When it comes to online shopping, your mind starts racing with a lot of queries. How excellent will the quality be? Is it a trustworthy platform? Should I go for an advance payment or stick to COD? And many other questions. As such, you need to do a little research on online businesses and check out their website to ensure their professionalism and authenticity.

Also, reading reviews from different platforms helps to know how legitimate the e-commerce business is. However, it might take some time, but exploring a particular company through the internet can reduce the risks of being scammed.

Therefore, we have brought some unbelievable facts about one of the famous online shopping portals, IndiaMART. Since many people start their business and become suppliers to meet their selling requirements through this platform, it is crucial to answering the question ‘is IndiaMART legit or genuine’ to collaborate with and grow business.

Read the complete article to know how will be your shopping experience if you choose.

Is Indiamart A Genuine And Legitimate Website? – Buyers Reviews

As mentioned earlier, it is important to discover whether the shopping website you’re opting for business purposes is a fraudster or infected with scams, malware, phishing, or fraud.

Hence, this article highlights the significant aspects of IndiaMART.

It is an online B2B portal that connects suppliers with buyers. IndiaMART is an Indian e-commerce company that helps verified exporters, manufacturers, sellers, resellers, retailers and wholesalers to spread their businesses.

From pharmaceutical products to industrial and electrical supplies, IndiaMART has all the essentials. Buyers approach IndiaMART to fulfil their purchase requirements through dealing with suppliers.

On the other hand, suppliers get listed in various categories or departments as per their industry and item line. So when a buyer reaches IndiaMART, he can easily find the product related to his search and get complete access to all the relevant sellers.

Moreover, IndiaMART also designed an online catalogue to completely know the background, profile, and details of relevant suppliers.

In simple words, IndiaMART is helping the small and big enterprise to grow their business digitally. But here the question arises, are the workers really expanding their companies and earning well? 

1. Poor Services


Late shipping leaves no stone unturned in disappointing the customers. When the sellers deliver your product in bad quality and after the delivery date, it makes your mind not to trust the company again. This is simply what IndiaMART does!

Shipment often gets late, and the quality is always not up to the mark, and when the issue is discussed with IndiaMART, they come up with their policy of ‘taking complaints after seven days’ till then customers have to wait. So the mart’s management engages in advocacy of suppliers only.

Sadly, only those who have some power to tackle and fight for their rights can file the case or ask them to refund the money. Nevertheless, it is rare in most cases.

2. Fraud Sellers

The suppliers are not professional and do not even bother to engage in ethical business practices. Firstly, they deliver defective, damaged and old products to buyers and then upon complaining they leave the customers hanging.  Also, when customers confront, IndiaMART refuses to address the issues.

Besides that, you would be surprised to know IndiaMART holds profiles of some sellers as verified suppliers even when they have swindled the buyers, which further completely destructs the legitimacy of the website.

3. No Customer Support


Using positive language and bringing the customer’s queries under discussion always workS best to get potential buyers—the attitude of being persuasive shows buyers that the company values them. Unfortunately, as per customer’s reviews, the management of IndiaMART is not cooperative at all.

Customers recommend to not believe the listed suppliers on the website as they have had poor experiences. When someone looks up for something, the seller doesn’t respond appropriately to the queries.

Furthermore, when a buyer reveals this unprofessional attitude, IndiaMART blocks the number of customers/buyers as they don’t dare to take strict actions against inexperienced and dodgy sellers.

If there is no customer support, and the business gradually decreases its market value.

4. Payment Issues


Some business owners ask for advance payments, which is fine. But the suppliers on IndiaMART sometimes ask for the total amount, and they keep forcing the buyers. Also, when a buyer cancels the order, they don’t look back to refund the money and avoid calls.

Moreover, sellers confirm the orders, and when the delivery date arrives, they ignore your messages and calls. They don’t refund the payment that you had made in advance to secure your product.

5. Membership and Subscriptions

Purchasing subscriptions or any paid services is the biggest foul-up. These people also don’t tell that the subscription amount will be auto-debit for half of the year. Moreover, they inform you when you’re done with the first-month payment.

In addition, sometimes sales teams are not contactable once they take the money. Otherwise, they point you to communicate with the call center for everything, even for their promises to clients.

Furthermore, the executives provoke customers to get a membership of a higher category for three years to expand the export business. Then, they make changes in membership after a few years and restrict the customer from enjoying the membership benefits of getting leads for overseas trade.

And, when a customer stands up to sort out the problem, the IndiaMART executive asks to buy a new membership as a few changes have been made in the previous one. When a buyer denies paying more, they keep on calling and asking for payments.

6. Rating System

Indian exporters on IndiaMART entice the buyers by showing fake Trust Certificate. Also, their rating system is poorly managed and not of any significant use, where anyone on earth can rate the sellers/suppliers with a free-email ID and contact number available (without transaction/order conversion). This kind of unprofessionalism answers your question, ‘is IndiaMART legit or genuine’.


Getting some helpful information about the shopping portal before spending a lot of money on supplies is pivotal. Whether it is export-import or any e-commerce business website you must know all tips and tricks to avoid future loss and business failure. Because not all sellers are trustworthy as well as not all buyers are honest. Just be cautious!


IndiaMART can be a good platform, however, plagued with many issues from the management side and stories of scams from previous users, it is a risk to use the platform and engage in business with the suppliers there. Also, check out our article on freight forwarders in India!