Dive into the sea of wholesale clamshell packaging suppliers and find the perfect fit for your business.

List of Wholesale Clamshell Packaging Vendors and Suppliers:

  • EndFlex
  • Alliance Rubber Company
  • Protopak
  • Preson
  • VisiPak
  • Mammoth Packaging
  • SouthPack
  • Valk Industries
  • Munot Plastics

1. EndFlex

EndFlex LLC is a producer of flexible end-of-line packaging machinery situated in the United States. It was founded in 1998.

EndFlex’s extensive product line includes case erecting, tray forming, case sealing, case packing, tray-loading, pick & place, and robotic palletizing devices, making it the industry’s genuine one source for end of line packaging.

To them, value comes from providing a collaborative buying experience in which they genuinely want to assist you to increase your end-of-line efficiency by supplying flexible packaging technology that is simple to use, quick to service, and durable.

They have successfully deployed their packaging machines in a variety of industries, including food, cannabis, beverage, vehicle, fashion, health, cosmetics, printing, pharmaceutical, and consumer electronics, with installations all around the world.

Contact Info:

Website: https://www.endflex.com/

2. Alliance Rubber Company

ProTape® makes product labeling and traceability a breeze! ProTape is specifically intended for product packing and comes with barcoding. It comes in both basic and customized designs.

To improve the quality of your branded item, you may add your name and/or logo to any bespoke design.

Contact Info:

TEL: 866.499.4760 / 501.262.3948

Website: https://www.rubberband.com/

3. Protopak

A Packaging Solution Provider ProtoPak Engineering Corporation has specialized in the creation of military-spec and industrial packaging since 1967.

Manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, transportation, and big retailers are among the industries where they have protective packaging expertise.

Their people are the key to their success, as are their expertise, abilities, and experience.

Contact Info:

Address: 1340 E. Higgins Rd. Elk Grove Village, IL 60007

Phone: 847-979-1000 | Fax: 847-979-1001

Email: sales@protopakengineering.com

Website: https://www.protopakengineering.com/

4. Preson

Pres-On cap liners and seals can be found under the lids of some of the world’s most popular consumer products, providing reliable leak protection, assisting in the preservation of freshness and authenticating product integrity, preventing product contamination and strengthening consumer confidence.

Contact Info:

Address: 2600 E. 107th Street, Bolingbrook, Illinois 60440

Toll Free: 800-323-7467

Fax: 630-628-8025

Email: sales@preson.com

Website: https://www.preson.com/

5. VisiPak

VisiPak will design your clamshell, blister, or tray, develop the custom mold, manufacture your product, and ship it on schedule as a leading manufacturer of transparent plastic packaging with over twenty years of experience in the design and production of high quality thermoformed packaging.

When bespoke arrangements aren’t required, choose from over 170 clamshell sizes that are stocked and ready to ship.

They are unlike many other packaging companies in that they sell directly to OEM clients. You will chat with a competent thermoforming expert and obtain an estimate within 24 hours of contacting them.

They don’t have any representatives or middlemen. You’ll get a straightforward response and a fair pricing.

They will price aggressively and stock things in St. Louis for large blanket purchases. They accomplish this for a wide range of clients in areas such as consumer goods, dental, pharmaceutical, optical, home and garden, hardware, sporting goods, and more.

Because they care about you and your packaging application, they have enjoyed significant growth as a team.

There are many packaging providers, but only a few provide the “VisiPak” experience, which is quick and comprehensive. Give them a chance. You will not be let down.

Contact Info:

TEL: 1 800.949.1141

Website: https://www.clamshell-packaging.com

6. Mammoth Packaging

Their skill is in their understanding of all available printing technologies and how to apply them to your needs. Metals, plastics, paper goods, and other job-specific materials of any size are ideal for their custom industrial labeling and marking solutions.

They’ll make labels for you that have adhesives and coatings that are specially suited for the surface you’re applying them to, as well as sensitivity to the items or compounds beneath the labeled surface.

Mammoth marking and labeling solutions make labeling within an assembly process straightforward. They are professionals in designing unique manufacturing labels and marking equipment that fit seamlessly into your production cycle.

They also provide labeling and inventorying for your exterior packaging at the appropriate stage of production, including production and expiration dates, warnings, bar codes, and shipping container labels.

Contact Info:

Address: Mammoth Labels & Packaging, 2050 Hardy Parkway, Columbus, OH 43123

Website: https://mammothpackaging.com

7. SouthPack

Their clamshell packaging options provide numerous benefits for displaying products. They offer a variety of model kinds, including various boxes, containers, and trays, many of which include tamper evident and theft prevention elements as standard.

SouthPack’s custom clamshells are designed to match their clients’ particular specifications – without sacrificing quality.

Transparent plastic is used to thermoform clamshells. They’re box-shaped containers with a hinged lid and closures that can be re-closed or permanently sealed to prevent theft.

Product information and pictures are displayed on an insert card. SouthPack can customize clamshell packaging in a variety of ways, allowing it to hang or stand upright.

Contact Info:

TEL: 1-860-259-4276

Website: https://southpack.com/

8. Valk Industries

Valk Industries, Inc. is a second-generation family business dedicated to quality, service, and dependability.

Their dedicated staff are responsible for their success and reputation for quality, with the primary purpose of offering high-quality labor, materials, and services at a reasonable price. 

Valk’s commitment to quality is demonstrated not just in their products and services, but also in their ISO 9001:2008 certification.

Engineering and fabrication services were first offered in 1975.

Contact Info:

Address: 50 Valk Lane, P.O. Box 668, Greeneville, TN 37744

TEL: (423) 638-1284 | Fax: (423) 638-6779

Website: https://www.valkindustries.com/

9. Munot Plastics

Munot Plastics specializes in the production of plastic clamshell packaging and is well aware of the logistical issues that our customers confront. Their packaging meets your individual product requirements and thermoforms clamshells effectively.

Munot Plastics, a renowned bespoke clamshell packaging provider, offers comprehensive design and production services under one roof.

You may rely on their professional team of package prototype designers and production specialists if you need custom clamshell packaging, thermoformed plastic trays, or tamper-proof blister packaging.

Food, electronics, cosmetics, medical, hardware, and automotive are among the areas for which they frequently produce specialized plastic clamshell packaging.

You can anticipate boutique-level customer care at fair, upfront pricing when you hire them to be your custom clamshell packaging supplier.

Contact Info: 

TEL: 814-367-3999

Website: https://www.munotplastics.com/


Plasticorr is the world’s first reusable brown box substitute, making it appropriate for applications with closed supply chains, such as inbound receiving and finished goods to co-pack.

PlastiCorr is a drop-in alternative for corrugated fiber boxes that offers the same functionality and benefits.

Its innovative design ensures consistent, dependable performance while increasing packaging efficiency and ensuring optimal goods protection.

Contact Info:

TEL: 800.890.7292

Website: https://www.orbiscorporation.com/en-us/