“My lipgloss is hot, my lipgloss be poppin,” a poet named Lil Mama once sang. And, while the verse is nine years old, her words are more relevant now than they have ever been. That’s correct, it’s easier to wear lipgloss now than it has been since the 1990s. 

More and more beauty manufacturers appear to be enhancing their formulas, optimizing shine, and making tubes of gloss that are more appealing than the majority of lip treatments on the market.

List of Wholesale Lip Gloss Tube Vendors & Suppliers:

  • Paper Tube Co.
  • Nature’s Own Cosmetics
  • Cosmetic Packaging NOW
  • Libo Cosmetics
  • Valerie

1. Paper Tube Co.

One tree is planted for every $1 they donate.

Their dedication to conserving the environment is a way of life for them, and they believe that this act brings their endeavor full circle, as they continue to impact the world one tube at a time.

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that 14.5 million tons of plastic containers were produced in 2018. Approximately 70% of this was disposed of in landfills. Plastic might take up to 500 years to totally disintegrate in some situations.

In summary, single-use plastic packaging abounds around the planet. Their tubes, on the other hand, are composed entirely of paper, which biodegrades in the natural environment.

Soy inks, biodegradable plastic-free linings, and FSC certified paper are among the various environmentally-friendly solutions available. Choose earth. Choose paper tubes!

Contact Info:

TEL: (847) 264-4985

Email: the@papertube.co

Website: https://papertube.co/

2. Nature’s Own Cosmetics

Jordane Cosmetics or Nature’s Own Cosmetics specializes in private label cosmetics and skin care. They are a private label makeup supplier that offers a full variety of high-end private label cosmetics with no minimum order requirements.

If you’ve ever considered launching your own line, now is your chance thanks to their no-minimum private label makeup policy.

The best part is that they offer private label cosmetics with no minimum order in the United States and Canada, allowing you to have control over the pricing of your orders.

A private label makeup producer or wholesaler in the United States, Canada, or anywhere else in the world can sell you a single private label lipstick or a collection of lipsticks, eyeshadows, and foundation.

Contact Info:

PHONE: 1-800-221-9489 / 416-661-8111

Website: https://www.jordane.com/

3. Cosmetic Packaging NOW

Cosmetic Packaging Now, LLC (CPN) is the leading supplier of cosmetic packaging containers for laboratories. CPN offers a wide range of cosmetic packaging options, whether it’s a “in-stock” necessity for a quick turnaround or a “custom item” project with a functional requirement or, more simply, a matter of appearance.

Their members have considerable experience assisting brands, cosmetic manufacturing businesses, laboratories, and small business owners in the creation of high-quality cosmetic container packaging.

So, on behalf of their entire team, they’d like to welcome you to their website and let you know that they’re looking forward to working with you to make sure you have a great experience and, above all, great packing products.

Their wholesale lip gloss tubes come in a variety of colors and shapes. 

Contact Info:

Address: 701 Commerce St., Dallas, Texas 75202

Phone: +1 (469) 833-2242 / +1 (469) 263-1259

Email: info@cosmeticpackagingnow.com

Website: https://www.cosmeticpackagingnow.com/

4. Libo Cosmetics

Libo Cosmetics Co., Ltd. is a cosmetic packaging company that designs and manufactures high-quality packaging. Their manufacturing facilities are located in the United States, China, and Taiwan. Since their foundation on January 1, 2000, they’ve evolved into a medium-sized firm with production and managerial facilities covering over 40,000 square meters and over 1,000 people.

They sell compacts, lipstick cases, mascara containers, lip-gloss containers, and other cosmetics. They work with a wide range of companies all across the world.

With facilities all throughout the world, they’ve taken special care to guarantee that each location specializes in specific elements for the best possible results.

The majority of their transactions are handled by their US satellite office, which helps them maintain a global presence and deliver the best possible service to their consumers.

Contact Info:

Address: 914-B Merritt Drive, Hillsborough, NJ 08844 USA

Tel +1 908-262-2912

Mobile +1 919 240 8458

Email: sales@libocosmetics.com

Website: https://www.libocosmetics.com/

5. Valerie

Valerie’s love of beauty, glamour, and femininity began when she was a small kid, when her elegant grandmother, a wealthy Greek socialite, arrived. Valerie’s life was profoundly changed under the caring and attentive attention of her “ya-ya.” Valerie became “obsessed” with clothes, decorating, and creating beauty all of a sudden.

What started out as her sketching the beautiful faces she saw in magazines grew into life-size canvases. Valerie went to beauty school on her mother’s advice and found a job as a cosmetic artist at CBS shortly after graduation.

Valerie worked with famed makeup artist Joe Blasco until 1984, when she went solo. Valerie established her Valerie Beverly Hills cosmetics line in the same year, at the urging of her burgeoning clientele. She relocated her Beverly Hills salon on the corner of North Canon Drive and Little Santa Monica Boulevard ten years later. She realized a lifelong ambition by launching a magnificent playground of beauty, specialized spa treatments, and her unique makeup after over 25 years in that area. 313 N. Beverly Drive is the stunning two-story flagship salon in the center of Beverly Hills. Love, joy, and inner beauty show through in this area.

Valerie’s goal has always been to bring out a woman’s natural beauty while also instilling confidence and strength in her. She uses sophisticated tactics, professional tricks, and her own products to teach her clients how to enhance their features. Valerie’s makeup emphasizes perfect skin and customized looks, which she believes are the keys to true everlasting beauty. Her concept revolves around building relationships with clients, learning their stories, and assisting them in finding clarity and beauty from the inside out.

Contact Info:

TEL: (310) 274-7348



Website: https://valeriebeverlyhills.com/