Gifts are an important factor that builds a strong connection with each other. Why does one give gifts? It’s to show the receiver that they care about them, and want to show their value through a gift.

No one hates receiving a good gift, and what makes it more valuable is the packaging and covering of the object. It adds an added value to the product and can give a personalized feeling to the commodity.

Packaging a gift is vital to the process of giving gifts and that’s why gift shops always have cards and a variety of packaging supplies available to wrap the gift up as per your choice.

Wholesale gift packaging is another level of complication and it requires extensive market research and good quality production. Finding the right wholesale gift supplier is hard, but we will make it easier for you.

The list below is featuring the top 7 wholesale gift packaging suppliers in the USA!

Top 7 Wholesale Gift Packaging Suppliers & Vendors In USA:

  • Custom Box Solutions
  • Splash Packaging
  • Box and Wrap
  • The Design And Packaging Company
  • CRP
  • Bows and Boxes
  • NS Newstep

1. Custom Box Solutions

Custom Box Solutions is a leading business in providing excellent box packaging solutions to clients. They have served over 2316 clients, 4365 projects, 4356 complete deadlines, and 4356 happy customers!

Yes, you read that right. The majority of the company’s customers love the output and become loyal supports and buyers. 

Their website features several box products you can choose from, or a choice to opt for customization of boxes to add more details to it per requirement. 

They have gift card boxes available too and have built-in customization for the boxes ins tock too, so the customer can have a range of sizes and colors to choose from.

Contact Info:

Phone: 888 376 8061



Address: 10685-B Hazelhurst Dr. #26166, Houston, TX 77043.

2. Splash Packaging

Splash Packaging offers affordable packaging to clients with high-quality assurance and fast reliable delivery service.

They have thousands of products are in stock and ready to be shipped on cue. They are maintained and have safe warehouse storage which is called the Phoenix Distribution Facility. 

They also have direct shipping available from the manufacturer to your place, if it’s nearer to you and the products are needed in urgency. The company also offers eco-friendly options for customers that prefer greener options for their business.

If you are a wholesale retailer, eatery owner, or bakery, the company guarantees on having exactly what you need and fulfilling all your requirements.

They have special discounts and deals for gift boxes, so if this company appeals to you, then wait no more.

Contact Info:

Phone: 877-699-0529



3. Box and Wrap

Box and Wrap were initiated in 2004 intending to provide excellent packaging services to various sectors of the market such as candy retailers, food, wine, bakery, and gift shops.

Their unique selling point is the color palette of their designs and packaging, as the company has done a rigid exploration of manufacturers and retails that can produce many distinct types of designs.

All of their manufacturers are American based, and many customers pride themselves on working with Box and wrap as their packaging supplier.,

Some of these renowned customers are Bon Appetit, Disney, Gaylord Opryland Hotel, Ghirardelli Chocolate Company, Google, March of Dimes, Marriott, Nars Cosmetics, and Nationwide.

Contact Info:

Phone: (866) 349-9727


4. The Design And Packaging Company

The design and packaging company provides one-stop packaging solutions to clients and customers all over The United Kingdom, USA Canada, and Australia.

They also offer printing and designs based on consultation and meetings with their brilliant staff that can guide you to select a design and idea that will suit the requirements of your product.

Their results are always up to the mark leaving customers satisfied and happy with the purchase. 

They are a reliable company that has outstanding packaging quality and high-quality graphics printing, and a nice finishing option to the package like Foiling, Spot UV, Matt, and Gloss Lamination.

Contact Info:

Phone: +1-914-595-691



Address: 953 Southern Boulevard, Bronx, NY 10459.

5. CRP

CRP also stands for Creative Retail Packaging has been providing innovative packaging products to consumers for four decades. Their creativity is not just bound to the design but the marketing as well.

Every product has a brand image, and every gift has an owner and CRP endorses an output that can increase the client’s brand engagement, and boost the advertising process.

Gift boxes are also customized and designed according to the customer’s needs, and events. Their warehouse holds many gift packaging options, but if customers prefer something different, then they can avail the customization option. 

Contact Info:

Phone: 800-324-2247 / 713-622-3100


Address: 707 N. Shepherd Dr. Suite 600 Houston, TX 77007.

6. Bows and Boxes

Bows and Boxes are owned by a duo of mother and daughter that center their packaging solutions to the gift market. They provide high-quality gifts and many different options of decoration and design.

They also have two specific categories available such as Curated Boxes which are customized according to the buyer’s preference of personalization, or the retailer’s brand. 

The other category is corporate gift boxes which are built according to professional standards of employees, bosses, or clients.

If you are looking for a gift-centric business Bows and Boxes is designed to produce the best packaging for your gift receiver or buyer.

Contact Info:


7. NS Newstep

NS Newstep was established in 1997 and gave vital contributions to the packaging service. They focus their business on constantly trying to improve the product quality, and giving good customer service. 

Their patient and kind staff ensure all queries are resolved and customers have explained everything in detail.

NS Newstep deals with a variety of clients from garment brands, cosmetic companies, jewelry labels, and numerous gift retail stores. Their finishing services include hot stamping, embossing, UV, and digital printing.

Contact Info: