Food packaging is an integral part of the food market, and without it, the food will expire. Unlike other products, food is a naturally depleting product that will eventually go rotten if not preserved correctly.

This is where food packaging services jump in the picture! They provide clients with solutions for containing their protection to give them protection and preservation.

It’s important to cover food while distribution as it prevents bacteria and external microbes and reduces the chances of food spoiling. It also makes sure the food doesn’t contact with any toxic chemicals.

Wholesale food suppliers are in abundance in the market, as the food industry is also extremely vast and full of a variety of types of food. It becomes a difficult duty to go through all the options and find a supplier that works for you.

The list below is designed to let you the top 7 wholesale food packaging suppliers in Australia. So stay calm, read them all, and make your decision.

Top 7 wholesale food packaging suppliers & manufacturers in Australia:

  • The Packaging Place
  • PR Packaging
  • Cast Away 
  • Royal Kings
  • Alpha Food Packaging
  • Venus Packaging
  • AT Pack

1. The Packaging Place

The Packaging Place is a leading packaging service that delivers in all regions of Australia. Their specialty is desert cups, carry bags, boxes, boards, trays, and tube containers.

Once you stumble upon their website, you’ll notice that their options for product packaging are endless. In the food and catering category, the company offers multiple types of coverage for the product including sustainable cutlery.

They have a convenient service with a friendly customer experience and a skillful team of designers that can give you the best attractive packaging solution.

Phone: 1300 882 919



Address: 5/36 Pritchard Rd, Virginia QLD 4014

2. PR Packaging

PR Packaging was founded in 1979 supplying top-notch quality packaging products to interested businesses. Currently, they are regarded as a reputable company that makes amazing custom-made paper bags, plastic bags, and non-woven tote bags to millions of retail and wholesale customers in Australia and on international grounds.

They have multiple types of custom designs in stock available and also an option that allows the customer to make an order according to their precise requirements. 

Contact Info:

Phone: 1300 777 225

Email: Email:


Address: Building 6, 30 Prohasky Street, Port Melbourne, VIC 3207, Australia.

3. Cast Away

For 35 years, Cast Away is the epitome of innovation in packaging solutions for the food industry. If you desire to work with a business that is solely dedicated to food packaging products, then Cast Away is a prospect to keep in mind. 

The products in stock are in various materials such as paper or plastic materials, cups, food containers, wrapping fabrics, plates, bowls, food trays, napkins, and bags.

Their team has extensive knowledge and understanding of food-based packaging. They deliver over 2000 product types in Australia and New Zealand, with nearly half self-produced by the company.

Contact Info:

Phone: 03 8551 5300


Address: 110 Fairbank Rd, Clayton South, VIC, 3169, Australia

4. Royal Kings

Royal Kings thrives on producing sustainable and biodegradable packaging products for their customers. They have premium quality products such as plastic food packaging, plates, containers, cups, and bowls.

Their products are manufactured with reusable materials that can be recycled and are microwave safe. They consist of #5-PP (polypropylene) which is the safest and recommended heat-resistant plastic material for food packaging. 

They aim to use the latest technology for bringing a greener future for the planet. Every product can be made using biodegradable materials or by changing the packaging type, and this company provides customers with unique solutions to present that idea.

Contact Info:

Phone: +61 4499 123 88



Address: U19, 578-598 Princes Hwy, Noble Park North, VIC 3174, Australia.

5. Alpha Food Packaging

Alpha Food Packaging is a family-owned business situated in Australia. They started the company as an online wholesale supplier of food packaging solutions and now is recognized worldwide.

The company sources products from countries all over the globe, thus making it a viable option for people looking for wholesale suppliers that have products in stock from international brands too.

They are not limited to only Australian-based manufacturers but aim to connect businesses to build better global ties in the food industry.

Contact Info:

Phone: 1300 799 201



6. Venus Packaging

Venus Packaging was established in 1959 by Ian Venus and Brian Hartung. These two entrepreneurs ventured out to set up their first office in Melbourne, which now is a top company that is the head of multiple subsidiaries.

They are the ultimate food packaging suppliers in Australia that provide various services too. Their most sold product is a Food wrapping dispenser which is a machine that allows customers to package food themselves. 

Contact Info:

Phone: (03) 9429 5506



Address: 555 Church Street, Richmond, Victoria, Australia, 3121.

7. AT Pack

AT Pack is a renowned food packaging supplier in Australia that offers solutions at competitive prices and delivery with no delays. 

They guarantee giving wholesale customers the best experience, custom deals, and discounts. The company caters mainly to two major industries of retail and food. They have a variety of products in stock for both of these industries.

Some of their products include custom printed packaging, carry bags, colored bags, shopping bags, personalized bags, plastic bags, tissue paper, chocolate boxes, sandwich boxes, burger boxes, food pails, and noodle boxes.

Contact Info:

Phone: 02 8999 8781 



Address: Unit 65, 51 Leighton Place, Hornsby NSW 2077

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