806, United States.

8. Pack Lane

Pack Lane is the only company on this list that has a custom design lab which is available on their website!
You can just visit their website, have a live preview of the design, and modify it however you want like the material, printing, and decoration of the packaging. At the end, you will be also given a quotation of the price according to the customization.
Their technical support team, and rich use of packaging solutions grants the business the image of a luxurious packaging supplier, as Pack Lane is an ideal representation of how efficiently the internet can be utilized to make the experience of customers easier and more interactive!

Contact Info:

Phone: 855-289-7687


Address: 3865 Produce Road #207, Louisville, KY 40218.  

9. Pro Packaging

Pro Packaging was initiated in 1983 by an experienced veteran Clay Segar. The company has a creative technical team that manufactures incredible, detailed packaging supplies for multiple industries such as cosmetics, health, perfumes, beauty, electronics, beverages, and holiday gift packages.
They believe that luxury packaging makes the identity of the product, thus every step of the design and product their team is in contact with the customer to make sure all requirements are met. They have interior and exterior options of coating, printing, and different materials.
If you are a high -end brand on the search for a luxurious packaging product then this company can satisfy all your demands.

Contact Info:

Phone: (949) 313-4220



Address: 2549 Eastbluff, Dr. #482, Newport Beach, CA 92660.

10. Liberty Intercept

Liberty Intercept is a packaging supplier that uses intercept technology to increase efficiency of production and reduce the cost and time consumption of the process.
Intercept material is a low-density polyethylene that is used for packaging material. It is mixed with copper making it a  solution that protects products from corrosion and electrostatic discharge.
This luxury packaging solution is distinctive and also is used by many brands in a variety of markets such as automobile, medical, aerospace, musical instruments, parts management, marine, defense, electronic products, and construction supplies.

Their products include Bags, Rolls Sheets, Totes, Lids, Bins, Woven Cloth, and Lamination. This business is an amazing choice for retailers or brands in the electronic, technical and construction industry.

Contact Info:

Phone: 1-781-849-3355