Buyers can be skeptical about paying money online, especially when it is a lot of thousands of dollars or more. Moreover, be it a small business or a popular shopping portal, shipping costs heavily affect the online customer’s behavior, and buyers often show reluctance when paying high delivery or shipping charges.

So, if you’re also an online purchaser and often buy goods through online e-commerce platforms like Alibaba, therefore you need to follow some steps to reduce shipping costs.

It’s often heard that Alibaba’s shipping costs are high, and people hunt for strategies that can help minimize the shipping charges.

So, this article will be quite fruitful for you since we’re answering your question about reducing Alibaba shipping costs through our comprehensive guide.

Five Ways to Reduce Alibaba Shipping Costs

Every year marketplaces increase shipping rates or delivery charges so does Alibaba. This is a china-based marketplace, part of Alibaba Group and was founded in 1999 by Jack Ma.

Millions of suppliers and buyers around the world have been using the B2B e-commerce space, Alibaba. This shopping platform offers a broad range of raw materials, products, features, tools, finished goods and other services.

Whether it is a business owner, sourcing agent, retailer or wholesaler, they all find a trustworthy portal through which they can purchase goods in bulk and resell ultimately for a profit. However, the shipping costs often disappoint the shoppers and resellers.

So, have you ever wondered why Alibaba’s shipping costs are comparatively higher than other platforms? It is an authentic site that offers flexible and secured payment methods, quick delivery, and great customer services. These could be the reasons for expensive shipping and getting the buyers enticed.

Well, read more to know the six ways that can help you potentially lower the shipping cost of this wholesale directory.

1. Optimize Your Packaging

Packaging is all about preparing your goods for cost-effective, safe and efficient movement throughout your supply chain. Thus, you all need to pay attention to optimizing your packaging while approaching Alibaba.

Optimizing the packaging can help you reduce your shipping charges because Alibaba’s shipping costs depend on the total volume of the package. Also, you may have noticed the extra space on your package, which can be occupied. So, the better you optimize your packaging, the more you can minimize your delivery charges.

Alibaba Shipping Costs

2. You Can Use Online Shipping Calculator

A freight shipping calculator can help you lower your shipping charges. It’s an invaluable asset that can estimate delivery time, freight costs, the average weight per head, the number of miles between different collecting points, etc.

Don’t you think it’s smart to calculate your shipping charges? You can use an online shipping calculator as per your shipping needs and can assess Alibaba shipping costs.

3. Route Planning

Logistics is crucial when importing and exporting goods as it refers to all processes of transportation of products to the final destination and how resources should be acquired and stored. Therefore, planning and analyzing the most efficient mode and route of transportation helps reduce shipping costs.

So before purchasing anything, you can find the most economical Alibaba’s shipping charges to save your money as well as time.

4. Merge Your Shipments

Combining multiple domestic shipments into one single international shipment can aid you in minimizing your Alibaba shipping costs as there is a base charge for each shipment. Thus, it produces a more considerable amount and leads to lower costs.

It always makes sense to pay for a single larger shipment rather than paying for multiple smaller loads. Just plan your deliveries with as much precision as possible to reduce high delivery costs.

Furthermore, minimized shipping charges ensure that you have to pay for base charges once.

5. Choose Sea Freight

Choosing this mode of transportation can take a long time to deliver your cargo, but it carries massive amount of products. Moreover, carrying many products at once drives down the shipping costs as well.

So, if you plan to opt for Alibaba and have enough time, choosing sea freight would be a great idea. They’ll deliver your products in 30-60 days taking reasonable shipping charges.

Alibaba Shipping Costs

6.     Find the Right Freight Agents

Another way to reduce Alibaba’s high shipping costs is to hire a legal and right shipping provider. Hire an authentic freight provider to manage customs clearing, shipping and consolidate multiple Alibaba purchases into a single international shipment.


Alibaba is a trusted and huge marketplace where millions of sellers from every corner of the world can connect and carry out transactions.

Undoubtedly, Alibaba offers many benefits, including customizing the products, purchasing goods at wholesale prices, buying products in bulk, working with different manufacturers, etc. However, despite the above great opportunities people get displeased when it comes to paying the high shipping costs. Hence, we provided multiple ways to reduce Alibaba shipping costs.