Apart from having great business skills and resources, one of the pre-conditions of starting a business is having data related to various aspects of the supply chain.

The data could be related to anything from knowing your business’s competitors, insight on the high demand goods and services, market share, and lots more. Acquiring knowledge on the various aspects of the supply chain requires you to search on various websites and the data collected may not be synchronized and accurate.

To help curb the problem of inaccurate or misleading data, and to find a lot of information in one place there are platforms like Panjiva that could solve all your supply chain mysteries.

What Is Panjiva

Panjiva is a global trade company based in New York City. The website contains supply chain details on import export companies across the globe. The aim of the company is to regularize the global trade and make it more transparent and efficient for all.

Buyers can find information on various suppliers on the website and make list of potential suppliers for their business. Furthermore, buyers can also track the activities of their competitors’ imports and exports with the help of the website.

The website uses numerous filtrations that help suppliers make a functional list of potential buyers. Suppliers can also assess the imports and exports of their competitors. Moreover, the automatic alerts help you to understand the buying patterns of buyers and the products they are most interested in.

Although Panjiva offers great solutions to its customers, there are other websites that provide similar services to their customers. Following is the list of top 7 competitors of Panjiva.

Benefits of Using Business Intelligence Websites


As discussed above that Panjiva is primarily a global trade company that contains import-export data on companies across the globe, the competitors of the website are also offering similar services to its clientele.

  • We are part of fast moving, technology driven, and highly competitive world, the techniques we were previously using may be helpful to some extent but will not help to expedite the process and increase effectiveness. Therefore, it is essential to using online platforms such as Panjiva to reap maximum benefit.
  • With the help of these websites one can track down the activities of competitors and scrutinize their business plan to come up with a better strategy and stay ahead of the game.
  • Moreover, a buyer can locate suppliers who are selling in better prices and quality. This would give them competitive advantage over other businesses and increase business profitability.
  • All that glitters is definitely not gold, and this stands true for many online buyers and suppliers we interact with. With the help of websites like Panjiva, we can strain the scammers out of our list with the help of different controls and filters.
  • With the help of business intelligence one can conduct a comprehensive market research which would enable them to know the current market trends. We can also identify new potential markets for our current offering, or a strength and demand of our goods in existing market.

Top 7 Competitors of Panjiva


1) ImportGenius.com

Import Genius is a website that provides comprehensive shipment records for imports and exports majorly taking place in the United States, Russia, India, and 15 other countries. With the help of this website, users can view overseas factories to source goods from, importers, products, and services offered by customers.

Moreover, one can track shipment details such as the date and time of shipment arrival and the port of entry.

If you are someone who is importing from abroad, then Import genius will help you locate suppliers who are dealing with high-quality goods at reasonable prices. If you are an exporter, the website will help you to assess your competitors and how much they are shipping and who they are shipping from. Staying ahead of the game is of utmost importance in supply chain business and websites such as Panjiva or ImportGenius make the process easier.

2) Datamayne.com

Datamayne is a great business intelligence company. Currently, Datamayne is tracking the imports and exports of over 50 countries across the globe. Businesses can use this data to improve their business performance and become market leaders.

With the help of Datamayne’s database, people can expand their businesses by searching about international markets, demand-supply, consumption patterns, and trade relations. The website is dealing with a versatile clientele and served the following industries: The banking sector, law firms, food and beverages, energy and chemical industries, government and public sector, etc.

The pricing on the website varies depending on the service you are availing such as U.S trade data, global import and export trade data, and market insight.

3) Seair.co.in

Seair exim solutions is a website founded in 2009 with the aim to provide import-export data without clutter and maximize ease of doing business for all the users. The company has trade data on over 80 countries and 500+ million shipment records.

The website aims to help businesses expand their horizons and tap into new markets by accessing trade data. One can simply learn about different products’ demand and the relative opportunities rising internationally.

It is rightly said that if you do not network, you do not grow.  Seair helps you to network with various businesses, manufacturers, trade partners, and logistics. The sheer use of this website can help businesses raise sales up to 40%; because businesses can seize new opportunities and tap into new markets.

4) ImportKey.com

ImportKey is a website that offers you comprehensive import-export data on companies that help you to gain a proper understanding of their operations and the market. Websites such as ImportKey help you to minimize risk by identifying and analyzing the company and supplier and also by providing a description of the shipped goods.

The website makes sourcing effortlessly easy, so businesses can easily find buyers, locate suppliers to source material from, and freight forwarders to deal with logistics.

Also, with the help of such websites, people can conduct proper research to avoid getting scammed by examining the company’s previous record.

5) ABRAMS world trade wiki


ABRAMS world trade wiki is a business intelligence website that gathers trade data on various aspects of the supply chain to help businesses. This website will be your source of information to enter into a new market or lead the existing one. The website collects data from 193 countries.

The website’s sourcing intelligence feature helps businesses find new and better a supplier which is essential to minimize risk and maximize profit.

The website’s X-RAY attention towards frauds and the use of artificial intelligence helps clients steer clear of frauds. The website will also be your guide for identifying transport routes, the volume that should be purchased, and the shipping costs. ABRAMS makes sure to facilitate businesses by offering a diverse range of solutions.

6) Trademo.Com

Trademo, a global supply chain website, is on the mission to facilitate global trade for businesses. Much like Panjiva, Trademo collects private data and global trade transactions, and other events using its proprietary algorithm.

Buyers can use this website to track suppliers across the globe that may serve them better and accentuate the product quality. Similarly, suppliers are using the website to identify new markets for their products and services, locate potential buyers, and understand the global demand for their products.

The website will also help you understand your current market share by knowing trends in the global market so that you can take investment decisions accordingly.


DESCARTES provides cloud-based logistics and supply chain solutions. Whether you are an importer or exports, you can benefit from this website by searching about new markets for your goods, or the potential of your goods relative to competitors’ goods.

The website caters to various needs of its audience by providing solutions such as b2b connectivity and messaging, customs and regulatory compliance, e-commerce shipping and fulfillment, global trade intelligence, and transport management.

It is important to understand the need and proper usage of global trade intelligence in this day and age as it increases reliability and ease of doing business.


The key competitors of Panjiva are:

  1. ImportGenius
  2. Datamayne.com
  3. Seair.co.in
  4. Importkey.com
  5. ABRAMS world trade wiki
  6. Trademo.com