Every day, thousands of goods are manufactured and are waiting to be shipped within the next few days or so. If you have a running business, you must know the struggle to find the appropriate and budget-friendly freight forwarders in Miami. 

There are countless factors to consider right before deploying your shipments through a freight forwarder. A few of them are the safety and delivery time of the goods. Check out our list of top 7 freight forwarders in Miami.

List of top 7 freight forwarders in Miami 

  • Transfreight international
  • Auto Shipment
  • Dimar International Cargo Corp
  • Temco International Corp
  • Econocaribe Consolidators Inc
  •  Caribbean Ocean Corp
  • Paquetencargo.com

Transfreight international

The company has been in business for more than 30 years and has a guaranteed business of professional service. Based off in Miami, Florida, the business excels in shipments around Latin America and the Caribbean region.

Featuring a plethora of options from door-to-door parcels to storing and unloading containers, and handling your overseas delivery cargo through the air or ocean, Transfreight international is equipped with everything you will ever need.


8285 NW 64 ST, warehouse #1, Miami – FL, 33166


solutions@transfreightintl.com /  +1 305 887 0634



Auto Shipment

Autoshipment international is a 20-year-old running business that delivers shipments through any and every major mode of transportation.

The business is more than complacent with its services of delivery vehicles, household stuff, machinery, and other heavy equipment.

These freight forwarders can ship exceptionally heavy and moving cargo like boats, motorcycles, and automatic vehicles for a minimal price. The auto-shipment has several customers worldwide.


ASI International Group, 1260 NW 74th St. Miami, FL USA 33147


(888) 579-SHIP



Dimar International Cargo Corp

Dimar international was established in 1989 as a family business and aimed at providing ease for customers to move in or simply move stuff from one place to another. 

Over time, Dimar international has established a stronghold over transferring cargo through air freight, ocean, vehicle transport, and warehousing the supply.  

The company deals with dangerous and perishable goods, heavy-lift transportation and handling, cargo insurance, brokerage, and many more services. 


8075 NW 68 STREET, MIAMI, FL 33166, USA


(305) 477-2477



Temco International Corp

Temco International produces oil and gas equipment and ships it throughout the Caribbean. The products are mostly fuel tanks which are made of steel, to store large amounts of oil fluids. 

Other than this, Temco International provides station fuel pumps and dispensers. Most of the freights shipped are domestic and have inventories stored for just-in-time orders.


11919 SW 130 ST STE 100 Miami, FL 33186





Econocaribe Consolidators Inc

Econocaribe Consolidators began providing maritime shipping services in 1971, after being created in 1968. With receiving terminals around the United States, the corporation specializes in freight consolidation.

It serves as a central inspection post for US Customs and can organize trucking arrangements. Econocaribe’s air freight business offers low carrier rates, freight-friendly airlines, everyday flights, and no airport transfer costs. 


2401 NW 69th St, Miami, FL 33147


(305) 696-9350



Caribbean Ocean Corp

The Caribbean ocean has been providing freight forwarding services for more than 2 decades as of now. It deals with air, ocean, and overland freight. The integral solutions at the business are steadfast and cost-effective.

It provides pickup services from right outside your door, cargo consolidation, and either less or full container load. The business deals with almost all types of goods such as food, hygiene, fragile and heavy good, etc.


8005 NW 80th Street Miami, FL 33166


1 305-885-8008




Paquete cargo ships products from Miami, USA and other locations in the state to Venezuela. The products are either shipped by aeroplanes or ships. This helps the business achieve a faster and safer route. 

The delivery time is around 6 weeks but the company makes sure to deliver it within 4. The door-to-door air shipping takes even less and delivers the packages within a week or so. 


8517 NW 68th St, Miami, FL 33166





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