The food industry in Canada is the second-largest manufacturing market. In 2022, food retail sales in Canada are expected to increase to $74.6 billion. 

Wholesale food packaging suppliers are living in a haven made out of opportunities and options. When there is food service, there will always be packaging products needed to pack them up.

Whether the packaging requires wrapping, containers or tin can for preservation: food needs to be packaged in order to maintain the standards of hygiene.

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However, the abundance of wholesale suppliers is also an ironic factor. There are way too many options for food manufacturers or retailers to purchase supplies. 

The list below is generated to help you decide which wholesale suppliers match your requirements and demands of the product. 

List Of Top 7 Wholesale Food Packaging Suppliers In Canada:

  • Advance Shipping Supplies
  • Solut
  • A1 Cash+ Carry
  • Supply Box
  • Mr Take Out Bags
  • Good Natured Products
  • Great Little Box Company

1. Advance Shipping Supplies

Advance Shipping Supplies is one of the largest online wholesale suppliers of packaging online. They have multiple types of warehouse supplies and provide complete packaging solutions for all kinds of businesses ranging from large, medium, to small businesses.

The company is mainly situated in the GTA, across Ontario, and delivers to all regions in Canada. They have an expert team hired to give guidance to their interested customers. 

You can go to their website and hold meetings with their team, which will help you locate the right packaging solution for your products and enforce a smooth and cost-efficient process.

Their specialty of packaging is in Stretch Wrap, Automated Equipment, Strapping, Protective Packaging, Tape, Corrugate, Material Handling Equipment, and designing Racks.

Contact Info:

Phone: +1 905 568-4000


Address: 5655 Kennedy Road, Unit 2, L4Z 3E1, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

2. Solut

Solut began in 2005 as a subsidiary of DuraCorp, LLC. It was formed with the fearless idea to supply creative, green-based food packaging solutions to retailers, and wholesale customers in the food industry.

 Their skillful design team works with Fortune 50 to incorporate sustainable methods and materials into making the packaging products to create a greener earth with fewer toxins.

They have many loyal and trusted clients that rely on Solut for their packaging needs. These clients include Panera Bread, Rich Products, Sam’s Club, Rain Creek Baking, and Whole Foods Market.

They believe in three core criteria of efficient service: innovation, service, and integrity. 

Phone: (866) 335-3783


Address: 7787 Graphics Way, Lewis Center, OH 43035.

3. A1 Cash+ Carry

A1 Cash + Carry was started in 1998 by a family as a part-time business from their home garage. At first, it was a small operation that focused on selling shopping bags and gradually expanded over time.

In time, the business added more products that were demanded by their customers. Currently, their inventory holds more than 10,000 products in a 265,000 sq warehouse.

The company delivers in Mississauga and is a proficient distributor and wholesaler supplier of restaurant-based products such as small wares, janitorial, produce, frozen foods, dairy, bulk grocery, and drinks.

They have a section dedicated to packaging food which is filled with options like cutlery, wrapping papers, and retail packaging supplies.

 They have free delivery on orders above $450, great customer service, and good offers for bulk and wholesale shopping. 

Contact Info:



4. Supply Box

Supply Box is founded by two associates with the concept of giving people in Canada a service that can feed their demands of wholesale supplies. 

The internet is a brilliant innovation and gift upon humankind, and Supply Box envisions utilizing technology for the benefit of people. Thus, this company desires to give everyone the privilege to order what they, and get it instantly.

Their website allows multiple retailers and manufacturers together to provide people with unending options of products, fast delivery service, and a smooth ordering process.

With one click, you can buy yourself the best deals and discounts on wholesale packaging options. These include disposables, small wares, and restaurant supplies.

Contact Info:

Phone: 1-844-847-5769


Address: 2233 Argentia Rd, Suite 302 – East Tower Mississauga, ON L5N 2X7.

5. Mr. Take Out Bags

Mr. Take Out Bags are an expert in foodservice packaging products. The company started in 2005 in a long battle against the competitors by a young entrepreneur named Jeff Holmes.

Jeff got into retail packaging after attending a show and was advised that there is a great opportunity for growth in the growing food industry of Canada. 

After a hectic struggle, he found the unique selling point of Mr. Take Out Bags which was the distinct stock of products that will appeal to the customers. And he was right, as the company is known for its abundance of collection of interesting packaging solutions online.

Some of their products include Bags, Boxes, Cips, Bakery, Tableware, Bowls, and Containers. 

Contact Info:

Phone: 888-321-2248



6. Good Natured Products

Good Natured Products was initiated from North America as an eco-friendly supplier of packaging products. The company now ships in America and Canada as one of the ideal renewable sources of sugarcane with 51% plant-based content. 

All of the products featured on their website can be recycled and consist of biodegradable materials. Their product categories are Wraps & Bags, Compostable Tableware, and Bins & Totes.

You should definitely look at this wholesale packaging supplier if your goal is similar to creating a space for more green-based companies and options in the industry that can help reduce carbon emissions. e

Their goal is to reduce reliance on fossil fuels in society and promote safer methods of production.

Contact Info:

Phone: 1-877-286-0617


Address: 814–470 Granville St, Vancouver, BC Canada V6C 1V5.

7. Great Little Box Company

Great Little Box Company has experience of 40 years in producing packaging for customers. The company provides packaging solutions to several industries.

There are many types of packaging available such as Digital printing, Corrugated Boxes, POP Displays, Folding Cartons, Labels, Flexible Packaging, and Protective Packaging.

Contact Info:

Phone: +1 (604) 301-3700


Address: 11300 Twigg Place, Mitchell Island, Richmond, BC Canada V6V 3C1.