When looking for the top freight forwarding firms in Finland, you should search for the one that provides easy transit of products through effective supply chain management.

Whether you want temperature-controlled transportation or the handling of fragile products, your forwarding partner must be able to deliver on time.

We have compiled a list of the top 7 freight forwarders in Finland to assist you with your search. This list provides you with the names of industry experts to assist you in making a decision based on your needs.

List of the top 7 freight forwarders in Finland:

  • CHS Logistics
  • ALPI Finland Oy
  • Spedman Global Logistics
  • Tschudi Logistics Holding
  • Toll Global Forwarding AB
  • NCS Finland Oy
  • ITS Independent Transport & Shipping Oy

CHS Logistics

CHS Logistics Company provides customized supply chain solutions to clients based on their needs. They are also in charge of shipping and delivering cargo to their clients’ desired locations both locally and internationally.

It is one of the world’s leading international logistics companies, offering air freight, marine freight, rail freight, and road transportation.


Turvalaaksonkuja 2, 01740 Vantaa, Finland


Phone: +358 20 7669 420



ALPI Finland Oy

ALPI Finland Oy was founded in 1993. ALPI Finland can manage your cargo from nearly everywhere when importing and exporting goods.

They provide transportation services through their broad network of maritime and air freight partners. For big corporations, they can manage both FCL and LCL services in sea shipping.


Logistiikka-alue C2 ovi 36, Seilorinkatu 1 C, 00980 Helsinki, Finland


Phone: +358 3 877700



Spedman Global Logistics

Spedman Global Logistics was established in 1982. It is a renowned freight forwarding company in Finland that provides air and marine freight transportation at fair and affordable pricing. 

They are committed to exceeding your expectations to serve you. They have personnel with extensive expertise in the logistics business.


Työpajankatu 5, 00580 Helsinki, Finland


Phone: +358 9 68037220



Tschudi Logistics Holding

Tschudi Logistics Holding is a group of companies specializing in logistics and transporting your cargo.

They provide a range of services, including logistic chain solutions and delivering services through every mode of transportation, including rail, sea, and land. They are quite reliable in terms of safe and on-time delivery.


Huolintakatu 5, FIN 20200 Turku Finland


Phone: + 47 67 11 98 80



Toll Global Forwarding AB

Toll Global Forwarding AB has over 125 years of expertise in the logistics sector and provides customized logistics solutions to clients worldwide along with one-on-one consultation.

They provide warehousing & maritime services and deliver your cargo to the desired destination. They offer various freight forwarding services, including sea freight, rail freight, and interior transportation.


Vantaankoskentie 14, 01670 Vantaa, Finland


Phone: +358 20 7416170



NCS Finland Oy

NCS Finland Oy is well-known as a worldwide logistics provider that offers logistics services worldwide. They are in charge of delivering your goods to your specified location.

They provide rail freight, road freight, inland transportation, and other logistical solutions at a reasonable price. Their employees are well-trained and have years of experience, ensuring that their services meet international quality standards.


Piispansilta 9 A, 02230 Espoo, Finland


Phone: +358 10 5040100



ITS Independent Transport & Shipping Oy

ITS Independent Transport & Shipping Oy is an independent company that transports freight and ships it to any location in the world responsibly. 

They provide sea freight, rail freight, air freight, and other means of freight transit. They are also recognized for providing customs clearance and consultation services to clients to ensure proper cargo management and delivery.


Rahtikuja 1 A, 01530 Vantaa, Finland


Phone: +358 9 88664100



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