Tradeshows refer to fairs that enable networking for businesses that belong to any particular industry to exhibit their products and services. This creates a great venue for businesses that are looking forward to entering foreign markets, understand competition, and come up with a product that they could export.

The buyers and sellers meet at a focal point and transact. These tradeshows are arranged at regular intervals of time and may last for about 2-3 days.  

Here Is Why Attending a Tradeshow Can Be Beneficial:


The primary purpose of these tradeshows is to link the buyers and sellers, create a channel for entrepreneurs to network through. Through this platform export businesses can get a chance to meet potential foreign clients and begin exporting like a pro.

In-person transaction: 

Due to these tradeshows, the buyers and sellers get an opportunity to meet in person. The seller can market its products in a better way, and the buyers will get the advantage of having many different sellers at their disposal. 

Increased return on investment: 

There are different ways through which B2B transactions are encountered, some involve direct marketing while others use advertising, but tradeshows are perceived to be beneficial because of the increase in ROI.

In tradeshows, there is a diversity of sellers and the industry is vast. Therefore, in a tradeshow of 2-3 days, one can get access to many clients.

Export businesses need to keep the goals and objectives of their business in mind while tracking an ideal tradeshow to attend.

The nature of tradeshows is such that they will be beneficial when one has done complete research on the particular industry that will be demonstrating its offerings and the potential clients who will be present.

When the goals are aligned with a particular tradeshow then export businesses can reap enormous benefits out of it.

The Top 10 International Tradeshows for Export Businesses Are:

Each year tradeshows are arranged in different parts of the world such UK, USA, China, Germany, Spain etc. these tradeshows are beneficial for exporters as their products and services will be exposed to potential foreign buyers which would allow them to internationalize. Following are the top 10 international tradeshows for export businesses.

1. Expo Dubai:

Expo Dubai is the world’s largest fair for exporters. It is expected to be hosted in October 2021.

This tradeshow will be attended by 25million people from 192 countries that will be showcasing their products and services for 6 months, and will get an opportunity to not only connect with clients but also learn about innovations to cope-up with global competitors.

Each country that will be participating will have its separate pavilion such as the League of Arab states, Islamic Corporation pavilion, Investment Corporation of Dubai pavilion, Gulf Corporation council pavilion, African Union Pavilion, which is unlike any other Tradeshow.

2. Bauma Trade Fair: 

This tradeshow is held in Munich, Germany which deals with mining, vehicles, and intermediary goods related to construction machinery and other technological equipment.

Around 190 countries, 415,000 attendees, attend this tradeshow and reap the benefits. This expo is held every three years. 

3. CES (Consumer Electronic show): 

this tradeshow is organized in Las Vegas, Nevada, and was attended by 100,000 buyers and sellers. The next show is most likely to be held in 2022.

This show deals with consumer electronics brands such as AT&T, Abbot, Samsung, Philips, Oracle, and Sony which are few from the pool of brands that exhibit their products and services.

4. Con-Expo Con: 

This trade expo takes place once in 3 years in Las Vegas and caters to more than 120,000 attendees and 2800 sellers.

This show deals with everything that involves construction and is a one-stop for knowledge on the current trends in construction, the latest equipment, and cheap labour.

5. Pack Expo: 

Pack Expo is held in McCormick Place, Chicago. This is the biggest tradeshow for processing and packaging solutions for all types of products belonging to diverse industries.

This event is crucial for businesses that are looking forward to ameliorating their products and enter into foreign markets. This expo is attended by over 45,000 people and 2500 sellers and is held a couple of times a year. 

6. Mobile World Congress, Barcelona: 

This tradeshow is held every year in February in Barcelona, Spain. This is the largest event hosted for the connectivity industry. Around 2400 exhibitors gather here to showcase their offerings such as mobile phones in a presence of over 100,000 attendees.

In this tradeshow many attendees attend the show virtually as well, although it is not as effective as an in-person interaction, the presence of connectivity gadgets makes it possible for people who are unable to travel.

7. China fisheries and seafood expo: 

China is known to be the world’s largest market for seafood. This tradeshow is an excellent opportunity for businesses to demonstrate their products, fish farming techniques, equipment, processing, and attract clients from diverse backgrounds.

This tradeshow is attended by more than 30,000 people and 1545 exhibitors. Over 80% of exhibitors successfully reap benefits from this tradeshow and increase exports of their products.

8. Geneva Motor Show: 

This show is held in Geneva where the world’s biggest and most luxurious cars are showcased. This show is organized every year in March and attended by more than 600,000 attendees and over 900 cars are demonstrated.

BMW electric i4 Sedan, Volkswagen, Porsche, Hyundai’s Prophecy are a few of the many cars that are displayed at this tradeshow.

9. Anuga – Trade fair for food and beverages:  

This trade show is attended by 169,653 attendees and 7,972 exhibitors, who showcase their offerings to the clients, learn about new techniques and innovations in the food and beverages industry and the consumers purchasing trends.

This tradeshow is held in Germany Cologne Germany.

10. China International Industry fair – Energy saving and Industry

This tradeshow is held annually in Shanghai, China. Around 2600 exhibitors showcase their products related to energy saving such as hydrogen and solar energy, Hydraulic Power machinery, Transformers, industrial control devices, and environmental testing equipment etc. This tradeshow is attended by over 193,000 attendees.


These tradeshows are beneficial not only to the exhibitors but also to the buyers who attend because they can learn about new technologies and innovations and work on startups of their own.

Export businesses have to be highly competitive to survive in a dynamic environment which is made possible through these tradeshows.

Entrepreneurs get a tremendous opportunity to connect to clients from across the globe and showcase their unique offering and get internationalized.

One can also check out the competition and maximize competitive advantage which could be used as leverage.


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