Biodegradable Packaging is also known as green packaging, which implies the use of eco=friendly materials and methods to contain the product. In the age of high global warming, companies gain a good reputation if they go green.

There are many benefits to employing biodegradable packaging: it decreases water usage, solid waste, reduces land and water pollution levels, saves electricity, and lessens carbon emissions.

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This sounds like the ideal heaven for many customers that desire to make their products environmentally friendly. However, biodegradable packaging is not just helping the ecosystem but also is a cost-effective method. 

Searching for a good biodegradable packaging supplier in your area might be a complex task. Therefore, there is a list accumulated below that can help guide to towards the best supplier for you, and give you some information regarding them.

List Of Wholesale Biodegradable Packaging Suppliers & Vendors In The USA:

  • Solia
  • EcoEnClose
  • My Box Packaging
  • Earth Pack
  • US Supply House
  • Storopack
  • Creative Retail Packaging

1. Solia

Solia was founded in 1995 as a French packaging business that now is a prominent name in the packaging service on international levels. In 2000, Solia opened its branch in China to increase its manufacturing process and ensure the standards and demands of the industry were met. 

Currently, Solia distributes its products to 63 countries and also supplies packaging solutions to the USA. They have years of expertise in producing eco-friendly options such as Catering Tableware and food trays.

The company has gained its customer trust due to its original ideas, designs, and strict quality checks on product stocks. They also have a solid team in their research and development department, which efficiently looks after the customization offers and specific requirements of customers. 

If you are looking for eco-friendly options for catering and food products, then Solia is a noteworthy choice. 

Contact Info:

Phone: 1-800-405-7050


Address: 346 N. JUSTINE ST, SUITE 302, Chicago, IL 60607.

2. EcoEnClose

EcoEnClose embraces the idea of green packaging and is business-driven to make e-commerce a power for change in society by offering eco-friendly options of packaging.

They believe that sustainable solutions are the future for product packaging, and all businesses can adopt a more environmentally positive strategy with the help of experts and a good design team. 

Many brands have aligned with EcoEnClose to push forward the idea of a sustainable future. Some of these brands are Kravebeauty, Ritual, Dropss, SandCloud, and Strio.

They even have free samples available on their website, so interested buyers can have a taste of the product before making a big purchase. If you are looking for a passionate packaging business and share the same ideas, then EcoEnClose is made for wholesale customers like you. 

Contact Info:

Phone:  888-445-6575



Address: 416 S Taylor Ave, Louisville, CO 80027.

3. My Box Packaging

My Box Packaging is the number one custom-designed boxes supplier in the USA. As the name implies, the company is dedicated to providing the ideal eco-friendly boxing options for its customers.

They have several discounts on their website and no extra taxes. They have options for small orders to 100 and can lead up to 500,000 wholesale purchases too. Thus, this company caters to both small and big wholesale buyers.

Their website has more than 200 box styles, sizes, and colors available. In the eco-friendly category, their specialty is Bux Board Boxes and Kraft Boxes. So if you are on the look for biodegradable boxing packaging, then this company can serve this demand. 

Contact Info:

Phone:   1800-518-9441



Address: 4000 W Montrose Ave 559, Chicago, IL 60641.

4. Earth Pack

Earth Pack was founded by Dave Bock in 1989 and is located in Irvine, California. It’s regarded as a creative packaging company that emphasizes recycling and biodegradable materials for its product supplies.

Their inventory includes Paper bags, Euro Totes, Plastic bags, Reusable bags, boxes, tissues, and many others. You can also request samples on their website before making a bulk order!

Their goal is to find similar brands and eco-conscious wholesale buyers, retailers, and manufacturers that are devoted to conserving the environment and reducing the damage to it. 

Earth Pack has a vast list of retailers that are currently associated with the same ambition. The retailers consist of Jack’s Surfboards, Zumiez, Vans, Volcom, Grand Canyon, and Yellowstone National Parks.

Contact Info:

Phone: 949-975-7800



Address: 1692 Deere Ave, Irvine, CA 92606.

5. Us Supply House

For over 20 years, US Supply House is promoting a vision of a clean planet by selling eco-friendly and biodegradable packaging products to thousands of customers around the country.

Their main stock comprises restaurant packaging supplies and food containers for takeout and plates. In a world full of humans, food will always be eaten in great numbers. Thus, this company is focused on finding more eco-friendly options for restaurant owners to reduce the pollution on earth. 

Us Supply House has certified biodegradable products and is driven to provide food-based retail a better way to conduct their business feed the world and also take care of it. 

Contact Info:

Phone: (305) 676-6777  



6. Storopack

Storopack is a family-owned business that has a global distribution of its products. They provide exclusive protective packaging with creative solutions and designs. 

The company plays a critical role in supplying customers with innovative and biodegradable packaging for its products. They offer paper cushions, air cushions, foam packaging, loose-fill containers, Malter bags, and pads. You can check out these products by downloading their app on your phone as well!

Their service is quite flexible and accommodating for various types of products as customizations are available. Their team can give you the perfect packaging solution through consultation, and leave you satisfied with your purchase.

Contact Info:

Phone: +1 (513) 874-0314  



7. Creative Retail Packaging

Creative Retail Packaging, also labeled as CRP has over 40 years of experience in the packaging service. The company approaches every product packaging with a unique and creative solution to make your product stand out from the rest.

Their eco-friendly options are certified, and their stock consists of options such as reusable papers, FSC certified papers, bamboo material, organic cotton, Bagasse, Alumunium, and compostable resins.

Currently, the team is expanding their stock on eco-friendly products, but are a great option if you prefer to customize your packaging to any of the materials listed on their website. 

Contact Info:

Phone: 800-324-2247 / 713-622-3100


Address: 707 N. Shepherd Dr. Suite 600 Houston, TX 77007