Over the years, the hype for lip glosses was lost. However, it is now making a comeback in the fashion industry. The new lip glosses are innovative and far better than before.

The sticky glossy lip glosses are now modified to glittery, less sticky, and long-lasting, providing ever-shining lips. Brands like Glossier, Too-faced, Mac, Fenty Beauty, and many more renowned brands have developed way better and cooler formulas. 

Millennials are developing a love for glossy lips, as they now have so many options to choose from. We now have holographic, glittery, simple glossy, and colored glossy formulas available in the market.

As the companies develop new lip products, the hype for lip glosses is developing day by day. People are starting to ditch the old matte look and turn towards a more natural or editorial look. 

Moreover, the companies now focus on the packaging of their products as well. Because the new generation is all about looks, vibes, and aesthetics. If your product is visually appealing there is a considerable chance that it will be picked from the shelf by some make-up enthusiast, or even a random person going through the aisle.

Packaging is one of the most important parts of the manufacturing process of a product.  If you are starting your lip gloss line and searching for the best packaging options then you have come to the right place. This article has a list of suppliers of wholesale lip gloss packaging. Read it till the end to find your perfect match. 

List of suppliers of wholesale lip gloss packaging: 

  • Elite Custom Boxes
  • Plus Printers 
  • Boxo Packaging
  • Nature’s Own Cosmetics 
  • Geka
  • Custom Packaging Service
  • Oxo Packaging 
  • The Cosmetic Boxes 

1. Elite Custom Boxes 

Elite Custom Boxes is a packaging company based in the United States. The company believes in the impact of the product’s packaging on the consumers. Thus, they create extraordinary packaging designs for their customers. They have hired a remarkable team of hard-working designers which has helped them engrave their name in the market. 

The company has set its goal to achieve customers’ confidence and trust by providing them with their desired packaging. They work efficiently with a quick turnaround. Their products are available at the most affordable and competitive rates.

They sell a variety of cosmetic packaging such as mascara boxes, lipstick boxes, lip balm boxes, makeup boxes, eyeshadow boxes, and lip gloss boxes. The company also has other kinds of packaging as well. Other products include food boxes, kraft boxes, metallic boxes, etc.

Its mission is to create exceptional quality packaging using the latest technology. They use premium quality material so that your product shines from a great distance.


520 N, Veterans Pkwy Addison, IL, 60101, USA.

Contact Details

Call: 8889083029

Email: info@elitecustomboxes.com

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2. Plus Printers 

Plus Printer is a United States-based company. They are known for designing and printing exceptional quality packaging for their customers on demand. They make personalized boxes, and also have the facility of printing designs and logos, all at wholesale rates. 

They have a variety of boxes and designs to choose from. Their vast range of products includes food boxes, gift boxes, retail boxes, metallic boxes, lip gloss boxes, and other cosmetic boxes, etc.

You can choose the right box for your product at the most reasonable prices. They provide high-quality customization on lipgloss tubes and bottles. They offer a fast turnaround time and free templates. The minimum order is only 100 boxes. 

They guarantee the quality of their products and proudly provide the best quality printing service with no extra template charge. Plus Printers is a very reasonable option for buying wholesale packaging for lipgloss and other cosmetic items too.


114 Spartan ave, Staten Island, New York, USA. 

Contact Details

Call: 1-818-476-7382

Email: info@plusprinters.com

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3. Boxo Packaging 

Boxo Packaging is a packaging brand creating attractive and reasonable packaging for their customers with the help of their trained team. They have packaging available for a wide range of products and services including an excellent collection of lipgloss packagings. 

They provide customization services so that their clients can choose what best suits their product identity. Moreover, they have a full-color printing facility and free digital proofs. They use 100% recyclable materials and guarantee the quality of their products. They also use the best found raw materials to work and so have gained the confidence of their customers and have become one of the best in business. 

Boxo Packaging uses the latest technology and printing techniques, which make its packaging stand out. 


2401 Fountain View, Dr. Ste 461 Houston, TX 77057.

Contact Details

Call: 1-877-746-2696

Email: sales@boxopackaging.com 

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4. Nature’s Own Cosmetics 

Nature’s Own Cosmetics is a cosmetic manufacturer and packaging manufacturer and supplier of wholesale cosmetic packaging in Canada. The company manufactures quality make-up supplies along with great packaging material and supplies them all around Canada and USA. 

They design and develop cosmetic packaging for other brands and have managed to gain quite a reputation for being the best. They have a variety of packaging styles and materials available for different cosmetic products. They make reasonable and quality lip gloss packaging and supply them in bulk to their customers. 


80 Penn Dr, North York Ontario M9L2A9, Canada.

Contact Details

Call: 1-800-221-9489

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5. Geka 

Geka was established in 1925 to cater to the increasing demand for makeup accessories. Ever since then, they have been producing makeup accessories and packaging, ensuring quality and 100% customer satisfaction. They have a wide range of products available including brushes, applicators, beauty accessories, and a whole range of packaging supplies. 

They have been making quality and durable packaging materials for all kinds of make-up supplies such as mascara packaging, eye shadow packaging, lip gloss packaging, concealer, and foundation packaging. All of their packaging have customization options and can be made and printed according to their customer’s demand and desired logos. 


Multiple locations including the USA, France, and Germany. 

Contact Details

Call: +49 (0) 9822 87 01

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6. Custom Packaging Services 

Custom Packaging Services is one of the leading suppliers of packaging materials. They have been serving their customers with top-quality and durable packaging materials. 

They provide a variety of services such as customization, printing, logo printing, etc. They have a huge stock of packaging boxes available which includes lip gloss packaging as well. The lipgloss packaging is made with materials that are not only attractive but also beneficial for the contents inside. 


532 N. Magnolia Ave #560 Anaheim, CA 92801

Contact Details

Call: +1-657-220-1659

Email: info@custompackagingservice.com

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7. OXO Packaging 

OXO Packaging is a manufacturing hub for all sorts of packaging and printing materials. They have the best team of designers and developers leading their brand image into creating exquisite packaging for companies and their products.

While producing extraordinary packaging materials they provide free designing services to their customers. They have a variety of packaging styles to offer to their clients. Their products range from kraft boxes and food boxes to cosmetic packaging and lip gloss packaging. 

They believe in customer satisfaction and thus provide the best of what their customers demand. Furthermore, all their products are available at reasonable and competitive rates. 


39899 Balentine Drive suite 200, Newark, CA, 94560.

Contact Details

Call: +1510 500 9533

Email: sales@oxopackaging.com

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8. The Cosmetic Boxes

The Cosmetic Boxes is the most convincing and convenient brand to work within the packaging industry, they have a 3 step process through which you can reach the packaging height within days. The company works 24 hours a day so the demand of their consumers is met on time. 

They manufacture a wide range of cosmetic packaging, which includes lip gloss packaging too. Durability and quality are the descriptions of their brand. Hence, they are known for their exceptional service, quality, and design.


114 Spartan Ave, Staten Island, New York, 10303, USA.

Contact Details

Call: 1-646-503-1192

Email: info@thecosmeticboxes.com

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The above-mentioned suppliers are some of the top suppliers of wholesale lipgloss packaging. They are known for their amazing customer service and exceptional quality of the product. They understand the need for attractive packaging.

However, they also know that the most important factor in packaging materials is their durability. Their products reflect their values and are the best for lipglosses. If you own a cosmetic business, these suppliers will surely provide you with the highest quality of packaging for your lipgloss collection. You can find packaging suppliers for other cosmetic items by reading this other article that lists the top suppliers of cosmetic packaging.